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They’d like us to think it’s all black & white.

The Route 443 controversy was back in the news again today. What Route 443 controversy? Ok, this one is not as widely known as some other situations, but the gist of it is that Israel has been able to reduce the number of terror attacks on its citizens by restricting traffic on some roads in such a way as to lessen the number of terrorists traveling on those roads. The Israeli courts said a while back, ‘no can do’ with regard to Route 443, since that amounts to discrimination. Discrimination against terrorists, or even against the demographic group from which most or all terrorists come – no, we can’t have that.

But I’m actually not trying to write about Route 443 today. It just came up as an example of the way Israel’s enemies try to portray security issues as civil rights matters.  Since most thinking people will see through that ruse rather quickly, the enemy camp has taken to further obfuscation by liberal use of the term “apartheid,” mostly associated with a book written by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter. It’s gets downright goofy really fast if you try to pursue that line of thought. First you have to assert a strong similarity between Israeli society and the culture in South Africa under the former English-Dutch regime, then, if you think you’ve accomplished that, you have to start referring to the Israelis as “whites,” so you can cry about “whites only” restrictions, so that you can then call the Palestinians “blacks” – no, wait, that won’t work. So they stop there (no need to follow logic, let alone make sense). And they just cry “whites only” this, “apartheid regime,” “whites only” that, not because it makes any sense, but just for the wonderful imagery it conjures.

So here are some images of “whites” and, uh, “non-whites” (since we can’t actually use the terms appropriate to the South African comparison):






settler cries in synagogue Tapuach







I think you get the picture.


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Bibi, baby – what are you thinking?

Iraq_1st Sorry I’m late folks! I was away last week visiting number one son as he was being honorably discharged from Fort Carson, Colorado, after two Iraq tours and additional overseas service in Germany. Ok, so I’m letting my proud papa colors show a little. I hope you don’t mind. And, all right ok, the real reason for the visit was to spend Thanksgiving week with him and his darling wife and three girls. So that’s my excuse for not being here for a while.

WB_Const_JPost_Satellite My access to news was limited while I was gone, but I couldn’t escape noticing the one big item coming out of Jerusalem — the 10 month settlement “freeze” announced by Prime Minister Netanyahu. I was actually a little surprised that the stuff didn’t quite hit the fan as I would have expected. Sure, the settlement movement is putting up a fight as it ought to do, and the more right-sided elements within the political structure are voicing apt concerns, but it otherwise appears as though this thing is going through without too much trouble. What’s wrong with this picture? Has Bibi finally knuckled under Obamaniac pressure? But he was doing so well!

I don’t think we know the whole story yet, as is so often the case with Israeli affairs, and with Mr. Netanyahu in particular. I’d like to think he has some cards up his sleeve, but I have to watch myself that I don’t get to the point where I start to think that he’s simply incapable of blowing it. Perhaps this editorial in the Jerusalem Post comes as close as anything to laying out just how convoluted the whole matter is.

And it’s easy for me as an American to be a sidelines quarterback (did I just invent a new oxymoron?) and not have to decide what, if anything, to do about it. But it’s also difficult for me as an American to ignore what happens in Israel, since the direction we’re headed is becoming more & more linked to the direction we take with regard to that ancient land.

Am Israel chai.


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Can you say, “Hypocrisy?”

“US Joins Condemnation of Israel for Evicting Arab Squatters”

Madame Secretary is having a bad day

Madame Secretary is having a bad day

Ok, so now let me get this straight… the US has been leaning hard on Israel to evict residents considered illegal by the US (this is the whole “settlers” controversy, which I won’t go into here), and Israel has been wonderfully compliant, but when it’s truly illegal residents that are being evicted, then, no, you can’t do that! Stop that! That’s a no-no!

Is anyone other than Israel National News going to point out that the ones being evicted are truly illegal squatters on property legally owned by a Jewish organization for many, many years?

Oh, but since when is the world at large interested in justice, anyway? Anything Israel does is bad, because, uh, well, uh… because… never mind because! It’s because I say so, so shut up! You’re not allowed to speak up for yourself! You’re not allowed to do in your own behalf what I command you to do for others!

It was not long ago at all that America, or at least Americans, stuck up for Israel when no one else would, at least because we admired their pluck, remembering ourselves, many decades ago, when it was us against the world, and we prevailed. We prevailed through courage and a sense of right.

As an American, I really don’t think this attitude has disappeared from our shores, but I’m not pleased to admit that my government has increasingly shown the backside to those whom we once admired. And hypocrisy like what we’re showing in this matter, that in a normal world would be hardly noticed, can hardly escape the notice of honest people who used to, and would still like to, hold this country in high regard.

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