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I just wrote my Congressman to defund the PA. Now it’s your turn.

At last, something we can do, not just talk about.

Talk is cheap. I’ve been doing a lot of talking in this blog, and yes, it’s a free blog. But I’ve also found something I can do: put pressure on the US Congress to defund the Palestinian Authority.

In the wake of the recent murders of the Fogel family, and the arrests of officers of the Palestinian Authority in the ongoing investigation, the error of The US funding of that organization and its security apparatus has become more glaring than ever. Not that our funding has suddenly become an error, but the error has been brought into high relief by the murders.

I often quote Caroline Glick in this blog, and I hope she doesn’t mind if I do it again. In one of her recent columns she points out:

…following the Palestinian massacre of the Fogel family, [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu highlighted the fact that the PA routinely glorifies terrorist murderers and pays them and their families handsome pensions for their illegal acts of war. He also highlighted the genocidal anti-Jewish incitement endemic in Palestinian society.

While all of this is useful, talk is cheap. It is time to make the Palestinians pay a price for their depravity and to put their international supporters on the defensive.

Specifically, Netanyahu should ask the US to cut off all US economic and military assistance to the PA. Two PA intelligence officers were arrested as part of the Fogel murder investigation.

The US is training and equipping the Palestinian intelligence services. This should stop.

Two days after the massacre in Itamar, the PA dedicated a public square in El-Bireh to terror commander Dalal Mughrabi. Mughrabi commanded the 1978 bus attack on the coastal highway in which 37 Israelis – including 12 children – were murdered. The PA previously named a street, a dormitory, a summer camp and a sports tournament after her. Several popular songs have been written to glorify her crimes.

The US is underwriting the PA’s budget. This should stop.

Were the government to go after international aid to the PA, not only would it begin a debate in the US and perhaps Europe about the nature of Fatah specifically and Palestinian society generally, it would force the Palestinians’ myriad supporters to justify their support for a society that is defined by its goal of annihilating Israel.

So as just one US citizen, I can do something to begin putting pressure on the US Congress. And I just did. Now it’s your turn.


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140s – the few, the fantastic, the overdue.

I haven’t posted anything very twitterific for a while, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening. Here’s a sampling of what’s been going on while I’ve been gone:

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs published an alarming comment today with regard to the Lebanese Armed Forces receiving shipments of weaponry from both Syria and the US. A UNIFIL officer is quoted as saying  "Lebanon is a sovereign country, and the donors took seriously the requests made by the government." The problem, as JINSA points out, is that Lebanon is not effectively a sovereign country at all. Especially troubling is that Hezbollah constitutes a significant part of the government. Are we helping our “friend” Syria indirectly furnish arms to Hezbollah? Should Syria even be our friend in the first place?

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Not alarming, just disappointing, though not surprising, is that the Western media blithely ignores the fact that Israel sends thousands of tons of aid weekly through its Gaza border crossings to the residents of Hamastan. Maybe they ignore the fact because it disproves their assertion that there is an Israeli blockade of Gaza, slowly choking the life out of its people. There is a blockade, all right, but it’s a blockade of war materials. In case you forget, Hamas maintains a constant state of war against Israel. And if you think the life is slowly being choked out of Gazans, you may be right – if you consider that Hamas is the one doing the choking.

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Speaking of the Palestinian Arab people themselves, as separate from their corrupt leaders, just whose side are they on, anyway? It is interesting to note that a recent poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found over 72% of residents opposed to another intifada against Israel. Too bad neither Fatah nor Hamas allow their people any say in their destiny.

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The US has been trying for a while to make a connection between Palestinian demands on Israel, and Iran’s nuclear threat. As if that has actually worked (or maybe because it hasn’t), now we try to say eliminating Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the key to solving the problem with Iran.  I’ll say here what I said in my tweet: we’re not just fools, we’re stupid fools, if we think hobbling Israel will make Ahmadinejad  go away!

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keystonekops Speaking of stupid, the way we’re addressing the very serious matter of Islamic terrorism in general may be summed up thus: Obama National Security Policy: Hope Their Bombs Don’t Work. Noted columnist Ann Coulter writing in Human Events has a few things to say on the subject which you may find amusing, or maddening, or both.

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Saeb_Erekat_l I’m not sure – does US President Barack Obama continue to say that he’s on the side of our only democratic ally in the Middle East, or at least maintain that he’s trying to act as an impartial mediator? Not so, according to this report. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat says he has a letter from Obama which says that “he views Israel as the obstacle to peace and will approach further peace efforts from that point of view.” I really don’t think we can believe either Saeb or Barack, so only time will tell. God help us.

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Obama Administration feels the heat as more internationally honored Israel supporters have their say.

I  noticed in today’s Israel National News a comment that

Obama-Pointing “United States administration officials have expressed harsh criticism over advertisements in the American press favoring Israel’s right to sovereignty in Jerusalem.” 

"All these advertisements are not a wise move," said an unnamed “senior American official” as quoted in the leftist daily Haaretz.

The “advertisements” drawing the administration’s ire are the open letter by WJC President Ronald Lauder which I reprinted last week, and an eloquent essay in support of Jerusalem by world renowned author, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

Considering the favorable response by readers to my presentation here of the Ronald Lauder letter and a similar one two days ago from the America-Israel Friendship League, I figure I can do no better than to also give you Mr. Wiesel’s statement without further comment. Am Israel Chai,

eliewiesel It was inevitable: Jerusalem once again is at the center of political debates and international storms. New and old tensions surface at a disturbing pace. Seventeen times destroyed and seventeen times rebuilt, it is still in the middle of diplomatic confrontations that could lead to armed conflict. Neither Athens nor Rome has aroused that many passions.

For me, the Jew that I am, Jerusalem is above politics. It is mentioned more than six hundred times in Scripture — and not a single time in the Koran. Its presence in Jewish history is overwhelming. There is no more moving prayer in Jewish history than the one expressing our yearning to return to Jerusalem. To many theologians, it IS Jewish history, to many poets, a source of inspiration. It belongs to the Jewish people and is much more than a city, it is what binds one Jew to another in a way that remains hard to explain. When a Jew visits Jerusalem for the first time, it is not the first time; it is a homecoming. The first song I heard was my mother’s lullaby about and for Jerusalem. Its sadness and its joy are part of our collective memory.

Since King David took Jerusalem as his capital, Jews have dwelled inside its walls with only two interruptions; when Roman invaders forbade them access to the city and again, when under Jordanian occupation, Jews, regardless of nationality, were refused entry into the old Jewish quarter to meditate and pray at the Wall, the last vestige of Solomon’s temple. It is important to remember: had Jordan not joined Egypt and Syria in the war against Israel, the old city of Jerusalem would still be Arab. Clearly, while Jews were ready to die for Jerusalem they would not kill for Jerusalem.

Today, for the first time in history, Jews, Christians and Muslims all may freely worship at their shrines. And, contrary to certain media reports, Jews, Christians and Muslims ARE allowed to build their homes anywhere in the city. The anguish over Jerusalem is not about real estate but about memory.

What is the solution? Pressure will not produce a solution. Is there a solution? There must be, there will be. Why tackle the most complex and sensitive problem prematurely? Why not first take steps which will allow the Israeli and Palestinian communities to find ways to live together in an atmosphere of security. Why not leave the most difficult, the most sensitive issue, for such a time?

Jerusalem must remain the world’s Jewish spiritual capital, not a symbol of anguish and bitterness, but a symbol of trust and hope. As the Hasidic master Rebbe Nahman of Bratslav said, "Everything in this world has a heart; the heart itself has its own heart."

Jerusalem is the heart of our heart, the soul of our soul.

– Elie Wiesel

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