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Don’t hate them back, just turn them in.

My readers may have noticed that I haven’t posted in nearly a month. I haven’t been gone, just watching.

libya revolt NY Post I haven’t had much to say, so I haven’t said much. The rapidity of changes in the Middle East has made us all wonder. And I think it’s very important to  wonder, especially to wonder where it’s all going. I don’t know a single soul who isn’t glad that Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi appears to be on his way out, but we need to also wonder who or what will replace him. It’s hard to think what could be worse than his oppressive rule and opposition to Western civilization, but neither do want to see an al-Qaeda regime in their place. Which is a serious possibility, at least according to this analysis passed along by JCPA. We need to pay attention. We need to watch.

ResizeImg My readers also know that my primary interest is in Israel. (Although how can you separate Israel’s concerns from the rest of what’s going on in the Middle East?) The buzz lately has been that Prime Minister Netanyahu is about ready to give away the farm. I’m not actually his committed supporter as much as I may appear, but the more I watch, the more I see him coming through in the pinch. ICEJ printed an item a few days ago which makes me think he may not be quite so much on a wrong track as the media would have us believe. We’ll see.

bahaimartyr2 Oh—and this week again is supposed to Israel Apartheid Week. Although it seems to be more of a whimper than a bang this time around. I call the reader’s attention again to the essay I posted last year about what real apartheid is (and how Israel in no way fits the description), written by one who knew the real deal first hand, and had to flee South Africa as a result of his opposition. Or speaking in terms of the application of the concept to the current Middle East situation, if you want to see apartheid, just look at Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran. Or what do you think another word for dhimmitude might be? Can anyone say, Islamic Apartheid Week, 52 weeks a year?

Hamas Which brings me back around to the title of this post. I’ll close out with another cross-posting from IsraeliGirl of Hate Links to Report. One of my alert readers last time around pointed out a misspelling in one of the links. I’ll admit at this point that I haven’t gone to each of the listed sites before reposting them here (for one thing, I’m still not on Facebook, for a couple of serious reasons, but I’m not here to discuss that). So maybe I’m going out on a limb a little bit, but I think IsraeliGirl has proven herself a reliable source, so I’m not going to, as they say, worry about it at this point. And remember what they also say: just do it.

Report hate spreading users

Fighting hate is a tedious job – it seems that for every user we report 5 new ones spring up in its place. But this only makes me more determined to stand up to hate and anti Semitism. The list of links today are all of users that spread hate, promote anti Semitism and de-legitimise Israel. Please report them to Facebook or Twitter respectively.


Login into your facebook account and click on any of these links. Click on the "Report/Block this person" or the "Report page" link on the left hand side of the screen.


Login into your twitter account and click on any of these links. click on the options button located on the upper right hand side Twitter button. Choose the 3rd option which would report that user to Twitter.

  • cactijakeye – bluntly calls himself anti Semitic in his profile – supports hateful conspiracy theories like 9/11 was an inside Israeli job
  • xXKelly82Xx – claims Zionists are not human and other fanatic hate speech
  • BoycottAhava – behind the global campaign to boycott Ahava products claiming Ahava Cosmetics are made by Israeli profiteers in Occupied Palestine.
  • Ziggy stardust – with twits like "racist zionist settlers kill Palestinian children" there is no doubt Ziggy Stardust is anti Zionist and Anti Semitic
  • Remroum – openly supports terrorism against Israel
  • Tha Captain – Anti zionist calling Israel a murdering state
  • Ali Abunimah – constantly spreads Israel Apartheid mantra
  • Jinjirrie  – Promotes flotilla anti zionist and anti Semitic causes
  • Worldpeace2day – obsessively promotes Israel Apartheid messages
  • Nouren shiraz – constantly calling Israel a racist terrorist state engaged in "ethnic cleansing"

Thank you for taking part in this effort – all of us in Giyus.org are for free speech but that does not entitle anyone to delegitimize Israel and spread hate against the Jewish people as a whole.


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A smattering of 140s

Rahm_und_Bibi_Ynet Last week I wrote that so far there didn’t appear to be much substance coming out of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s latest visit to the White House.  Of course, since then there has been ample opportunity for the greatest and the least of pundits and prognosticators to weigh in on the matter. The upshot still seems to be that it was all a jolly good show, but that’s about all.  I’ve seen a few glass-half-empty analyses, and some glass-half-full ones, but the overall consensus appears to be that the whole meeting was about Obama trying to look a little more supportive of America’s only real democratic ally in the Middle East than he has been up to now. A sensible move on his part, realizing both what a miserable failure his policy has been up to this point, and how little domestic support he has in it. Of all the comments I’ve read on the subject this week, I find Barry Rubin’s to have been the most insightful.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Meanwhile Obama thought he’d try to increase his PR leverage a little by giving an interview on Israel TV. A good idea I suppose, but I can hardly believe a couple of the racist, ill-informed statements he made. I’m still shaking my head.

He seems to think that if there is any “suspicion” of his motives on the part of Israel or American Jews,

some of it may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein.

Nothing to do with anything he’s said. Or with anything he’s done. No, of course not. Just his middle name. Never mind that, as the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs points out, 

More than 76 percent of the Jewish electorate VOTED for him.

And — they should all know he loves Jews because some of his best friends are Jewish; he even has some on staff.

obama-emperor1 There was a very brief time during the sixties when that type of statement wasn’t immediately perceived as the racist sentiment it is (albeit perhaps subconsciously). Oh, but this is the “post racial” presidency… I’m beginning to wonder if he’s really stupid enough to believe that, or just thinks we’re that stupid.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

On a lighter note (depending on how you view it), The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs relates an interview with another Gaza merchant who has become quite wealthy trading in household goods regularly smuggled in through those ubiquitous tunnels. That in itself is not surprising. (In case you weren’t aware of the high level of prosperity ‘suffered’ by the Gazans under the Israeli blockade, check this out.) What I found amusing is that this is yet another complaint of an illicit business being cut into by the abundance of cheaper, better quality goods coming in directly from Israel these past few weeks. Maybe we’re just killing them with kindness?

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Another world-is-upside-down reading coming out last week was that, since Israel is allowing more Palestinian newspapers into Gaza, Hamas feels the need to set up their own blockade of sorts, keeping their own countrymen’s information out.

‘Cutting off their nose to spite their face,’ as the saying goes, seems to be business as usual for these folks. Kind of like when they rejected all that so badly needed “humanitarian aid” Israel allowed in from the blockade runners after they’d been brought into port and offloaded. Maybe the Israelis have cooties or something.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

QDaffy_Flag_Banner_via_AP_JPost Speaking of the flotillas, as of this writing the latest grandstanding effort is a Libyan ship due to be intercepted some time tonight or early tomorrow, having (of course) refused instructions to divert to an Egyptian port. A peaceful, humanitarian ship, doubtless, just like all the others, in spite of at least one of its crew members “having said Muslims ‘love martyrdom,’ and highlighting Libya’s long ties to terrorism,” according to Jerusalem Post.

We’ll likely know by tomorrow.

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