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Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a cool idea — or better yet, JUST SHUT THE PA DOWN

An alert reader said to me yesterday, “You need to make a lineman post.” Somebody noticed! I haven’t really been away, just watching. And there’s been a lot to watch; here are just a few snippets.

So what’s the “cool idea” in my title? An item in today’s Israel National News quoted the Palestinian Authority “Communications Minister” as claiming Israel was behind a widespread DoS attack directed against PA computers, coming from “more than 20 countries.” (Don’t ask.)

And what justification might I have for yelling that we should just shut the Palestinian Authority down? Well, aside from the obvious benefits to Israel and to world peace, they negated their own legal basis when they applied for UN membership last September. So if the world (and in particular, the UN) were to adhere to international agreements, the PA would be thereby dissolved. So if Israel is sabotaging their computer networks – so what? Just – shut – the – PA – down. Get it?

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foxnews_unesco While we’re on the subject of the UN, the latest circumvention of its own reason for existing (that’s French for raison d’etre) has been to admit the non-existing state of Palestine to UNESCO. At least in this case the US deserves acknowledgement for withdrawing its funding of that non-august entity. You see, it’s not allowed under US law to give money to any UN agency which admits that particular terrorist organization. So the US is abiding by one of its own laws at the risk of incurring the displeasure of the international mob. It’s a start, anyway.

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And oh by the way, how many of us realize that Israel itself has a solid basis, not only in history, but in international law, predating the UN itself by three decades? I’ve mentioned it before, but look again at the San Remo Agreement.

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WJD_israel-air-force_RS And is Israel getting ready for a pre-emptive strike on Iran? More than usual, I mean. Maybe, maybe not, but there have been a slew of media reports to that effect over the past couple of days. Some reports even fantastically suggest the UK may be planning something. Now wouldn’t that be fantastic!? I don’t mean to disappoint, but Barry Rubin gives several good reasons  to take it all with more than a grain of salt.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And the ships of fools (“flotillas”) keep trickling out of Turkish ports. As always, they represent more noise than substance. This one says they can disprove the Palmer Commission findings on the 2010 flotilla fiasco. Or something like that.

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Now back to the subject of computer attacks—remember Stuxnet? (Did you think I’d never get back to that?) There has been a new computer virus making the rounds that some folks are speculating may be Son-of-Stuxnet. Maybe, maybe not.

There’s a whole lot more happening than I’ve been able to touch on here, but for the moment I have to stop writing go back to watching. TTYL.



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Why don’t we just call it “IDS” – ?

For “Israel Derangement Syndrome.” I addressed this issue last month, and last year before that, but I keep running across more explanations for this bizarre affliction.

The latest is suggested on page 119 of a marvelous book by the late Abraham Joshua Heschel titled Israel : An Echo of Eternity. Rabbi Heschel points out that Israel is the setting for, and focal point of, the most momentous encounters in human history. I’m not sure why, but I think this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Odd, isn’t it?

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time_cover_sep2010 Also odd was the way Time magazine jumped on the anti-Semitic bandwagon a little over a week ago. I’m a little late in addressing this, but Time’s statements were so off the wall, it was hard to think they could be taken seriously. What was I thinking!? The world (or that part of the world—not everyone is like that, I gladly acknowledge) which loves to hate Israel will of course jump on any opportunity to distort the truth, no matter how absurd the distortion. Having said that, I couldn’t help but notice a small article in Israel National News pointing out that the Time writer admitted he was wrong, after receiving a tour of the areas he’d thought were the setting for Israel’s wrongdoing. He admitted it to the Israelis, anyway; there has yet been no sign of an apology or retraction in the more widely read magazine.

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story.robinad On another interesting note, it is reported that Barack Obama—wonder of wonders—actually admonished Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN this week. Granted, the subject of the admonition wasn’t Israel, but still it’s progress. Then again, it’s been suggested that the true motivation for the sudden appearance of a backbone has more to do with trying to make his administration look a little better for the sake of the upcoming elections. He stands to lose quite a large chunk of his Democratic congress, and many of the congressmen he’d like so desperately to keep are trying to downplay their connection to him. “Please, Mr. President, don’t campaign for me. That’s OK – thanks, but no thanks…”

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Then again, when he doesn’t think so many people are watching, he doesn’t mind sending ‘shovels full’ of US tax dollars straight into the hands of Hamas.

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And here’s one more intriguing development on the global scene: Iran’s computer infrastructure has been hit this week by extremely sophisticated malware.  It seems that someone has put in place remotely operated software capable perhaps of running Iran’s (nuclear?) power plants from outside the country. Which also means of course that whoever is doing this has also the capability of shutting down said power plants. And experts are also saying that the level of sophistication is so great that it would take a foreign nation to be able to come up with something like this; it would be too much for a private group or individual. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Israel? Oh, don’t be silly! Then again, why is it only Iran that is (so far) being targeted? I really don’t think Ambassador Bolton could have known about this when he issued his famous warning last month. I sure didn’t! We’ll see what happens…


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Back from the South 40 for a few 140s

LAF_Sniper_view It’s been a busy week, for sure. I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, and it looks like the world got a little impatient without me.  OK,  it doesn’t have anything to do with me, but somebody sure got impatient.

The Lebanese army apparently became particularly impatient to score. The biggest news item out of the Middle East this week was the sniper attack by the LAF on a brush clearing operation of the IDF. You can read the details here, as well as other places, but the upshot is that at least one LAF sniper took well-aimed potshots at two IDF officers, killing one & severely wounding the other.

Plenty of better armed bloggers than I have posted on this, so I’ll just mention it here in passing that somehow the nations of the world forgot to scream at Lebanon in outrage, as they surely would have screamed at Israel for a much lesser infraction, had it been the other way around.

At least the UN representative did give a surprisingly honest statement.

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One of the odder aspects of the incident is the possibility that, astounding as it sounds, anti-Israel news media had reps in place to oversee the operation. Not to mention they of course misrepresented the facts in their initial reporting. Maybe they’re so accustomed to fooling the world, that they figured it would be just another piece of cake to do it again. Maybe the world is catching on—that would be great, wouldn’t it?

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

As I’ve mentioned before, the idea behind this “140s” post category was the wonderfully rapid fire way that information travels over Twitter. One of the oddities of Twitter is that sometimes little flame wars break out, or short of that, people begin to follow each other not in a friendly way, but in order to snipe at another tweeter.

Something like that came my way a few days ago: I had the honor of being “listed” as one of the enemy by an anti-Israel site. Wondering who else I shared the honor with, I found an interesting essay on the Palestinian Authority’s own version of apartheid, and how it involves ethnic cleansing (of Jews, naturally).

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Another intriguing analysis that turned up on Twitter is an essay published in American Spectator speculating that Barack Obama’s apparent need to please the Arab world stems from early childhood rejection issues. And that these issues may eventually lead to a US attack on Iran. I’m not saying (not right here anyway) whether taking military initiative against the Iranian nuclear threat is or isn’t a serious consideration at this point, but it is a matter of grave concern that the reasons may have more to do with our president’s aberrant psychological needs than with matters of, oh, say, national security.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Way over on the opposite end of the spectrum of gravity (so to speak) is the latest news of – get this – Arabs placing fake graves in a Jerusalem neighborhood. It had something to do with laying false claim to property that wasn’t theirs, if I’m understanding it correctly. Fortunately, due to alert action by Arutz7 news, the local authorities found out about it and laid the whole matter to rest. Hopefully. Should we stay tuned on this one?

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