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Are we getting tired of talking about the talks yet?

The longer I wait to see what the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are really all about (see my last two posts), the more I find out I’m not alone. I’d missed a great piece in Ynet a week and a half ago that referred to the affair as “theater of the absurd.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Actually, I didn’t say it better myself. LOL, as they say.

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Although my main purpose in this blog is to expose & refute untruths (aka, lies) put out by those who attack Israel (they basically have to rely on lies because the truth will generally shut them down), it’s nice once in a while to note that there are other nations who support Israel, and are bold enough to say so.

Though this is unfortunately not being well reported in Western media, the Czech Foreign Minister has declared,

the Czech Republic does not conceal that it was, is and will be an ally of Israel in international politics and in Europe.

Small country, big integrity. Are you listening, USA?

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the-exodus-1947-haifa-july-1947_RS OK, back to business. You don’t need to be a learned historian to know that the British government was a primary source (if not the primary source) of coordinated opposition to the creation of the State of Israel sixty-plus years ago. But more of the nasty details have just come out in a new book  by British historian Keith Jeffery. Jeffery relates that Britain’s anti-humanitarian activities included planting hidden explosive devices on refugee vessels. Flotilla, shmotilla – do I detect some hypocrisy?

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One more item for today, just to leave y’all wondering right along with me. If we were to ask Russia at this point whether they’re for Israel, or against Israel, they might well answer, “No.” No, what? Well, in this case, it’s the on-again-off-again deal whereby Russia furnishes Iran with advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to fend off the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear potential. At this particular point, it’s off again. Personally, though, I don’t think we should be trusting Russia any farther than we can throw them. I’ll leave it to you to figure out how far that is. Bye for now.


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The popular history of Palestine is myth.

Marcus_Henderson_Wilder You may, if you wish, consider this post as a substitute for my “140s” entry for today. Marcus Henderson Wilder is a writer whom I’ve followed on Twitter for quite a while now. More people should know of him. He has written a short but powerful book entitled ISRAEL & PALESTINE: Obvious Questions No One Asks. He appears to be more interested in getting the truth out than in making a buck, and he asks his readers to help in this task. Here is just one page of what he has to say. It’s okay to let it rock your world a little. Shalom, y’all.

Israel & Palestine Ch. 1

Naked Data©

The 1844 census of Jerusalem found 7120 Jews…5760 Muslims…3390 Christians.

In 1869, Mark Twain wrote of the emptiness of the land, of traveling all day without seeing a human being on the roads or in the countryside.

Mark Twain wrote of Arab sloth and filth and flies.

In the 1880s, Americans forced Indians from their land to resettle Indian land with whites. Many Indians had to be killed.

In the 1880s, Australians forced Aborigines from their land to resettle Aborigine land with whites. Many Aborigines had to be killed.

In the 1880s, white New Zealanders forced Maoris from their land to resettle Maori land with whites. Many Maoris had to be killed.

In the 1880s, European Jews bought idle land in what is now Israel, joining Mizrahi Jews continuously there since Abraham.

Beginning in 1882, forty Jewish families settled at Rishon L’Tzion. Four hundred Arab families settled around them. Some of the Arab families were Bedouin. Some came from Egypt.

A British official reported Arabs sought employment, clean drinking water, better health care, and lower infant mortality. The official reported this pattern was repeated across areas where Jews settled.

In the 1890s, Belgians cut off the hands of Africans who did not gather enough rubber.

In the 1890s, Arabs flocked to Jewish areas of Palestine for jobs created by Jewish investment and enterprise.

After WWI, Britain tried to set up a Palestinian governing body of twelve…eight Arabs…two Christians…two Jews. Arabs said two Jews were too many. A cynic might say Arabs knew then two Jews outnumbered eight Arabs.

In 1917, the British Balfour Agreement promised a national home for Jews in Palestine. The British did not mean it.

Arabs turned down two-state solutions in 1917, 1937, 1948, and 2000.

After a Nazi supported Arab revolt in 1936-1939, British-backed Arab religious leader Husseini fled to Germany. Husseini is revered throughout Islam today.

In 1939, A British White Paper severely restricted Jewish immigration into Palestine.

After WWII, European Jews sought refuge in what is now Israel. The Arabist British did all they could to keep Jews out of Palestine. Under United Nations mandate, Jews established the State of Israel despite Arab objections and British perfidy.

In the United Nations document authorizing the formation of the state of Israel, an Arab/British/African clause weighted population numbers in favor of Arabs. In 1948, the Arab population was still largely transient. This clause identified any Arab who had been in Palestine for two years as a permanent resident.

Do we give casual Mexican labor citizenship after two years in the United States?

In 1948, Arab countries attacked the infant Jewish nation. Jewish citizen soldiers decisively defeated combined professional armies of five Arab nations.
In 1948, 850,000 Arab residents of Israel fled and/or were expelled. There is evidence Arabs residents were encouraged by Arab invaders to flee to give Arab invaders a freer hand.

Only Jordan offered refugees citizenship. In all other Muslim countries, Palestinian refugees remain in camps sixty years later…anti-Israeli propaganda pawns.

In the months following the 1948 war, 850,000 Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews fled or were expelled to Israel from the Arab countries who lost the war. We do not know how many Jews fled to other nations. We do not know how many Jews were killed. Arab nations claim no knowledge of this flight/expulsion.

Sephardic Jews had been in the Middle East since 1492, Mizrahi Jews since Abraham.

If Palestinians wanted their own country, Palestinians would call a constitutional convention…write a governing document… declare a nation. There is precedent.

Since the 1967 War, these Arabs have been called Palestinians. Palestinians are Arab-speakers… not Arabs. Palestinians are probably Turkish Hittites who reached Palestine via Crete and Cyprus. Palestinian origins are muddy.

Palestinians are the Philistines of the Bible… the Sea People. What is now Gaza was Philistia. Gaza is theirs… unless Gaza belongs to Canaanite peoples
Philistines displaced… peoples who had been there since time before memory.

Romans called the province Palestine to insult rebellious Jews. Ottomans kept the name.

If Palestinians had lived in peace beside Jews in democratic Israel, Palestinians would own Israel. With the differential in birth rates, Palestinians could have taken democratic Israel with the vote.

The story of modern Israel & Palestine is not what you have been told.

Palestinian leader Musa Alami said in 1948, "The people are in great need of a myth to fill their consciousness and imagination."

The King of Jordan also denied the displacement of Arabs by Jewish settlements.  The king said, "The Arabs are as prodigal in selling their land as they are in… weeping [about it].

The popular history of Palestine is myth.

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