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Goldstone: ‘Doh!’ PA: ‘Goldstone? Goldstone who?’

Goldstone-at-UNHRC-WEB The big Israel-related news item I’m reading today is South African judge Richard Goldstone’s retraction of the falsehoods he leveled at Israel back in September of 2009. I consider it fortunate that this news is circulating rapidly and widely. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a media statement which says it most succinctly:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Saturday), 2 April 2011, has called upon the UN to immediately cancel the Goldstone Report

"Everything we said has proven to be true: Israel did not intentionally harm civilians, its institutions and investigative bodies are worthy, while Hamas intentionally fired upon innocent civilians and did not examine anything. The fact that Goldstone backtracked must lead to the shelving of this report once and for all."

Further commentary (and better than I can offer) on the subject can be read in The Atlantic, JINSA, IsraeliGirl, Honest Reporting, and many other places.

So what do Judge Goldstone’s partners-in-crime have to say? All of a sudden, to the PA he’s not the bosom buddy he was up until a minute ago, the UN does not appear likely to acknowledge the change at all, and a respected “main stream” publication like The New York Times doesn’t even seem to be aware of it. Or more like it, they pretend not to be aware of it. Not a real honest bunch, this.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Speaking of my correspondent IsrealiGirl,  a few days ago she sent me another fascinating expert interview. This one was with award winning scholar and author Dr. Esther Webman, who makes the point that Arab anti-Semitism is not a basic part of the Arab mindset (or at least did not start out that way), but is something that was carefully crafted for political advantage just a few generations ago. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And speaking of speaking of IsrealiGirl, here is the latest compilation she’s made of Hate Links to Report:

Palestinian Hate and incitement leads to terror – report hate links now

Israel is under a terror attack. Grad rockets are falling in Beer Sheva and Ashdod in the south. Terror have also returned to Jerusalem today when a bomb went off near the central bus station. A woman was killed and dozens are injured. Just 10 days ago a family was massacred in Itamar – parents and 3 children were butchered while they slept.

Terror starts with incitement. Hate is used to legitimize the terror act. The Palestinians’ culture of praising terrorists produces terrorism. Social media sites are the perfect platform to spread hate and incitement.

If you are as upset by these events as I am I urge you to take action now – report these links for spreading hate and leading to terror against civilians.

  • Facebook – Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Click on any link and then on report page or group and choose the reason (Contains hate speech or attacks an individual)
    • Third Palestinian Intifada – this relative new group has almost 250,000 members. It calls for a renewed "resistance" fight against Israel, much like what’s been going on in the last few days. 
    • Israel Terrorist – calls Israel, US and Britain terrorist states and glorifies Hamas and Hezbollah
    • Stop Nazi Israel – comparing Israel to the Nazis is just a cover for the bluntest antisemitism
    • Stop Israel – sends all Jews to burn in hell..
  • Twitter – Login into your twitter account and click on any of these links. click on the options button located on the upper right hand side Twitter button. Choose the 3rd option which would report that user to Twitter.
    • Amer Al-Bayya – spreads the tales of Hitler and the Zionists..
    • Ismael – claims Zionisn is ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Thank you for taking the time to report these links. All of us here in Giyus.org pray that this circle of violence will be stopped. We each must do what we can to that end.

To act on more issues and easily support Israel please sign up to our email updates – make a difference to Israel.

I wrote earlier of the need to get off the defensive. It’s worthy of note that since the above list was posted, the Third Intifada Facebook account has been taken down due to pressure from people like you and me. This may be a start.




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Don’t hate them back, just turn them in.

My readers may have noticed that I haven’t posted in nearly a month. I haven’t been gone, just watching.

libya revolt NY Post I haven’t had much to say, so I haven’t said much. The rapidity of changes in the Middle East has made us all wonder. And I think it’s very important to  wonder, especially to wonder where it’s all going. I don’t know a single soul who isn’t glad that Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi appears to be on his way out, but we need to also wonder who or what will replace him. It’s hard to think what could be worse than his oppressive rule and opposition to Western civilization, but neither do want to see an al-Qaeda regime in their place. Which is a serious possibility, at least according to this analysis passed along by JCPA. We need to pay attention. We need to watch.

ResizeImg My readers also know that my primary interest is in Israel. (Although how can you separate Israel’s concerns from the rest of what’s going on in the Middle East?) The buzz lately has been that Prime Minister Netanyahu is about ready to give away the farm. I’m not actually his committed supporter as much as I may appear, but the more I watch, the more I see him coming through in the pinch. ICEJ printed an item a few days ago which makes me think he may not be quite so much on a wrong track as the media would have us believe. We’ll see.

bahaimartyr2 Oh—and this week again is supposed to Israel Apartheid Week. Although it seems to be more of a whimper than a bang this time around. I call the reader’s attention again to the essay I posted last year about what real apartheid is (and how Israel in no way fits the description), written by one who knew the real deal first hand, and had to flee South Africa as a result of his opposition. Or speaking in terms of the application of the concept to the current Middle East situation, if you want to see apartheid, just look at Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran. Or what do you think another word for dhimmitude might be? Can anyone say, Islamic Apartheid Week, 52 weeks a year?

Hamas Which brings me back around to the title of this post. I’ll close out with another cross-posting from IsraeliGirl of Hate Links to Report. One of my alert readers last time around pointed out a misspelling in one of the links. I’ll admit at this point that I haven’t gone to each of the listed sites before reposting them here (for one thing, I’m still not on Facebook, for a couple of serious reasons, but I’m not here to discuss that). So maybe I’m going out on a limb a little bit, but I think IsraeliGirl has proven herself a reliable source, so I’m not going to, as they say, worry about it at this point. And remember what they also say: just do it.

Report hate spreading users

Fighting hate is a tedious job – it seems that for every user we report 5 new ones spring up in its place. But this only makes me more determined to stand up to hate and anti Semitism. The list of links today are all of users that spread hate, promote anti Semitism and de-legitimise Israel. Please report them to Facebook or Twitter respectively.


Login into your facebook account and click on any of these links. Click on the "Report/Block this person" or the "Report page" link on the left hand side of the screen.


Login into your twitter account and click on any of these links. click on the options button located on the upper right hand side Twitter button. Choose the 3rd option which would report that user to Twitter.

  • cactijakeye – bluntly calls himself anti Semitic in his profile – supports hateful conspiracy theories like 9/11 was an inside Israeli job
  • xXKelly82Xx – claims Zionists are not human and other fanatic hate speech
  • BoycottAhava – behind the global campaign to boycott Ahava products claiming Ahava Cosmetics are made by Israeli profiteers in Occupied Palestine.
  • Ziggy stardust – with twits like "racist zionist settlers kill Palestinian children" there is no doubt Ziggy Stardust is anti Zionist and Anti Semitic
  • Remroum – openly supports terrorism against Israel
  • Tha Captain – Anti zionist calling Israel a murdering state
  • Ali Abunimah – constantly spreads Israel Apartheid mantra
  • Jinjirrie  – Promotes flotilla anti zionist and anti Semitic causes
  • Worldpeace2day – obsessively promotes Israel Apartheid messages
  • Nouren shiraz – constantly calling Israel a racist terrorist state engaged in "ethnic cleansing"

Thank you for taking part in this effort – all of us in Giyus.org are for free speech but that does not entitle anyone to delegitimize Israel and spread hate against the Jewish people as a whole.

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You’ll never get forward motion if you’re always playing defense.

Nic518597 I don’t know how well I’ve emphasized it here, but there has for a long time been a disproportionate amount of attention given in major media and public venues to those who want to see Israel exterminated, whereas those who believe otherwise are consistently shouted down and shoved out of the debate.

If this is news to you coming from me, then I haven’t done a good job of stating my purpose in this blog. Maybe I need to rewrite my About page.

More vitally, it is uncomfortably clear that Israel and Israel’s supporters have not done a good job of presenting Israel’s case to the world. The Jewish people gave our society its moral and religious foundation, but those who hate them are blatantly trying to rewrite history – and the awful thing is, they’re getting away with it.

This blog, and thankfully many others, and more significantly a good number of ‘ball carriers’ or name-brand commentators (several of whom you will find among my links to the right) are fighting the good fight, neither giving up nor slacking off. But then so often it seems like our voices are being drowned out by the sheer volume of noise coming from the abyss.

So it was very encouraging this week to see that two major Israeli leaders—Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and  Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon—published strongly worded statements in major media, Ayalon in the L.A. Times and Ya’alon in Foreign Policy Magazine.

Well at least I found it encouraging, but when I shared the articles with a colleague, she said they were “too scholarly;” that they needed to have more of a punch to them. I asked if my blog was also “too scholarly,” and she answered yes, so I suppose I’m in good company. But that doesn’t deal with the problem.

Then over the next few days I noticed that some answers are beginning to come, starting with an awareness and acknowledgment of the problem. Rather coincidentally, it was on the Unity Coalition for Israel news and commentary site that I saw three essays in quick succession narrowing in on the target.

First, Prof. Phyllis Chesler wrote an article (which I briefly noted in my last post) that  did a lot better job than I’d seen up till now of calling the problem a problem, and demanding an answer in no uncertain terms. She’s ready and willing to fight, and has fought seemingly alone for a long time, but this is not a one man or one woman war.

Melanie_Phillips_Rs Then a piece by Melanie Phillips wrapped up a detailed but blunt message with a twelve point plan for taking the baddies to the mat:

Time to stop the hand-wringing. Time to stop fretting over how much better it is to play along with the narrative of Israel’s enemies in clear English rather than a thick Israeli accent – almost totally irrelevant.

Both Israel and diaspora Jews have to stop playing defence and go onto the offence.

  1. We should be demanding of the world why it expects Israel alone to make compromises with people who have tried for nine decades to wipe out the Jewish presence in the land and are still firing rockets at it.
  2. We should be demanding why America, Britain and the EU single Israel out for pressure which they apply to no other victims of genocidal aggression. For in any other such conflict, their cause of the aggressors would be deemed totally forfeit by their behaviour.
  3. We should be asking so-called ‘progressives’ – including Jewish ‘progressives’ — why they support the racist ethnic cleansing of every Jew from a future state of Palestine.
  4. We should be asking ‘progressives’ why they are not marching against Hamas on account of its tyrannical oppression of Palestinians in Gaza.
  5. Why they are not mounting a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority on account of his Holocaust denial and the PA’s continued incitement of Arab children to Jew-hatred, murder and genocide.
  6. Why they are ignoring Arab and Muslim persecution of women and homosexuals.
  7. And we should be telling the Jews ‘own story of refugees and ethnic cleansing – the 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands after 1948, and who now make up more than half of Israel’s population. Why isn’t Israel bringing this to the world’s attention? In Britain virtually no-one knows about it. At a stroke it takes the ground from under feet of those demanding ‘right of return’ for Arabs.
  8. We will never convince bigots that facts are as they are, or that the evidence of history tells a different story from the one they believe.
  9. We cannot fight prejudice with reason. But we have a duty to bear witness to the truth. And we have a duty to fight in our defence.
  10. We can best do this by getting off our back foot and putting western fifth columnists on theirs.
  11. We should accuse them, not of Jew-hating motives we cannot prove but of absurdities and contradictions and untruths they cannot deny.
  12. We should ridicule them, humiliate them, destroy their reputations; boycott them, not invite them to our houses, show them our disapproval and contempt. Treat them as pariahs.

Turn their own weapons against them.

anti-US slogansIn short, we must get up off our collective knees and fight. Justice, human rights and truth are on our side, not theirs. We must reclaim them as our own.

And now also Charles Jacobs puts his finger on an unsettling aspect that he sees in Jewish behavior: a tendency to go immediately on the defense as soon as an accusation is made. Speaking of the way this problem shows up in the universities where so much anti-Semitic invective is thrown up, Jacobs writes:

Instead of explaining to our students the dynamic of “accusation” that has been used to hobble Jews from time immemorial, we teach them to sit in the dock. Instead of exploring with them just how Israel is under a massive ideological assault which masquerades as legitimate criticism, we teach them to keep the focus of discourse Jewish conduct, Israeli behavior, which is exactly what our adversaries want. Instead of turning our fingers back on the tyrannical Arab/Muslim world whose criticism of Israel defines chutzpah, we answer their charges. Instead of exposing the hypocritical Western liberal elites — the “human rights” establishment, the media, and the professoriate – who have abandoned for reasons of political correctness whole classes of people in the worst of circumstances: women, gays, apostates, Christians, democrats in the Islamic realm – we accept playing the role of defendant. In other words, instead of making the subject of this entire discussion the actual world tyrannies and the execrable Western hypocrites who aim to destroy us, we are bitten by the “accusation” virus, and we simply lose our minds.

I will add that it’s not just Jewish nature; it’s human nature, or at least it is in the neighborhood where I live. But whether or not Jews are any better at it, we’re beginning to see that it’s not the answer, and especially not in this situation. The enemies we’re up against are sophisticated; they’ve been on to this pattern for a long time, and they’ve become very good at it. It is antithetical to honest people or people of integrity to even consider acting this way, but we’re not dealing here with honest people or people of integrity. The enemies of Israel do not work on that level. I’m not saying that we should lower ourselves to their level, but we do at least need to recognize what they’re doing and refuse to any longer dance to their tune.

As with just about anything, it’s easier said than done, but it won’t ever get done if it never gets said.

Just sayin’…

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Why don’t we just call it “IDS” – ?

For “Israel Derangement Syndrome.” I addressed this issue last month, and last year before that, but I keep running across more explanations for this bizarre affliction.

The latest is suggested on page 119 of a marvelous book by the late Abraham Joshua Heschel titled Israel : An Echo of Eternity. Rabbi Heschel points out that Israel is the setting for, and focal point of, the most momentous encounters in human history. I’m not sure why, but I think this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Odd, isn’t it?

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

time_cover_sep2010 Also odd was the way Time magazine jumped on the anti-Semitic bandwagon a little over a week ago. I’m a little late in addressing this, but Time’s statements were so off the wall, it was hard to think they could be taken seriously. What was I thinking!? The world (or that part of the world—not everyone is like that, I gladly acknowledge) which loves to hate Israel will of course jump on any opportunity to distort the truth, no matter how absurd the distortion. Having said that, I couldn’t help but notice a small article in Israel National News pointing out that the Time writer admitted he was wrong, after receiving a tour of the areas he’d thought were the setting for Israel’s wrongdoing. He admitted it to the Israelis, anyway; there has yet been no sign of an apology or retraction in the more widely read magazine.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

story.robinad On another interesting note, it is reported that Barack Obama—wonder of wonders—actually admonished Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN this week. Granted, the subject of the admonition wasn’t Israel, but still it’s progress. Then again, it’s been suggested that the true motivation for the sudden appearance of a backbone has more to do with trying to make his administration look a little better for the sake of the upcoming elections. He stands to lose quite a large chunk of his Democratic congress, and many of the congressmen he’d like so desperately to keep are trying to downplay their connection to him. “Please, Mr. President, don’t campaign for me. That’s OK – thanks, but no thanks…”

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Then again, when he doesn’t think so many people are watching, he doesn’t mind sending ‘shovels full’ of US tax dollars straight into the hands of Hamas.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

And here’s one more intriguing development on the global scene: Iran’s computer infrastructure has been hit this week by extremely sophisticated malware.  It seems that someone has put in place remotely operated software capable perhaps of running Iran’s (nuclear?) power plants from outside the country. Which also means of course that whoever is doing this has also the capability of shutting down said power plants. And experts are also saying that the level of sophistication is so great that it would take a foreign nation to be able to come up with something like this; it would be too much for a private group or individual. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Israel? Oh, don’t be silly! Then again, why is it only Iran that is (so far) being targeted? I really don’t think Ambassador Bolton could have known about this when he issued his famous warning last month. I sure didn’t! We’ll see what happens…


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Getting back to the 140s…

I’ve been off the radar for a while; please excuse my absence. But I haven’t been far away; I’ve just been watching from the sidelines, and tweeting a little. But when I saw this, I knew I had to jump back in tonight. The world is so quick to condemn even a misdirected shot fired by the IDF, that no one thought to question the report of a Gaza teenager having been killed by the IDF in a confrontation. That is, until said teenager turned up alive and well. Oops! It turned out the Egyptians had him.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Moving right along…

A popular singer in Kuwait inadvertently got her countrymen worked up into a lather by singing a song in Hebrew.  She was accused of promoting Zionist ideas, according to this brief INN item I picked up from Unity Coalition for Israel. The culturally offensive and politically incendiary song was none other than Hava NaGila, whose lyrics, as some of you may know, go like this: “Come… Let us rejoice, let us be happy.”

Rejoicing and happiness are strictly forbidden, I suppose, in any place where those thoughts may happen to be expressed in Hebrew. Them’s fightin’ words! I think. Don’t try to explain.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Ok, I’ll get back to my usual serious demeanor. Did I mention last week that the Gaza City Bank of Palestine was held up by none other than the Hamas Police itself? Only in a place like Gaza will the police go around robbing banks. Never mind that meanwhile the world continues to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up this thugocracy – they have to hold up their own banks as well. Sort of a reverse Robin Hood thing going on, maybe. Don’t ask me to explain.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

All right, that wasn’t all that serious of me, was it? Let’s see if I can do better. Ah – here’s something that I wouldn’t think of poking fun at: Muslim U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison visited Gaza last week, looking for some 1st hand ways to trash Israel. Being not very successful, of course, he resorted to doing what his sort does best: twisting facts & making stuff up. I’m not making this stuff up (watch it, Lineman – try to stay serious here); read this short piece in Arutz-Sheva News. A few high (or low) points of his foray included blaming Israel for Arab medical crises – never mind that Israel admits dozens of Gaza Arabs into Israeli hospitals every month, calling out Israel’s weapons blockade as being  the primary source of economic hardship in Gaza (which, of course, it isn’t), while deftly ignoring Egypt’s blockade, and ignoring Gilad Shalit altogether. Please don’t ask me what I think of Mr. Ellison’s character or integrity – I’m serious.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Readers of blogs like this one are likely well aware that the tactics of world media and leftist groups include portraying acts of aggression committed by anyone other than the IDF as justifiable, if not reasonable protest. They point out that it’s the IDF that uses bullets – all these people have at their disposal are things like bricks or rocks or other pieces of rubble, which cannot by any reasonable person be thought of as actual weapons. Or so they want you to think. So they’d like you to think that this report of a near fatal rock attack on a Jewish Israeli represents an aberration. The problem is that it is not at all an aberration – it’s a common tactic of those who claim they are merely fighting injustice with their bare hands. I think it’s a pretty serious matter that so many otherwise well meaning people are so easily duped by tactics like that. And that’s why I write.

Good night.

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The gross lie of “Israel Apartheid” – from one who experienced the real thing.

As the Big Lie known as “Israel Apartheid Week” continues, here is an outlook from one who’s been there, literally, knows the difference between the truth and a lie, and is not afraid to point it out. 

I received this special commentary today from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. I am simply copying it in here, partly because the link to it is not yet up on the ICEJ page, and partly just because it needs to be seen.

The author of the what you see below, Rev. Malcolm Hedding took part in the true anti-Apartheid fight, in the 1980s, in South Africa, as a white man, and as a minister of religion. He was threatened with detention without trial by the infamous Bureau of State Security. In other words, he knows the difference. This is what he sees and how he sees it.

Poster for 'Israel Apartheid Week' in 2009Israel and the charge of Apartheid
-by Malcolm Hedding

Day by day the anti-Israel alliance, and sadly in collaboration with major church movements mainly from the Protestant world, is seeking to make the Apartheid label stick to Israel. We see this at present in the fortnight of global agitation known as “Israel Apartheid Week.” There is more to this scheming than meets the eye in that the real agenda behind branding Israel an “Apartheid state” is to remove the Jewish State altogether.

The real Apartheid State of South Africa was rightfully dismantled in the late 1980s and early 90s. It was first discredited, then delegitimized and finally dismantled to the elation of the world and the enslaved black majority who had lived under and endured its brutality. However, to describe Israel in these terms is, quite frankly, immoral and wicked. Yet on university campuses across the Western World, this is becoming a very popular cause.

Radical leftist academics and politicians are teaming up with extremist Muslim elements to pursue this goal. They want to equate Israel with the original Apartheid State and thus demand that the world do as it did to South Africa – dismantle it! Most of these people know absolutely nothing about Apartheid, but the word is extremely powerful since it conjures up notions of hatred, discrimination, brutality, racism and prejudice.

It is quite astonishing to witness how a lie told often enough can eventually be accepted as truth! Most of these people have no knowledge of the “inner workings” of the Apartheid regime and couldn’t even tell you the basic facts about it. It is just a very powerful weapon to use when discharging their hatred of Israel.

A sign enforcing Apartheid, 1980 South AfricaEssentially, Apartheid was a totalitarian system of governance – not unlike many of the regimes in the Arab world today – whereby a minority white population subjugated and enslaved the overwhelmingly black population. It was ideologically driven and was obsessed with racial superiority. The superior whites could not mingle with or even sit on a bench with the inferior black peoples. Even the education system was “dumbed down” for black people because they were deemed mentally inferior and unable to cope with the higher levels of learning that whites could embrace.

A black township in South Africa, set up as a source of cheap labor for the ruling white minorityThe towns and cities were “white by night” as all “blacks” – as they were called – had to be removed to their shanty towns, which served as cheap labour ghettos for the nation. The black people could not vote, own property or even move freely inside their own country.

Various instruments of state were used to ruthlessly apply the system of total and complete segregation and these included the police, the military and the judiciary system. In short, it was Aryanism in a new form!

There is absolutely nothing equivalent to this in the dispute that rages between the Palestinians and Israel today. Within Israel itself, Arabs and Jews share the same shopping malls, benches, hospitals, theatres and, in many cases, suburbs. The educational institutions do not have a deliberately “dumbed down” Arab curriculum and the privilege of voting is given to all. The Israeli Knesset has Arab members of parliament, and Jews, Arabs and Palestinians often work together at construction sites, businesses, hotels and elsewhere. Most important of all is the fact that Israel is a democratic state. Though not a perfect one, it does have democratic institutions and it is definitely not governed by a totalitarian minority!

Out in the disputed territories, some 98% of the Palestinian Arab population now lives under the governance of their own Palestinian Authority, where they have the right to vote and change their leaders – at least theoretically. True, Israel has adopted security measures that curtail their movement, but these have been necessitated by the conflict thrust upon her and are legitimate acts of self-defense, rather than acts of racial discrimination.

It is also important to remember that there never had been a Palestinian State in the region, as even Jews were called and registered as “Palestinians” in 1948! British authorities held a Mandate over the country and accepted the right of Jews to have a state of their own in what was their ancient homeland. Even the United Nations accepted and voted for this right. When Israel implemented this decision by declaring its existence, she was immediately attacked by no less than five Arab armies!

This brings into focus the real nature of this conflict. That is, it has very little to do with politics or peace agreements but everything to do with theology! By this I mean a radical jihadist theology that considers the whole Land of Israel and not just the West Bank as part of the “House of Islam.”

This theology dictates that all this land must be returned to Islamic rule, whether by peaceful, political or violent means of jihad. So from 1948 to 1967, when the Palestinians had everything they say they want now, they neither protested against the illegal Jordanian occupation of the West Bank nor even remotely demanded a state of their own. They did, however, found the PLO in 1964 with the distinct mission of destroying the State of Israel. They subsequently launched a terror campaign to force this end and throughout the Oslo era refused to remove the infamous clauses from their Charter calling for the “elimination” of Israel!

The same jihadist theology drives Hamas and its affiliated militia al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, as well as Hizbullah, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, and all the rest of the “resistance” front.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Apartheid! The state of Israel enjoys a Jewish majority. It is democracy which must answer to its citizens and thus has demonstrated a willingness to make painful concessions in order to secure a future of peace with its neighbors. In all cases, Kassam rockets ready to fire at Israel from Gazait alone paid the real price by giving up land. It even withdrew from Gaza to demonstrate its sinceri ty in seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Palestinians. The trauma that this withdrawal brought to the people of Gaza and to Israel was played out for the entire world to see through the international media. Yet it was not good enough! So, the result was the, “same old, same old”. That is, within a short span of time thousands of missiles, fired from the vacated territory, rained down on Israeli civilians in the western Negev. The world said and did very little, except to call Israel an “apartheid state”!

Even Palestinian women joined the suicide bombing campaign against IsraelOver the years, and even in response to Israel’s most generous peace overtures during the Oslo era, the Palestinians have opted for violence. This they called an “intifada.” Wave upon wave of suicide bombers attacked Israel from the porous boundaries surrounding the West Bank. Men, women and children were indiscriminately murdered in buses, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. To protect herself from these murderous infiltrations, Israel built a security barrier, which in some of the more vulnerable built-up areas consisted of a wa ll. It was not built to segregate people or discriminate against them, but to protect its own citizens from attack. In this connection, the security fence has been highly successful though even Israelis admit it is regrettable. But what would any other self-respecting, democratic state do? Nevertheless, Israel’s detractors love to deride the “Apartheid Wall” to further their accusation.

To presume, after all that Israel has been through in her sixty-two years of modern statehood, that the Jewish State has no legitimate security concerns is madness. The Palestinians have time and again demonstrated that their strategy has not changed since 1964. In Johannesburg in 1994, a year after shaking the hand of Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin on the White House lawn, PLO chief Yasser Arafat declared as much. Close monitors of the Palestinian media have also repeatedly drawn attention to this fact. The liberal left and their fellow travelers conveniently ignore this fact. No sir, Apartheid is not the issue; the destruction of Israel is.

Just recently, the Syrian-based leader of Hamas stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Ahmadinejad and together they boasted that very soon Israel, in its entirety, would vanish from the map of the world. Theirs is a holy war but for the liberal left it is Apartheid, and the truth is their radical positions have made them allies!

These same radical leftists espouse democracy but in practice they deny it. They will not allow Israeli academics, leaders or politicians to exercise their democratic right to free speech. Their intolerance knows no boundaries as they threaten and disrupt meetings in educational institutions in Western countries that supposedly are there to educate within the context of democratic values. This is exactly what the Apartheid thugs of the South African regime did. They violently brought public meetings to an end if anyone opposed their view of the world. They were scared to death that someone might just have a more truthful and compelling argument than theirs. The democratic rights they claim for themselves, they deny to others.

For sure, the Palestinians have suffered and still do but to place the blame entirely at Israel’s door is folly. Their failed and corrupt leadership, missed opportunities, and willingness to support violence and terror are also Israeli flagscentral causes of their suffering. Israel is no Apartheid state. She is a democratic state living under the constant threat of annihilation and thus seeking to balance her need to find a lasting peace with her neighbors with that of her security. Her regional experience has taught Israel that her security and very existence is the number one issue. After all, in all the so-called peace plans presented for the region, she is expected to do all the giving with only verbal guarantees of security given by her interlocutors. These have never amounted to much!

The truth is the Apartheid accusation is just another smokescreen in the war against Israel! I should know because I grew up in the dark Apartheid era of South Africa and stood against it to my peril.


As a young minister in South Africa, Rev. Malcolm Hedding participated in the struggle against Apartheid in the 1980s and was threatened with detention without trial by the infamous Bureau of State Security. Today, he is the Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem; www.icej.org/

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To believe, or not to believe – you always have to ask yourself the question.

I haven’t posted for a few days, largely because the major news surrounding Middle Eastern issues has been in more of a flux than usual, if that’s imaginable.

cokelore_santa_1942 You’ve got the al-Mabhouh  assassination – the latest wrinkle appears to be that now Dubai is issuing an arrest warrant for Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu; never mind that the organization to which the assassinated assassin belonged is saying no, no, see – it was Jordan. Or maybe Egypt. And it was probably Fatah. And Iran says it was Europe. So yeah, sure, lets go arrest Bibi. That will put a stop to all this nonsense. Yes, Virginia, the world is nuts.

Kerry-Bibi-GETTY But I’ve also noticed several developments since Monday that, if taken at face value, and without digging beneath the surface, appear amazingly positive. First, U.S. Senator John Kerry came out “solidly behind” Netanyahu’s call for truly tough sanctions against Iran. I’ve never been a fan of Kerry, but his statement on its own is positive; whether the man is sincere is really not for me to say.

And then yesterday it was reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Lebanon, in effect, don’t expect us to protect you from Israel if you keep letting Hezbollah bring in more arms. Now maybe you think this is not news – that the current U.S. administration has supported Israel’s right to self defense from the get-go, but to me, this is news. And  whether the woman means what she says or not, at least in this instance, I’m not here to say. At least not today.

Shalit-Israeli-Arabs And now it’s beginning to look like the Arab world is having second thoughts about its opposition to Israel. Say what!? Well, at least the Arab League is now saying it’s OK to talk. That might not seem like much, but it does represent a shift.  And here’s something that we didn’t expect (although it’s only right): Israeli Arabs demonstrated in front of the Egyptian Embassy in favor of the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Actually, this isn’t all that shocking, considering the little known fact that the vast majority of Arabs living in Israel do actually support the Israeli government. But it bears repeating.

ap_Muhammad_Tahir_ul_Qadri_100302_mn Now this is strange: the leader of a global Muslim movement has issued a strongly worded fatwa against terrorism. I don’t have a problem with that, do you?

And regarding anti-Semitism overseas? Well, there’s not much good news there – except Canada’s Ontario Legislature just passed a resolution condemning the annual anti-Israel event known as “Apartheid Week.” I might have mentioned this before, but, to summarize the words yesterday of Washington Post writer Richard Cohen, Israel is not South Africa.

Yet we still must – I repeat, must – have more sense than to blithely accept everything at face value, pleasant or unpleasant; we simply have to, as a matter of survival, roll up our sleeves and dig beneath the surface in all things. And that takes work. I truly hope my readers don’t think that I have a lot of answers here. I don’t carry the ball – I just try to say “whoa” once in a while when I see something coming that’s just not right. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Israel this week. During the 2008 presidential campaign, then-Senator Biden was presented, as I recall, as a supporter of Israel. Maybe he is, in some ways. But take care – read these beneath-the-surface observations by respected columnist Caroline Glick during an interview published today in Israel National News.

In some words written several centuries ago, test and prove all things until you can recognize what is good, and then hold on tight to that.

Shalom, y’all.


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