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Here’s the man who *did* predict the “Arab Spring” turmoil:

Chuck-DeVore-Speaking_RS In a post last week, I pointed out the apparent lack of foresight on the part of world leaders with regard to the widespread uprisings we’re seeing in the Arab world. I had not heard or read of any major player who saw it coming.

Until now. I just saw a Twitter entry posted by Act for Israel linking to a book review in Human Events of a work by California Republican primary Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, citing his accurate prediction of some of the events before they erupted in January.

I’ve long been an admirer of DeVore and felt he was the only truly qualified candidate running in 2010. More importantly though, he also offers insights into what’s coming next. I suggest you take a peak on his latest predictions in The Next Middle East War.


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Goldstone: ‘Doh!’ PA: ‘Goldstone? Goldstone who?’

Goldstone-at-UNHRC-WEB The big Israel-related news item I’m reading today is South African judge Richard Goldstone’s retraction of the falsehoods he leveled at Israel back in September of 2009. I consider it fortunate that this news is circulating rapidly and widely. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a media statement which says it most succinctly:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Saturday), 2 April 2011, has called upon the UN to immediately cancel the Goldstone Report

"Everything we said has proven to be true: Israel did not intentionally harm civilians, its institutions and investigative bodies are worthy, while Hamas intentionally fired upon innocent civilians and did not examine anything. The fact that Goldstone backtracked must lead to the shelving of this report once and for all."

Further commentary (and better than I can offer) on the subject can be read in The Atlantic, JINSA, IsraeliGirl, Honest Reporting, and many other places.

So what do Judge Goldstone’s partners-in-crime have to say? All of a sudden, to the PA he’s not the bosom buddy he was up until a minute ago, the UN does not appear likely to acknowledge the change at all, and a respected “main stream” publication like The New York Times doesn’t even seem to be aware of it. Or more like it, they pretend not to be aware of it. Not a real honest bunch, this.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Speaking of my correspondent IsrealiGirl,  a few days ago she sent me another fascinating expert interview. This one was with award winning scholar and author Dr. Esther Webman, who makes the point that Arab anti-Semitism is not a basic part of the Arab mindset (or at least did not start out that way), but is something that was carefully crafted for political advantage just a few generations ago. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And speaking of speaking of IsrealiGirl, here is the latest compilation she’s made of Hate Links to Report:

Palestinian Hate and incitement leads to terror – report hate links now

Israel is under a terror attack. Grad rockets are falling in Beer Sheva and Ashdod in the south. Terror have also returned to Jerusalem today when a bomb went off near the central bus station. A woman was killed and dozens are injured. Just 10 days ago a family was massacred in Itamar – parents and 3 children were butchered while they slept.

Terror starts with incitement. Hate is used to legitimize the terror act. The Palestinians’ culture of praising terrorists produces terrorism. Social media sites are the perfect platform to spread hate and incitement.

If you are as upset by these events as I am I urge you to take action now – report these links for spreading hate and leading to terror against civilians.

  • Facebook – Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Click on any link and then on report page or group and choose the reason (Contains hate speech or attacks an individual)
    • Third Palestinian Intifada – this relative new group has almost 250,000 members. It calls for a renewed "resistance" fight against Israel, much like what’s been going on in the last few days. 
    • Israel Terrorist – calls Israel, US and Britain terrorist states and glorifies Hamas and Hezbollah
    • Stop Nazi Israel – comparing Israel to the Nazis is just a cover for the bluntest antisemitism
    • Stop Israel – sends all Jews to burn in hell..
  • Twitter – Login into your twitter account and click on any of these links. click on the options button located on the upper right hand side Twitter button. Choose the 3rd option which would report that user to Twitter.
    • Amer Al-Bayya – spreads the tales of Hitler and the Zionists..
    • Ismael – claims Zionisn is ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Thank you for taking the time to report these links. All of us here in Giyus.org pray that this circle of violence will be stopped. We each must do what we can to that end.

To act on more issues and easily support Israel please sign up to our email updates – make a difference to Israel.

I wrote earlier of the need to get off the defensive. It’s worthy of note that since the above list was posted, the Third Intifada Facebook account has been taken down due to pressure from people like you and me. This may be a start.



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Getting back to the 140s…

I’ve been off the radar for a while; please excuse my absence. But I haven’t been far away; I’ve just been watching from the sidelines, and tweeting a little. But when I saw this, I knew I had to jump back in tonight. The world is so quick to condemn even a misdirected shot fired by the IDF, that no one thought to question the report of a Gaza teenager having been killed by the IDF in a confrontation. That is, until said teenager turned up alive and well. Oops! It turned out the Egyptians had him.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Moving right along…

A popular singer in Kuwait inadvertently got her countrymen worked up into a lather by singing a song in Hebrew.  She was accused of promoting Zionist ideas, according to this brief INN item I picked up from Unity Coalition for Israel. The culturally offensive and politically incendiary song was none other than Hava NaGila, whose lyrics, as some of you may know, go like this: “Come… Let us rejoice, let us be happy.”

Rejoicing and happiness are strictly forbidden, I suppose, in any place where those thoughts may happen to be expressed in Hebrew. Them’s fightin’ words! I think. Don’t try to explain.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Ok, I’ll get back to my usual serious demeanor. Did I mention last week that the Gaza City Bank of Palestine was held up by none other than the Hamas Police itself? Only in a place like Gaza will the police go around robbing banks. Never mind that meanwhile the world continues to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up this thugocracy – they have to hold up their own banks as well. Sort of a reverse Robin Hood thing going on, maybe. Don’t ask me to explain.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

All right, that wasn’t all that serious of me, was it? Let’s see if I can do better. Ah – here’s something that I wouldn’t think of poking fun at: Muslim U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison visited Gaza last week, looking for some 1st hand ways to trash Israel. Being not very successful, of course, he resorted to doing what his sort does best: twisting facts & making stuff up. I’m not making this stuff up (watch it, Lineman – try to stay serious here); read this short piece in Arutz-Sheva News. A few high (or low) points of his foray included blaming Israel for Arab medical crises – never mind that Israel admits dozens of Gaza Arabs into Israeli hospitals every month, calling out Israel’s weapons blockade as being  the primary source of economic hardship in Gaza (which, of course, it isn’t), while deftly ignoring Egypt’s blockade, and ignoring Gilad Shalit altogether. Please don’t ask me what I think of Mr. Ellison’s character or integrity – I’m serious.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Readers of blogs like this one are likely well aware that the tactics of world media and leftist groups include portraying acts of aggression committed by anyone other than the IDF as justifiable, if not reasonable protest. They point out that it’s the IDF that uses bullets – all these people have at their disposal are things like bricks or rocks or other pieces of rubble, which cannot by any reasonable person be thought of as actual weapons. Or so they want you to think. So they’d like you to think that this report of a near fatal rock attack on a Jewish Israeli represents an aberration. The problem is that it is not at all an aberration – it’s a common tactic of those who claim they are merely fighting injustice with their bare hands. I think it’s a pretty serious matter that so many otherwise well meaning people are so easily duped by tactics like that. And that’s why I write.

Good night.

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140s for 13 March 2010, and a personal note.

Picture credit: takeastandagainstliberals.blogspot.com Just when I thought I could leave all thoughts of Joe behind, my daily email newsletter from Unity Coalition for Israel contained several well spoken commentaries on his most recent escapade. You know, the one where he proclaimed his undying love for Israel while applying the knife forcefully between the shoulder blades.

The first of those was from Daniel Greenfield, titled The Middle East Peace Scam. You really ought to go read the entire thing, and then proceed on to a comment by Joel Katzman, wherein the question is raised whether the next phase for the Jews, if they can be forced out of Jerusalem by Obama, Abbas, & Co., might be another nice train ride and shower.

Next, Leo Rennert of American Thinker writes about how The Biden Trip Reveals the Ominous Side of Obama’s Treatment of Israel. More well placed American thoughts on the betray-me-with-a-kiss-why-don’t-you theme.

A third piece by Gerald A. Honigman is an open letter to Joe, being “a short guide to the Middle East—and the hypocritical world.” Don’t miss it!

There is also a post by Barry Rubin called “Look Out!” The first line goes, “Watching the Obama administration handle Syria and Iran is like watching a horror movie where a monster is creeping up behind someone.” You may think you can figure out the rest, but go read it anyway.

And to tie it all up with a not-so-pretty ribbon is Ambassador John Bolton with a dire warning taken from a radio interview with Aaron Klein of World Net Daily.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

You know, sometimes I wonder if the things I write here may give people the impression I’m truly frightened with regard to Israel’s future. I certainly am very disturbed by what I see happening, but I should note that fear is not what I’m experiencing.

That’s not to say I’d feel the same way if I were living in Israel, having the constant threat of mayhem at my doorstep. My life and the lives of my family are not presently being physically threatened, as are the lives of those who have taken the bold step to take back what was stolen from them so long ago.

And what if I had the opportunity to join them? Right now, if I had that opportunity, that is what I’d want to do. Whether it would be the right thing at the right time would be a matter of details, but there is a drawing to the land that even we Gentiles can sometimes feel. It has been suggested that I may have some Jewish DNA, and that may be why I feel that way, but for now that is not my focus. Nor do I have any inclination to convert. And even if I did, I understand there’s a Rabbi somewhere in the wings waiting to talk me out of it.

I say all this to put into some perspective what I do feel about the land and the people, and why the matters I write about here are so important to me. I tried to say something about this on my “About” page, but today I found this in some materials I’ve had tucked away for some thirty-odd years:

Dominion_of_David_and_Solomon The people of Israel have had the most unusual and dramatic history of any people in the world. No other ethnic group has risen to such highs and fallen to such lows so repeatedly—coming to the verge of extinction many times but never being entirely destroyed. No other ethnic group has been politically and religiously persecuted as intensely and survived thousands of years without a native tongue, without a homeland and without a means of unity within the group, only to be restored to full nationhood. No other nation was able to endure such long periods of dispossession and yet maintain and preserve its own identity, character and culture. And, most important, no other people have been singled out by God so early in mankind’s history to represent God’s name, to be called the people of the Lord, to maintain the faith in the one true God and to be a light to the nations, a sign to the rest of humanity.

No other people, no other nation, indeed. About 100 years ago, the “sun never set” on the British Empire. But then not long after that, Britain began to renege on a promise she had made to Israel, the modern state not having even been reinstituted yet. Now Britain is a mess, if you’ll pardon my saying so. The United States of America has for some time been, and still is, if only barely, the greatest nation on the planet. But one thing I do fear is that my country is heading down the path of destruction solely by turning from being a friend to Israel – sometimes, it has seemed, Israel’s only friend – to an enemy.

Israel will, by the favor of the Almighty, prevail. All his enemies will fail; you can count on that. I do not wish to be found an enemy of Israel, and I want to warn as many of my fellow Americans as I can of the danger into which we are beginning to place ourselves. So I continue to hold my place on the line.

Oh, by the way – I’ve read the Book all the way through, and I know who wins in the end. Just so you know.



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Yes, we had no 140s…

…yesterday, that is. And just a few today. All three items that I have for you this evening come by way of Unity Coalition for Israel, an excellent source for news having to do with Israel and the Middle East from a perspective I unabashedly share.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Some information I have not seen elsewhere concerns Washington, D.C. based Saudi reformer and director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ali Alyami. He is quoted as saying

ali-Aliyami "Democratizing Saudi Arabia is the key to democratizing all Arabs and Muslims. The best, easiest, cheapest and quickest way to achieve this formidable undertaking is to empower Saudi women who are already in the forefront in challenging their ferocious political, religious, economic, social and educational environment. Due to Saudi Arabia’s centrality to Islam and its possession of the largest known oil reserves, Saudi Arabia plays a major religious and economic role in the lives of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Empowering Saudi women will resonate throughout Arab and Muslim societies."

Kind of radical, isn’t it? But not in the usual way we think of when we put “Muslim” and “radical” in the same sentence. We need to remind ourselves now and then that, while Islamism in the radical sense is indeed an enemy of civilization, that does not mean that we ought to pre-judge all – or even the majority of – Muslims. Turn here for the rest of the commentary by Phyllis Chesler of PajamasMedia.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

By the same token, we need not swing the opposite direction and say, ‘Oh, poor misjudged Muslims.’ We must, if only for the sake of our own survival, be observant and ready to speak when we see a danger that others may not see. One dangerous situation I had not known of involves the takeover of the British underworld by Muslim gangs since 9-11, at least according to this article from The Sun via UCI. The key phrase that jumped out at me here was the quote, "The reality is that Asian gangs don’t give much of toss about religion, but with Islam comes fear, and with fear comes power.”

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

One more thing, which I touched on earlier, is with regard to the national enemies of Israel (Muslim or otherwise) having a problem with Israel defending itself without waiting for an invasion from the outside. (In particular with reference to the assassination in Dubai last month of self-confessed murderer Mahmoud Mabhouh, which we are still not saying was done by Mossad – but we don’t know that it wasn’t.)  UCI passes along this comment from Guy Bechor of Ynet:

“We are currently facing an odd situation the likes of which we have not seen for many years: Israel’s enemies are in panic, or is it paranoia, for fear that Israel will be attacking them.” Hezbollah is convinced that it will suffer a blow at any moment, Hamas is still licking its wounds, Syria is concerned, and Iran’s foreign minister already declared that Israel is a "nation of crazy people" with "mad leaders" who may launch a strike.

Meanwhile, the frightened Lebanese turned to the UN, to UNIFIL, and to French President Sarkozy and asked for France’s protection against the "terrible" Israel. However, the French announced that as long as Hezbollah is armed, they will only ask Israel to refrain from destroying Lebanon’s civilian infrastructures and no more than that. All this was published by the Arab media.

On the other hand, our borders are quieter than they have been in many years.

So how do we explain this bizarre Middle Eastern paranoia? The IDF is training today as it has not done in dozens of years. Every day, from morning till night: Tanks, airplanes, helicopters, live-fire drills and soldiers running around. The Lebanese watch this from across the border, as do the Syrians, and they are becoming anxious: What are the Israelis plotting over there? Is there something we don’t know?

The Israeli restlessness prompts anxiety among our enemies, and this is good, of course. It’s called deterrence

You don’t say?

See y’all in a day or few.


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It all depends on your definition of “bully…”

I’VE BEEN AWAY for a while, and I have to get back to what I was doing, so I’ll try to keep this short.

I suppose a good many of us did a double take (which is a nice way of saying ‘spit our coffee all over the monitor’) today when we saw that Syria just wants Israel to “stop being the neighborhood bully.” 

Uh, do you want to run that one by me again? Syria, with three times the population of Israel, allied with several other similar sized nations which surround Israel, having committed themselves several decades ago to wiping Israel off the map, just wants Israel to stop picking on them?

You can rest assured that Israel would like nothing better than that, if such were the case. But to say that is the case is to deny history. Oh, excuse me, I almost forgot – denying history is what the Arab nations are so good at.

So – I said I’d keep this brief, so I’ll leave out 1956, two intifadas, tens of thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians including children, and so on – let’s take a quick walk down neighborhood bully lane:

Etzion_Tal_Prisoners 1948: Israel, scrawny new kid on the block, wrong color skin and everything. Squashing him like a bug and getting back to fighting amongst themselves should have been no problem for Syria and friends. That’s what they said, anyway. The Arab governments even told their own people to get out of the way so they wouldn’t get hurt in the process. (Which, one might note, is precisely the source of the current “refugee problem,” but that’s another matter.) So Syria & bully buddies roll up their sleeves, start throwing punches – and lose.

Resize_Soldiers_Western_Wall_1967 Ok, that smarted! Give them a little time to recover, and think this over. Hey – great idea! We’ll just beef up and line up all our armies and air forces and wait for the signal and – bam! Only problem was, little Israel saw it coming, ducked, and kicked the bullies clean out the alley. That was 1967.

But Syria and pals started getting good at licking their wounds, and learning to fight a little dirtier – this bully business was getting harder than they thought.  Israel, having some moral and religious standards lacking elsewhere in the neighborhood, is actually caught off guard on their most important holy day of the year – we call that the Yom Kippur War. That was 1973. Israel took a wallop, punched back, and – guess what – Syria and gang lost the fight again.

Resize_Bridge_Crossing They must be getting tired of this by now, one would think.  Maybe they’re even a little punch drunk. That must be it. It doesn’t even qualify as chutzpah. No, it’s just foolishness for the bullies to gang up and call the victim the bully – just because the bullies are the ones who end up getting beaten up.

But isn’t that how it always is?

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Please step away from the edge of the cliff…

I WROTE IN in my last post about the serious danger posed if the US and European leader nations were to get sucked into the Palestinian plan for a unilateral declaration of statehood. I am somewhat relieved at this point to observe that the world has so far responded with an admirable measure of sanity in this matter.

Rather than offer a lot of comments here (especially considering that these things are still in a major state of flux), I’ll just make a few remarks on some of the more recent news items in this regard.

First, I applaud the government of Israel for publicly stating a warning that  an attempt to circumvent commitments made by all sides since 1967 will jeopardize what little stability currently exists in the region.  Several responsible media have reported this; here is a link to the Jerusalem Post: PM warns PA against unilateral moves.

Following that statement up with some particulars (they may only be a beginning, but they do give you some idea that Israel is not just blowing smoke), Jerusalem has indicated a willingness to annex some areas if need be, and to proceed with building in others.

Members of the US Congress and even the Obama administration have also wisely begun to speak out against this insanity.  Here are two of several articles reporting this: Palestinians under world pressure not to declare state unilaterally (Haartez); US senator: Palestinian declaration will lead to chaos (Ynet).

And, most recently, even the European Union appears to be coming to its senses.

At least for now.  The whole scene is constantly changing, and Abu Mazen has already tried to make a comeback statement (as indeed he must), but at least it looks for the moment that the world at large is not quite ready to hitch a ride in the hand basket to hell. Literally.

Maybe we can breathe a little, but that doesn’t mean we can quit watching. And, not to spoil the fun, but we still need to keep a keen eye on Iran.

As Scarlett said – tomorrow is another day.



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