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Sheikh Jarrah dispute – so much more than meets the eye

I noted yesterday while most of the world was crying “bloody murder” over those big, mean, old Israelis evicting those poor, little, innocent Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, that one thing that was being overlooked by the western media (or buried, more like it) was the solid legal claim the Jewish owners had to their property. Those who were so vehemently condemning the action were presenting it as though the Arab squatters were being dispossessed of their legitimate rights. Not true, of course. Block that lie!

But today I ran across an in depth analysis of the situation and the history behind it published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and cited in a Jerusalem Post editorial, and saw something I had once known but had forgotten – that during Israel’s War of Independence, seventy-eight doctors, nurses and others were murdered by Arabs in this area when their convoy was attacked en route to Hadassah Hospital.

Now, here is something that no doubt the forces of deceit would like to keep under wraps as long as possible! Not that it has anything to do with the matter, of course. Well, nothing but putting the entire affair solidly in a clearer historical context. Very recent history, for that matter.

Now that’s some real bloody murder for you! Busted!


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