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How far is Obama into the clutches of Iran & Hamas?

BHO_worships_in_Mosque_from_email_image I pointed out earlier that requiring Israel to lift the military blockade of Gaza is tantamount to supporting Hamas, and consequently Iran. I was gentle in my words compared to Caroline Glick in her column for this week: Our World: Hamas rises in the West.

As I may have mentioned before, I’m thankful that Glick has a much larger audience than I do, because we all need to pay attention to what she and others like her are saying. She pointed out a few things that I didn’t know; for one thing that Barack Obama’s commitment to not just Islam and Islamism, but even to extreme radical Islamism was evidenced in his Cairo speech last year when he thumbed his nose not only at the West but also at Egypt his host, in demanding that members of The Muslim Brotherhood jihad, enemies of Egypt’s more moderate current government, be allowed to attend. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama’s loyalties lie not with his own country, nor even yet with the Islamic world in general, but with the most extreme elements within the Islamic world, such as Hamas and the current Iran regime.

Glick says “It is not surprising that Obama is siding with Hamas,” and proceeds to give us several reasons why. I’ll admit I was surprised at first; I knew he was bad news for the US, but didn’t know he was quite this bad.

Then again, maybe we should have paid more attention when the truth slipped out right after the election that the Obama campaign had maintained a secret liaison with Hamas all along. A poor Hamas operative named Ahmed Yousef spilled the beans, before he realized it wasn’t OK. I never heard of him again after that, did you? Somehow I don’t think he was given a lush retirement package on the Riviera.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

On a lighter note (if you can call it that), at least somebody outside of the Zionist Right Wing Blogosphere recognizes Israel as the best thing that ever happened to the West with respect to preserving any semblance of civilization in the region. Somebody like former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar. He wrote Friday in an opinion column that

Anger over Gaza is a distraction. We cannot forget that Israel is the West’s best ally in a turbulent region.

Minister Aznar points out a few often overlooked matters, such as:

It was the United Nations which birthed what is now the State of Israel over 60 years ago; so why is the UN now screaming that the State is illegitimate? What does that make the UN? (OK, so I’m somewhat paraphrasing what the Minister wrote – after all, he is a gentleman.)

Israel is not what is threatening to destabilize the Middle East. It is the rise of radical Islamism which is the destabilizing factor.

Moreover, Israel is the one element in the region which is holding back the forces seeking to destroy civilization. Israel is in reality our first line of defense and is taking the blows for us; if Israel falls, we’re next on the list.

MilitantIslam-FLIKR-WEB It is the decline in the West of a sense of moral and strategic clarity that is setting us up for a fall. For us to pursue appeasement with those who oppose Israel is to seek appeasement with those same forces that seek our own destruction, and that “is not only a grave moral mistake, but a strategic error of the first magnitude.”

Minister Aznar summarizes by saying:

Israel is a fundamental part of the West…  If… Israel is lost, then we are lost too. Whether we like it or not, our fate is inextricably intertwined.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Well, that brief visit with sanity was wonderful, wasn’t it? All right then, back to normal, since of course, complete irrationality seems to have become the norm of late.

Do you recall the story of “The Green Prince,” also called “Son of Hamas?” Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of one of Hamas’ founders, but he converted after witnessing the sickening cruelty of the Palestinians toward their own kind. He worked undercover for Israeli security for a while, saving lives on both sides of the fence, and then came to this country and applied for political asylum.

To any rational mind, he’s the perfect candidate, considering the price on his head if he were to ever go back to Hamastan. Ah, but a rational mind is a rare commodity indeed in the current US administration! Incredibly, the Department of Homeland Security is pursuing deportation proceedings against him this month. Somehow DHS seems to reason that since he fought against terrorism, that makes him a terrorist. Kind of like if you’re black, that means you’re white. Or something like that. Don’t ask me to explain – just read it for yourself.

Of course, it all does make sense if you look at it this way: Barack Obama’s loyalties are with Hamas and with the other elements of radical Islamic jihad, not with the country he was elected to lead. Not that I’m applying the word “treason,” though it does seem to describe his actions better than anything. Maybe I’m hoping to wake up and find all of this alternate reality was just a dream. Or maybe we all just need to wake up.

Good night.

Ivars fingerpointing Obama banner


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140s – the few, the fantastic, the overdue.

I haven’t posted anything very twitterific for a while, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening. Here’s a sampling of what’s been going on while I’ve been gone:

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs published an alarming comment today with regard to the Lebanese Armed Forces receiving shipments of weaponry from both Syria and the US. A UNIFIL officer is quoted as saying  "Lebanon is a sovereign country, and the donors took seriously the requests made by the government." The problem, as JINSA points out, is that Lebanon is not effectively a sovereign country at all. Especially troubling is that Hezbollah constitutes a significant part of the government. Are we helping our “friend” Syria indirectly furnish arms to Hezbollah? Should Syria even be our friend in the first place?

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Not alarming, just disappointing, though not surprising, is that the Western media blithely ignores the fact that Israel sends thousands of tons of aid weekly through its Gaza border crossings to the residents of Hamastan. Maybe they ignore the fact because it disproves their assertion that there is an Israeli blockade of Gaza, slowly choking the life out of its people. There is a blockade, all right, but it’s a blockade of war materials. In case you forget, Hamas maintains a constant state of war against Israel. And if you think the life is slowly being choked out of Gazans, you may be right – if you consider that Hamas is the one doing the choking.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Speaking of the Palestinian Arab people themselves, as separate from their corrupt leaders, just whose side are they on, anyway? It is interesting to note that a recent poll by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found over 72% of residents opposed to another intifada against Israel. Too bad neither Fatah nor Hamas allow their people any say in their destiny.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

The US has been trying for a while to make a connection between Palestinian demands on Israel, and Iran’s nuclear threat. As if that has actually worked (or maybe because it hasn’t), now we try to say eliminating Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the key to solving the problem with Iran.  I’ll say here what I said in my tweet: we’re not just fools, we’re stupid fools, if we think hobbling Israel will make Ahmadinejad  go away!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

keystonekops Speaking of stupid, the way we’re addressing the very serious matter of Islamic terrorism in general may be summed up thus: Obama National Security Policy: Hope Their Bombs Don’t Work. Noted columnist Ann Coulter writing in Human Events has a few things to say on the subject which you may find amusing, or maddening, or both.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Saeb_Erekat_l I’m not sure – does US President Barack Obama continue to say that he’s on the side of our only democratic ally in the Middle East, or at least maintain that he’s trying to act as an impartial mediator? Not so, according to this report. Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat says he has a letter from Obama which says that “he views Israel as the obstacle to peace and will approach further peace efforts from that point of view.” I really don’t think we can believe either Saeb or Barack, so only time will tell. God help us.

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ICEJ News Special Commentary – Behind Obama’s battering of Israel

Here is something that came in my mail box this morning which has not yet made it onto the web, as far as I can tell. International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is an emissary of the church which exhibits a great deal of respect and support for the people and nation of Israel. I previously reprinted some first hand observations on the matter of apartheid by its executive director here. Today I received a special commentary written by its media director David Parsons. In it he raises several key points regarding the Obama Administration’s current antagonism toward the Jewish state, among them:

It is apparent that President Obama unjustly questions Israel’s desire for peace, “even while Palestinian Authority leaders are avoiding peace talks like the plague.” Palestinian Authority officials from Mahmoud Abbas on down have refused to talk to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. If called to task on the matter, they have a constant supply of pretexts, happily supplied by Washington itself.

Parsons also cites instances of dishonesty toward Israel on the part of the Obama Administration: such as Secretary Clinton disowning an agreement the US made with Israel, for which she voted in Congress, or of Clinton criticizing an action as having been committed by Hamas, when it was in reality  done by our supposed “peace partner” Fatah.

There have also been indications coming from chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel that this Administration has secretly set an objective to declare a Palestinian State before the end of Obama’s first term in office.

First term? This is just my opinion, but let’s pray to God that it’s his only term, and that at least some of his more damaging objectives remain unrealized.

Here is David Parsons’ special commentary:

Behind Obama’s battering of Israel
-by David ParsonObama has been leaning on Netanyhau while watching Abbas's back (AP) s

After one year in office, it seemed US President Barack Obama had learned some lessons in conducting foreign policy and was ready to back off some of his heavy handed tactics in dealing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It had become all too obvious that Obama had blundered by hammering away at Israel on settlements, while giving the Palestinians a free pass.

Thus, US Vice President Joe Biden paid a solidarity visit to Jerusalem in March to reassure Israeli leaders on Washington’s balanced approach to peacemaking with the Palestinians. But then the Obama administration deliberately ratcheted up the pressure again over the issue of Jewish construction in east Jerusalem and relations soured once more.

It has been manifestly unfair for the US administration to treat its closest democratic ally in the region and arguably the world in this manner. Obama has gone so far as to question Israel’s desire for peace, even while Palestinian Authority leaders are avoiding peace talks like the plague. When Netanyahu came into office last spring, PA officials from Mahmoud Abbas down unanimously said they would not talk to him “in a thousand years.” All their subsequent preconditions to talks are merely pretexts, often conveniently supplied by Washington, which has yet to hold them accountable for their intransigence.

Besides being unfair, the Obama administration has also been dishonest in its dealings with Israel. Early on, for instance, Netanyahu reminded the new Administration of the letter delivered in April 2004 by former US President George W. Bush to then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon containing key American commitments to Israel regarding the Palestinian track. But US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brushed the letter aside as no longer binding, even though as a US Senator she had voted for a joint congressional resolution which endorsed the Bush letter as official US policy.

Poster of PLO commando Dalal Mughrabi: Why would Hamas want to honor a Fatah heroine? (AP)Another clear example of the dishonesty can be seen when Clinton went before the annual AIPAC policy conference in March and criticized Hamas for its incitement against Israel. Yet her comments on the incitement issue had actually been prompted by the Israeli government specifically complaining to the US State Department that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and prime minister Salaam Fayyad were honoring PLO terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, the leader of the notorious “Coastal Road Massacre” in 1978. Clinton is now trying to correct the record by finally confronting the PA about its own incitement, but only after being caught in an embarrassing fib.

All this has left many wondering what exactly is Obama up to with his heavy pressure on Netanyahu while coddling the Palestinians. Besides courting favor with the wider Arab/Islamic world, one commentator close to Obama recently chalked up the festering quarrel over Jewish housing in east Jerusalem to the White House wanting to bring the more dovish Opposition leader Tzipi Livni of Kadima into the coalition. That may be a welcome outcome of the arm-twisting, but the ultimate goal is two-fold.

Will Obama continue to commit blunders in the Middle East?First, the Obama administration is sending a message of “no adventurism on Iran.” By making Netanyahu sweat over a manufactured issue like the Ramat Shlomo housing approvals, Obama is signaling that Netanyahu is being kept on a short leash, meaning any unilateral Israeli actions regarding Iran will n ot be tolerated. If the Netanyahu government deems it necessary to pre-empt the growing threat of Tehran’s renegade nuclear program, no one should expect America to cover its back in trying to manage the global fallout from such actions.

Secondly, the Administration is unnecessarily battering Netanyahu in a bid to soften his opposition to a Palestinian state, which they hope to declare within Obama’s first term in office. White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel said as much to an American Jewish leader last year, according to Yediot Aharonot, and I don’t think it was a slip of the tongue.

In this regard, Obama and his team have misread the Israeli public. Obama believes Netanyahu does not truly represent the views of most Israelis, but he does. They have been conditioned by years of violence, terror and foreign pressure into being ready to give up the West Bank for peace. Yet they remain highly skeptical that there is a peace partner on the Palestinian side who can keep their end of the bargain. Obama will make an even bigger blunder if he persists in thinking the Palestinians are currently ready for a state that would live at peace with Israel.

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World Jewish Congress Open Letter to President Obama

Obama-Arab via WJD Every so often I lay aside all thoughts of originality, and present a significant statement from a respected public figure. Today I follow the lead of Israel National News, World Jewish Daily  and others in reprinting the full text of an open letter from World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder to U.S. President Barack H. Obama.

For those of us unfamiliar with the WJC, it is an organization respected world wide, credentialed by the United Nations and other major institutions: “Founded in Geneva in 1936 to unite the Jewish people and mobilize the world against the Nazi onslaught, the WJC is the representative body of Jewish communities and organizations in over 80 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe across six continents. It seeks to foster the unity and creative survival of the Jewish people while maintaining its spiritual, cultural and social heritage.”

Here, then, is Mr. Lauder’s letter to Mr. Obama:

15 April 2010
Dear President Obama:

I write today as a proud American and a proud Jew.

Jews around the world are concerned today. We are concerned about the
nuclear ambitions of an Iranian regime that brags about its genocidal
intentions against Israel. We are concerned that the Jewish state is being
isolated and delegitimized.

Mr. President, we are concerned about the dramatic deterioration of
diplomatic relations between the United States and Israel.

The Israeli housing bureaucracy made a poorly timed announcement and your Administration branded it an “insult.” This diplomatic faux pas was over the fourth stage of a seven stage planning permission process – a plan to
build homes years from now in a Jewish area of Jerusalem that under any
peace agreement would remain an integral part of Israel.

Our concern grows to alarm as we consider some disturbing questions. Why
does the thrust of this Administration’s Middle East rhetoric seem to blame
Israel for the lack of movement on peace talks? After all, it is the
Palestinians, not Israel, who refuse to negotiate.

Israel has made unprecedented concessions. It has enacted the most far
reaching West Bank settlement moratorium in Israeli history.

Israel has publicly declared support for a two-state solution. Conversely,
many Palestinians continue their refusal to even acknowledge Israel’s right
to exist.

The conflict’s root cause has always been the Palestinian refusal to accept
Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Every American President
who has tried to broker a peace agreement has collided with that Palestinian
intransigence, sooner or later. Recall President Clinton’s anguish when his
peace proposals were bluntly rejected by the Palestinians in 2000.
Settlements were not the key issue then.

They are not the key issue now.

Another important question is this: what is the Administration’s position
on Israel’s borders in any final status agreement? Ambiguity on this matter
has provoked a wave of rumors and anxiety. Can it be true that America is
no longer committed to a final status agreement that provides defensible
borders for Israel? Is a new course being charted that would leave Israel
with the indefensible borders that invited invasion prior to 1967?

There are significant moves from the Palestinian side to use those
indefensible borders as the basis for a future unilateral declaration of
independence. How would the United States respond to such a reckless course of action?

And what are America’s strategic ambitions in the broader Middle East? The
Administration’s desire to improve relations with the Muslim world is well
known. But is friction with Israel part of this new strategy? Is it
assumed worsening relations with Israel can improve relations with Muslims? History is clear on the matter: appeasement does not work. It can achieve the opposite of what is intended.

And what about the most dangerous player in the region? Shouldn’t the
United States remain focused on the single biggest threat that confronts the
world today? That threat is a nuclear armed Iran. Israel is not only
America’s closest ally in the Middle East, it is the one most committed to
this Administration’s declared aim of ensuring Iran does not get nuclear

Mr. President, we embrace your sincerity in your quest to seek a lasting
peace. But we urge you to take into consideration the concerns expressed
above. Our great country and the tiny State of Israel have long shared the
core values of freedom and democracy. It is a bond much treasured by the
Jewish people. In that spirit I submit, most respectfully, that it is time
to end our public feud with Israel and to confront the real challenges that
we face together.

Yours sincerely,
Ronald S. Lauder
World Jewish Congress

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Bang, pop – fizzle (and a few other 140s)

barack_obama_conf-209x156 Well, Pres. Obama’s much touted Nuclear Arms Summit turned out to be rather a non-event.

For starters, not only did Israel’s Prime Minister decide against attending, but also the leader of America’s longest running ally found something better to do. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s absence was not as well publicized as Netanyahu’s, but sends, in my opinion, and even stronger message to Obama that he’s missing the point of who our friends are, or ought to be.

As for results, well, the major outcome appears to have been that Obama said ‘I done good.’ I’m not sure anyone else was particularly impressed.

BHO bowing to Saudi King_Resize What received more attention than the ostensible purpose of the conference was all the glad-handing, pearlies-flashing, and yes, kowtowing which he was able to work into his busy schedule.

Mr. President, I don’t mean to yell, but THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THEIR PRESIDENT BOWING TO FOREIGN LEADERS, especially when the foreign heads don’t bow back.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

While we’re still on the subject, this article by Anne Bayefsky, courtesy Unity Coalition for Israel, points out an utterly more serious side to the affair. As Ms. Bayefsky explains, the comic atmosphere attending to the event only serves to distract from a much darker agenda being promoted.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

On a positive note, it bears repeating that neither the American people as a whole, nor a majority of our elected leaders, support our current titular head of state in his antagonism toward Israel. In today’s news we see yet another indicator of that: more than 70 US Senators have joined 333 Representatives in calling upon the Administration to  rethink its opposition to the only democracy in the Middle East. We need to also keep in mind the cultural values we share with the Jewish nation, even though our President may not share those values.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

LM Kotel Ronn Ben Harav So much for positive; the UK has just come out with one of the most absurd proclamations in quite a while – they’ve decided that the Western Wall is not in Israel. Maybe Gordon Brown & Barack Obama should kiss and make up, after all.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Oh, and I’m not sure how this relates to Obama’s hatred for Israel, but it’s too good to pass up. Did you know that Michelle Obama has admitted on tape that her husband’s home country is Kenya (not America)? This of course confirms what many have asserted that he is constitutionally disqualified from serving as President of the US. I’m not sure whether you want to take that as a positive or a negative; ask me later.

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Whee, what a ride! Or, from Blunder to Blunderbuss!

I am aware that I haven’t made my presence known here for a few days. But it’s not like I’ve been sleeping or something. On the contrary, there has been so much going on, who could possibly get any rest, metaphorically speaking? Someone yesterday said it’s as though world events have been speeded up. And I’m still trying to keep the focus of this blog relatively narrow, not delving into things like the sudden increase in frequency and intensity of earthquakes all over the planet, or the Iraqi elections, or the sinking of a South Korean Naval vessel near the  border with North Korea. Which, by the way, may have been by enemy action, or maybe not;  as of this writing nobody seems to know yet, or at least they’re not saying. But that could change very quickly.

John_Holdren_Wikiped Neither have I had much to say about the biggest item lately in domestic news: the passage of “Obamacare” (misleadingly called health care reform by the Obama administration and by mass media). I still don’t have much to say about that, other than mentioning that this event brings renewed importance to earlier concerns about rationing of care, “end of life services” (a.k.a. death panels), and even the specter of forced abortions and other means of enforced population control in this country. These are pretty wild things to be saying, I know, but just go back and take a look at my earlier posts on White House “Doctor Death” Zeke Emanuel, and “Science Czar” John Holdren, and please do follow the links I’ve inserted in those posts for further information and corroboration.

No, I haven’t been addressing those matters here, and still don’t intend to so very much. There has been more than plenty happening, and very rapidly, in the area of world and U.S. opposition to Israel, and particularly with reference to the misinformation and disinformation spewing out from the world media and from the White House. As I said when I first created this blog, I still intend to specialize in this area, but even with that there have been so many new developments that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.

biden_bibi_together At the leading edge of that, as most of you know, is the amazing transformation of what had been presented two weeks ago as a minor diplomatic blunder, into a crisis of immense proportions. U.S. VP Joe Biden openly accepted PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s public apology for the faux pas in question, so why then did Hillary Clinton call back a few days later to ream the Prime Minister out for 43 minutes straight?  I will note here that PM Netanyahu as the leader of a sovereign nation – a leader among nations at that — was not by any stretch of diplomatic courtesy obligated to accept or tolerate such aberrant behavior from someone of lesser rank in another government, let alone anyone of any rank. But, unlike Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Netanyahu is a class act, and chose not to answer in kind. And if the whole incident was precipitated, as the U.S. claims, by a diplomatic discourtesy, how can we explain or justify such extreme, unacceptably  discourteous treatment by Mrs. Clinton?

The simple answer is – we can’t. And that also calls into focus the (as I just named it)  amazing transformation part of the entire affair. It’s not about a diplomatic blunder. Neither is it, as further claimed by the U.S., about an impediment created thereby to the hope of further peace negotiations. It’s about the U.S. seizing on the opportunity to ratchet up pressure on Israel to give up fighting for its survival and give in to the demands of its enemies.

Jerusalem-Apartments3 The specific issue initially cited was the poor timing of an announcement of building permits for construction of more housing units in Jerusalem. That issue itself is a complete non-starter. Construction of housing in Jerusalem has been going on for decades. Or millennia, depending on how you look at it. Israel was building homes in Jerusalem when Hillary Clinton was a starry-eyed college hippie. And more importantly, the U.S., including the Obama administration, has been aware of this process. As proof that this has been no surprise to the U.S., take a look at other very public recent attempts by Mr. Obama to put a stop to it, or to at least hinder it by any means available.

And, if it was the announcement itself which was a monkey wrench thrown into the peace process by offending the sensibilities of the Palestinian hierarchy as potential negotiating partners, then why didn’t Joe Biden simply side-step it, not calling attention to it at all?

And why also has the U.S. administration simply ignored blatant provocations on the part of the Arabs which can only serve to dash any hope of peace? Everything from near-declarations of renewed “holy war,” to the very in-your-face honors accorded to a mass-murderer terrorist by the  Palestinian Authority, publicly ballyhooed at the same time as Israel’s so-very-offensive announcement of building permits. Was Hillary deliberately twisting the facts when she called the dedication of a public square to terrorist heroine Dalal Mughrabi an insult to decency on the part Hamas, the natural enemy of “peace partner” Fatah, covering up the fact that the offense was committed (and gloated over) by Fatah itself, not by Hamas? Or maybe she was just a little confused as to the facts of the case. If so, why was she confused when the rest of us knew quite well what was going on. What did you say her job was? Secretary of what? For whom?

Obama-Pointing Again, a short answer: it’s not at all about building permits, announcements of building permits, or even the horrifying prospect of Jews having more homes in Jewish neighborhoods of the Capital of the Jewish Nation of Israel. It’s about the continued drive to exterminate the Jewish Nation by whatever means comes to hand. The housing issue is just the latest one to handily present itself to the twisted minds of Mahmoud Abbas, Hillary Clinton, Ismail Haniyeh, and Barack Hussein Obama.

I had intended as I began this post to make it a catch-up on my “140s” category, citing smaller items like  US softens sanctions on Iran (while at the same time hardening opposition to Israel). Or, “Arab summit angry over ‘Judaizing’ of Jerusalem.” (To which again, the Obama administration does not have any apparent objection – so I suppose we should similarly oppose the ‘Americanizing’ of Washington D.C., or the ‘Anglicizing’ of London, or – oh, never mind.). And as I look over my various news feeds and friends’ tweets, there is more than enough fodder for several pages of such comments.

But I have an overriding concern which I’ve stated before as an American that my country is headed for an awful cliff in its opposition to the “apple of God’s eye.” Someone said the other day that they were concerned that the next step on our part might be to send in troops to bring our ‘wayward friend’ back in line. That would be a very, very bad move indeed, but not something that I see as imminent, if for no other reasons than not only is the American public still solidly behind Israel, regardless of what our President or his inner circle say, but 75% percent of the U.S. House of Representatives just yesterday issued a letter to the Secretary of State saying, in effect, and in necessarily polite terms, back off, lady!

So it isn’t over by a long shot, nor do I even think it’s reached a peak. It’s still in crescendo mode, and “the fat lady,” as Yogi would say, is not even on stage yet. So keep watching with me, if you will, and if you want to join me on the line, that would be just fine as well.


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140s for 20 March 2010 (and another personal note).

I left off yesterday rattling around in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. FM Lieberman has come up with a good one I wish I’d thought of: the Palestinians’ stubbornness in refusing to come to the table hurts them more in the long run than it does Israel. Give that some thought for a while, Mahmoud. But you’d better not let your own people find out about it.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

A couple of astute articles appeared yesterday in my Unity Coalition for Israel newsletter. 

In one, William Katz of Political Mavens points out that, even if President Obama is not Muslim by religion, his behavior certainly identifies him with the Muslim culture, and is thereby personally at odds with American interests, goals, and ideals:

Obama-in-Rhiyad2GETTY-WEB The Obama administration is distancing itself from American allies for reasons of culture. This president barely tolerates his own country. He has little use for its allies, many of which share Western values and ideals. The president, despite his denials, is a man of the Third World. He sees countries like Britain as colonialists, even though the colonial era ended many decades ago. While he is not a Muslim by religion, Obama is a man with a Muslim cultural background, giving him an affinity for nations that have traditionally been hostile to the United States. His speech last year in Cairo contained more groveling than Neville Chamberlain’s remarks at Munich.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

In another item from UCI, The Spectator’s Melanie Phillips takes it a step further by asking if we might actually be seeing the beginning of an “Obama intifada.” Discussing what I think I’ll just call ‘Bidengate’ (if I may be forgiven for coining a term), she points out that,

Obama’s deliberate decision to escalate what was at most a tactless but minor diplomatic blunder by Israel makes America an accessory to the violence that is now taking place and may get worse.

And that’s putting it mildly. Ms. Phillips has a good deal more to say on the subject, and says it well. Go read her here.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

UCI also passed on a warning from Jihad Watch that, in what an unnamed U.S. official is quoted as calling “a political decision,” President Obama has ordered a shipment of “bunker-buster” smart bombs diverted from slated delivery to positions in Israel. The writer of this bit of information also mentions a forthcoming book called The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America. Don’t I wish that were far-fetched!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

And, with a hat tip to alert Tweeter SaveIsraelNow, here’s another one of those it’s-about-time-somebody-said-this things. A Jerusalem Post column yesterday by Caroline Glick pointed out that Obama’s recent ultimatums to Israel make one thing perfectly clear: mediating peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not a goal he is interested in achieving.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

dayton_PFlag The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs also reported yesterday on The Folly of America Training the Palestinian Army. I mentioned the Dayton Force on my “About” page, and it now appears that military control of  the Fatah forces is even now being slowly removed from what little US oversight exists under Lt. Gen. Dayton. As if we couldn’t see that coming. JINSA did see it, and said something about it at the time; we should pay more attention to these people.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

In this column, Charles Krauthammer asked why President Obama chose to turn a gaffe into a crisis in U.S.-Israeli relations. After briefly going over the history of Israel’s repeated overtures in behalf of peace and the Arabs’ repeated rejections, he questions…

…is it because Obama fancies himself the historic redeemer whose irresistible charisma will heal the breach between Christianity and Islam or, if you will, between the post-imperial West and the Muslim world — and has little patience for this pesky Jewish state that brazenly insists on its right to exist, and even more brazenly on permitting Jews to live in its ancient, historical and now present capital

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Getting back to my UCI mailbag, Judith Nusbaum of Rishon Lezion, Israel published this short but sweet – or not so sweet – letter to the Jerusalem Post earlier last week:


I am furious at US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their unjustified, disgusting and way-over-the-top reaction to our announcement that we are planning to build housing units in our capital, Jerusalem (“Clinton terms Ramat Shlomo project ‘insulting,’” March 14). What nerve! What chutzpa!

Prime Minister Netanyahu, I implore you to disregard their threats. They are out of line. If Israel is to be a sovereign state, then let it be one and act in its

I came on aliya over 30 years ago with my children because I was and am a Zionist. I believe that we, Jews, have a destiny, and it is not to be the whipping boy of the US.

We must stop saying West, East, North, South Jerusalem.

It is one Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish State of Israel.


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I’ve often said to friends that Israel now is like the U.S. used to be: one of the smallest but gutsiest nations on the planet. I don’t know when we started to lose our guts; political historians may say one thing or another, but our current administration is sadly making us the gutless-wonder laughing stock of the world. William Katz may really be on to something when he suggests that Obama’s personal makeup is simply not that of an American.

But America is not done for. I really do not believe that a majority of Americans agree with or truly support the current occupant of the White House. To me it’s not whether the polls say so or not; it’s the people I know and speak with daily. I’d even hazard to guess that most of you who are reading this now feel the same way. Unless and until Obama succeeds in his quest to abolish the U.S Constitution, we still have the ability to stand up and speak, and to retake the direction of this country within legal means.

So will we? I’m not a good enough historian to tell you how many crises we’ve weathered as a nation that were worse than this one. But we can all certainly think of one, and as much as we may want to complain about the current situation, it really doesn’t compare to what we went through 150 years ago. Not yet, anyway.

But every day brings a fresh challenge, if I may risk the cliché. We can’t go around being afraid that tomorrow the world will end just because of whatever may have happened today. Neither can we go to bed tonight in some misguided serene confidence that everything will be all right tomorrow just because we wish it so. I have a personal sense that we are fortunate to be living in such an historic time, but I don’t usually see the integral part I have to play in this as being all that historic. But I can still write, and speak, and vote. I’m still an American.

And sometimes the best thing I can do is to just hold the line.


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