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Oh let’s just forget about the Holocaust… let bygones be bygones, you know.

holocaust bodies burning outside auschwitz rs to 288 X 210 Unbelievable! Here is another action item from my correspondent at GIYUS. It speaks for itself, so I’ll just reprint it here, with their permission and encouragement:

Is this justice? Belgium Justice Minister supports blanket amnesty for Nazis collaborators


Belgium Justice Minister, Stephen De Clerck, made outrageous comments about World War II Nazi collaborators.

De Clerck called for an "adult" debate in Belgium about granting amnesty to wartime Nazi sympathisers and "maybe also forget, because this is in the past".

De Clerck remarks came as Belgium’s Senate voted on a draft to grant accepted draft legislation from the far-right Flemish Vlaams Belang party that would grant amnesty to those who collaborated with the Nazis during the war.

The Holocaust must never be forgotten – 6,000,000 Jews paid the highest price and history cannot be re-written. The time that goes by should be used to pass on the lessons of the Holocaust to the new generation that wasn’t part of that horrible chapter in history.

Around 25,000 Belgian Jews were deported to Auschwitz from Belgium, after being rounded up by authorities that often enthusiastically collaborated with the Nazis despite strong resistance from Belgium’s people.Those that collaborated with the Nazis assisted in genocide – such actions cannot be dismissed because time has passed.

Stephen de Clark Please take action – send a protest letter to Mr. Yves Leterme, the current Prime Minister of Belgium, and  Elio Di Rupo who is in charge of creating the new Belgium government, with a copy to the Ministry of Justice. Ask them to respect history and justice and condemn Mr. De Clerck’s comments. As a democratic nation we in expect Belgium to adhere to the highest legal standards and to respect the facts of history even when it’s not convenient.


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Please report hate links – updated

hizrally_mn_web IsraeliGirl just sent me an updated list of hate links to report. In her message, she notes the success of the previous round, and includes further information useful to those who wish to do something about on line hate.

Here is her latest post:

Hate links to report – keep it up it’s working


Thank you all for taking part in‘s online hate fighting efforts. I’m happy to report that our previous collective efforts caused Facebook to disable hate spreading groups and profiles.

This success proved that this method is working. By exposing the hate spread by these groups and people we can fight back and close their accounts for violation of terms of service.

But this is an ongoing battle. Following are a 2nd batch of links to report. This time we included some flotilla related groups which are spreading hate against Israel in the US and Canada as they try to organize a massive flotilla to "break the siege" in Gaza. The organizers of these flotillas know very well that Israel will deliver any aid into Gaza through the crossings. Their main aim is delegitimation of the state of Israel, aid is just a cover story. Such delegitimation efforts against Israel fuel modern anti Semitism.

Below are links to hate spreading pages on Facebook. Please choose a link, click on it, scroll down to the bottom left hand side and click on report. You must be logged on to your Facebook account to report.

Twitter also serves as a stage for hate spreading micro messages. Below are some twitter users that are constantly spreading anti Israel vile messages on twitter. If you have a twitter account, please choose any link and click on the options button located on the upper right hand side Twitter button. Choose the 3rd option which would report that user to Twitter.

  • Jew4palestine – offer tweets like "Rabbis want to throw Palestinians in the oven" 
  • Max Ajl – claims IDF soldiers are "attacking themselves" to make it look like the Palestinians did that and give Israel reason to attack.

    Thanks for standing up and fighting anti Semitism online.

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    Please report hate links

    Dry-Bones-Cartoon Here is just a quick note from my correspondent “IsraeliGirl” for those who want to fight against hate and anti-Semitism:

    Many friends have sent us hate links following our launch of a new community initiative to combat hate online.

    Here is our first list of hate spreading links to report. Please share this list with your readers. Ask them to log into Facebook, click on these links and click the report button at the bottom left side of the screen.

    We must work together to make an impact. These groups and users rely heavily on Facebook to spread their hate message, violating Facebook terms of service.

    Thanks for your help.

    As they say, just do it. Talk to y’all later,


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    It ain’t over until…

    WELL, Y’ALL KNOW WHAT Yogi Berra said. And it definitely ain’t over.

    Paintballs_ineffective I assume everyone has been at least trying to keep up with the twists and turns in the unfolding tale of what really happened on board the Mavi Marmara and where it all leads. I’ve been holding off on saying anything here until some of the dust has settled, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon.

    I’m not even going to try to go over the whole story at this point. That’s been done already in enough places that I would be merely duplicating others’ efforts.  You can get the basics from day one here, and Peace Flotilla is a great place where you can find current updates.

    There have also been a number of excellent commentaries made by prominent figures in this arena. Caroline Glick points out several vital points in “Ending Israel’s Losing Streak.”

    But I’ll try to recap just a little in order to get on to my main points. Over the weekend, a hodgepodge of leftists calling themselves “Free Gaza” attempted to run Israel’s naval blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces interdicted the offending vessels as allowed under international law. Five of the six vessels were boarded peacefully, but mercenary combatants on board the sixth ship, the Mavi Marmara, ambushed the IDF boarding party with metal poles and clubs, electric saws and other crude weapons, and with grenades, knives and firearms. The IDF troops sustained serious wounds but successfully completed their mission. When the smoke had cleared, the IDF had sustained several injuries, including two rated as serious or critical, and the enemy combatants (please, folks, let’s stop calling them “activists” – they were hired soldiers) sustained many more casualties, including nine fatalities.

    As details began to emerge over the next few days, several things began to stand out (including a couple of things that I really haven’t heard discussed much elsewhere):

    1) Although the leftists were assembled under the umbrella organization “Free Gaza,” the expedition was actually led by (and the Mavi Marmara operated  by) a known terrorist organization headquartered in Turkey known by its initials IHH.

    2) The attackers who assaulted the IDF commandos were identified as cash-paid mercenaries, primarily Turkish nationals. (Of the nine fatalities, eight were Turkish citizens and one was a naturalized US citizen from Turkey.)

    According to one well-placed source, the cash with which the mercenaries were paid was not passed to them until after they were on board. This would mean they were not quite dedicated enough to the ‘cause’ to be counted on to otherwise show up.

    3) Turkey’s role in this affair was, and still is, of very serious concern. It would be distracting here to try to get deeply into the complexities of the Turkey – Iran – Syria axis, but it appears possible that Turkey is vying for a stronger position in that company of thieves. I had issued several “tweets” over the past few days calling attention to the extremity of Turkey’s involvement, but now I’m not so sure it’s a whole lot more than a serious attempt to gain a bigger piece of the pie. To be certain, the Turkish government has recently become a major sponsor of terrorism, but they still haven’t toppled Iran, or even Syria, in that respect.

    HaniyaAhmadinejad 4) Most importantly, though, the military blockade of Gaza has been in fact very effective against Hamas, and by extension against Iran’s interests in the area, not only in terms of making war materiel less available, but also by way of restricting Hamas’ finances, and even causing serious internal political pressure on the regime.

    This brings up a crucial point: the blockade running attempt was a desperation move by Hamas and Iran. I haven’t heard that part of the matter emphasized in the media, but it is very consistent with the hiring of mercenaries in an attempt to repel the IDF naval interdiction. And it is consistent also with the possession by the mercenaries of huge sums of cash, some of which was payment for their services, but the greater part of which was apparently intended for Haniyeh’s grubby little hands. It would also mean that Hamas is not about to give up – because it can’t afford to give up. The next attempt is already underway as of this writing.

    Crop_ BHO_27_May_2010 A further serious implication of this is that those who are advocating removal of the blockade (and there are many, including major players in the UN and in Europe, and perhaps even the current US administration) are in effect allying themselves politically and even militarily with Hamas, and again by extension with Iran. If that bothers you, it does me, too.

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    Second major American Jewish organization sends Open Letter rebuking President Obama

    Obama-in-Rhiyad2GETTY-WEB A few days ago I printed an open letter by the World Jewish Congress to President Barack Obama, citing his responsibility for the current deterioration in U.S. – Israel relations.

    Now the America-Israel Friendship League has published a similar criticism, very politely asking the American President to reconsider some his recent actions.

    The AIFL makes several good points in its letter, one of which calls attention to the detrimental effects of the U.S. aligning itself with the Arab League in its demands on Israel. I really think that’s a first for us.

    Here is the letter:

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear President Obama:

    On behalf of the Executive Committee of the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL), we write to express our concern about deteriorating relations that appear to be developing between the United States and Israel. The AIFL is committed to advance the friendship between Israel and the U.S. We know that you share our commitment to this very special relationship and recognize the need for it to grow and develop based on our shared values, traditions and vision for free and democratic societies in the Middle East and worldwide. We know of your deeply felt commitment to Israel and your vision for democratic societies and that is why we are led to write you about our concerns. For these reasons, we urge you to reconsider what appears to be your policy of pressing Israel to abandon its long established Jerusalem policy as a precondition to any Proximity Talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (the ”PA”).

    It has been Israel’s policy for 40 years that construction activities may proceed normally in Jerusalem. That policy was not an impediment to Egypt which established peace with Israel under Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1979. It did not preclude Jordan in 1994 from signing a peace treaty with Israel under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. And it did not interfere with the PA negotiating twice with Israel in 2000 and 2008 with Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert.

    It should therefore not be surprising that Israel’s policy is to allow construction in East Jerusalem to continue. Notwithstanding the agreement reached between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2004, which your Administration has apparently decided not to recognize, Israel accepted the terms of the Proximity Talks and suspended construction plans in the West Bank for 10 months, with the reservation regarding East Jerusalem.

    Israel’s announcement of its decision by a low level bureaucrat during Vice President Biden’s visit to Israel did not justify unduly critical comments. We acknowledge that Israel’s announcement was poor timing given the purpose of Vice President Biden’s trip to Israel and his deep commitment to Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister quickly recognized this unfortunate indiscretion and extended his public apology-an appropriate and proper response to the United States. But instead of this matter being put to rest and any further differences privately resolved as befitting close allies, the incident was used as grounds for criticizing Israel publicly, and perhaps attempting either explicitly or implicitly to humiliate its Prime Minister. Such actions are not justified against a close, democratic ally with whom policy differences arise. Both Democrats and Republicans on the AIFL Board were distressed by the actions of the government in this very public shaming of Israel. At a time when Israel is facing a very well financed and concerted campaign by its enemies to delegitimize its existence as a state (e.g., the Goldstone Report), the actions of your Administration were not in line with our values. Israel’s conduct cannot serve as a basis for any radical change in U.S. policy.

    The demand by the United States in aligning itself with the Arab League that Israel should rescind its core principle regarding its policy on Jerusalem as a precondition to the Proximity Talks reflects an unjustified change in U.S. Middle East policy.

    This new policy is an adoption of the position of the Arab League and the PA, who have only been emboldened by this deterioration of relations between the United States and Israel. Any change in Israel’s position regarding Jerusalem should come only in the course of face-to-face negotiations between Israel and the PA.

    When Prime Minister Netanyahu announced a 10 month freeze to new construction in the West Bank (but exempting East Jerusalem) it was perceived by Secretary Clinton as ”unprecedented”. It is now viewed as insulting and demanding of an immediate termination. Will Israel’s failure to comply with the demands of U.S. policy now lead the United States to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries signed in 2007 regarding security assistance to Israel? What further escalating measures will be taken in order to ensure compliance with new U.S. policies? Will future use by the U.S. of its veto on resolutions in the Security Council of the United Nations be contingent on compliance with this U.S. policy? We respectfully suggest that the actions detailed above are not justified between close allies and could provide our common adversaries with succor.

    Our concerns are not only with the breach of good relations between two countries that we love and hold dear to us but we are concerned with the possibility that such extreme words coming from the United States following numerous apologies from the Prime Minister will give aid and comfort to those who seek to incite hatred of Israel and, indeed of Jews.

    The United States, the world community and Israel face unparalleled challenges from Iran. This is not a time to exacerbate any real or perceived slights. It is a time for U.S. leadership to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons as has been repeatedly advocated by you. We applaud your pledge and support your objectives.

    Finally, the opening of a rift between the U.S. and Israel on these issues must create doubt among other U.S. allies. It cannot be too comforting to our allies that if Israel can be disdained with such ease, what does this say about the U.S. and its steadfastness with its other allies?

    Jerusalem has always occupied a special place in the hearts and dreams of Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible records (Second Book of Chronicles 36:23) that in his first year (516 BCE), Cyrus, the King of Persia (now Iran), in order to reverse the sacking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in 586 BCE, and to fulfill the prophesy of Jeremiah, proclaimed that he had been charged by the Lord to build a house in Jerusalem and to send the Jews in his kingdom to ”go up to Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build the house of the Lord God of Israel (he is the God) which is in Jerusalem”. The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel originated long before the Holocaust and derives from the days of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, King David and the prophets. It has abided for more than 4,000 years and is reflected in the cry ”next year in Jerusalem” which ends the Yom Kippur fast and Passover Seder. For most of those 4,000 years, Jews have lived in the Land of Israel in an unbroken chain with Jewish communities continually remaining in places like Jerusalem, Hebron and Safad.

    We view with alarm any effort to create distance between the United States and Israel on fundamental policies. Where there are legitimate differences, such should be resolved in normal diplomatic fashion. We sincerely hope that the hope and support that reflected your election can be restored. It is not an exaggeration to say that both the United States and Israel need nothing less.

    We would look forward to an exchange of ideas with your Administration now and in the future about how to advance the United States’ interest in securing peace and justice in the Middle East and ensuring security for Israel.

    Respectfully yours,

    For the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
    America-Israel Friendship League

    Kenneth J. Bialkin, Chairman, AIFL

    Harley Lippman, President, AIFL

    Charlotte K. Frank, Chair, Executive Committee

    Paul M. Kaplan, Chair, Law Committee

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    Fool’s Gold

    I’VE BEEN CONSIDERING lately what to say about the Goldstone Report, the recent package of false accusations against the people and the state of Israel, presented to a world all too ready to latch on to whatever excuses they can find to condemn the one nation which by its very existence and place in history stands as testing ground for the thoughts and hearts of men and women over the entire planet.

    I’ve been wondering if I can add anything to what has already been said exposing the false pretext of the report (look here), its anti-Semitic source (and here), or the complete farce of its supposed objectivity (take a look at this!).

    But after today’s appallingly hypocritical endorsement by the misnamed “Human Rights Council” of the United Nations, I thought I could do no better than to have you read the text of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the UN on September 24th of this year:

    President, Ladies and Gentlemen…

    Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland. I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.

    The United Nations was founded after the carnage of World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust. It was charged with preventing the recurrence of such horrendous events. Nothing has undermined that central mission more than the systematic assault on the truth.

    Yesterday the President of Iran stood at this very podium, spewing his latest anti-Semitic rants. Just a few days earlier, he again claimed that the Holocaust is a lie.

    Last month, I went to a villa in a suburb of Berlin called Wannsee. There, on January 20, 1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people. The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments.

    Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews. Is this a lie?

    A day before I was in Wannsee, I was given in Berlin the original construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Those plans are signed by Hitler’s deputy, Heinrich Himmler himself. Here is a copy of the plans for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where one million Jews were murdered. Is this too a lie?

    This June, President Obama visited the Buchenwald concentration camp. Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie? And what of the Auschwitz survivors whose arms still bear the tattooed numbers branded on them by the Nazis? Are those tattoos a lie?

    One-third of all Jews perished in the conflagration. Nearly every Jewish family was affected, including my own. My wife’s grandparents, her father’s two sisters and three brothers, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins were all murdered by the Nazis. Is that also a lie?

    Yesterday, the man who calls the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium. To those who refused to come here and to those who left this room in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries.

    But to those who gave this Holocaust-denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency? A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies that the murder of six million Jews took place and pledges to wipe out the Jewish state. What a disgrace! What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations!

    Perhaps some of you think that this man and his odious regime threaten only the Jews. You’re wrong. History has shown us time and again that what starts with attacks on the Jews eventually ends up engulfing many others.

    This Iranian regime is fueled by an extreme fundamentalism that burst onto the world scene three decades ago after lying dormant for centuries.

    In the past thirty years, this fanaticism has swept the globe with a murderous violence and cold-blooded impartiality in its choice of victims. It has callously slaughtered Moslems and Christians, Jews and Hindus, and many others. Though it is comprised of different offshoots, the adherents of this unforgiving creed seek to return humanity to medieval times. Wherever they can, they impose a backward regimented society where women, minorities, gays or anyone not deemed to be a true believer is brutally subjugated.

    The struggle against this fanaticism does not pit faith against faith nor civilization against civilization. It pits civilization against barbarism, the 21st century against the 9th century, those who sanctify life against those who glorify death. The primitivism of the 9th century ought to be no match for the progress of the 21st century. The allure of freedom, the power of technology, the reach of communications should surely win the day.

    Ultimately, the past cannot triumph over the future. And the future offers all nations magnificent bounties of hope. The pace of progress is growing exponentially. It took us centuries to get from the printing press to the telephone, decades to get from the telephone to the personal computer, and only a few years to get from the personal computer to the internet.

    What seemed impossible a few years ago is already outdated, and we can scarcely fathom the changes that are yet to come. We will crack the genetic code. We will cure the incurable. We will lengthen our lives. We will find a cheap alternative to fossil fuels and clean up the planet.

    I am proud that my country Israel is at the forefront of these advances – by leading innovations in science and technology, medicine and biology, agriculture and water, energy and the environment. These innovations the world over offer humanity a sunlit future of unimagined promise.

    But if the most primitive fanaticism can acquire the most deadly weapons, the march of history could be reversed for a time. And like the belated victory over the Nazis, the forces of progress and freedom will prevail only after a horrific toll of blood and fortune has been exacted from mankind.

    That is why the greatest threat facing the world today is the marriage between religious fanaticism and the weapons of mass destruction, and the most urgent challenge facing this body is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    Are the member states of the United Nations up to that challenge? Will the international community confront a despotism that terrorizes its own people as they bravely stand up for freedom?

    Will it take action against the dictators who stole an election in broad daylight and gunned down Iranian protesters who died in the streets choking in their own blood? Will the international community thwart the world’s most pernicious sponsors and practitioners of terrorism? Above all, will the international community stop the terrorist regime of Iran from developing atomic weapons, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world?

    The people of Iran are courageously standing up to this regime. People of goodwill around the world stand with them, as do the thousands who have been protesting outside this hall. Will the United Nations stand by their side?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the jury is still out on the United Nations, and recent signs are not encouraging. Rather than condemning the terrorists and their Iranian patrons, some here have condemned their victims. That is exactly what a recent UN report on Gaza did, falsely equating the terrorists with those they targeted.

    For eight long years, Hamas fired from Gaza thousands of missiles, mortars and rockets on nearby Israeli cities. Year after year, as these missiles were deliberately hurled at our civilians, not a single UN resolution was passed condemning those criminal attacks.

    We heard nothing – absolutely nothing – from the UN Human Rights Council, a misnamed institution if there ever was one. In 2005, hoping to advance peace, Israel unilaterally withdrew from every inch of Gaza. It dismantled 21 settlements and uprooted over 8,000 Israelis. We didn’t get peace. Instead we got an Iranian backed terror base fifty miles from Tel Aviv. Life in Israeli towns and cities next to Gaza became a nightmare.

    You see, the Hamas rocket attacks not only continued, they increased tenfold. Again, the UN was silent. Finally, after eight years of this unremitting assault, Israel was finally forced to respond. But how should we have responded? Well, there is only one example in history of thousands of rockets being fired on a country’s civilian population. It happened when the Nazis rocketed British cities during World War II.

    During that war, the allies leveled German cities, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties. Israel chose to respond differently. Faced with an enemy committing a double war crime of firing on civilians while hiding behind civilians – Israel sought to conduct surgical strikes against the rocket launchers.

    That was no easy task because the terrorists were firing missiles from homes and schools, using mosques as weapons depots and ferreting explosives in ambulances. Israel, by contrast, tried to minimize casualties by urging Palestinian civilians to vacate the targeted areas. We dropped countless flyers over their homes, sent thousands of text messages and called thousands of cell phones asking people to leave.

    Never has a country gone to such extraordinary lengths to remove the enemy’s civilian population from harm’s way. Yet faced with such a clear case of aggressor and victim, who did the UN Human Rights Council decide to condemn? Israel. A democracy legitimately defending itself against terror is morally hanged, drawn and quartered, and given an unfair trial to boot.

    By these twisted standards, the UN Human Rights Council would have dragged Roosevelt and Churchill to the dock as war criminals. What a perversion of truth! What a perversion of justice!

    Delegates of the United Nations, will you accept this farce? Because if you do, the United Nations would revert to its darkest days, when the worst violators of human rights sat in judgment against the law-abiding democracies, when Zionism was equated with racism and when an automatic majority could declare that the earth is flat.

    If this body does not reject this report, it would send a message to terrorists everywhere: Terror pays; if you launch your attacks from densely populated areas, you will win immunity. And in condemning Israel, this body would also deal a mortal blow to peace. Here’s why. When Israel left Gaza, many hoped that the missile attacks would stop. Others believed that at the very least, Israel would have international legitimacy to exercise its right of self-defense.

    What legitimacy? What self-defense?

    The same UN that cheered Israel as it left Gaza and promised to back our right of self-defense now accuses us –my people, my country – of war crimes? And for what? For acting responsibly in self-defense. What a travesty!

    Israel justly defended itself against terror. This biased and unjust report is a clear-cut test for all governments. Will you stand with Israel or will you stand with the terrorists? We must know the answer to that question now. Now and not later. Because if Israel is again asked to take more risks for peace, we must know today that you will stand with us tomorrow. Only if we have the confidence that we can defend ourselves can we take further risks for peace.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, all of Israel wants peace. Any time an Arab leader genuinely wanted peace with us, we made peace. We made peace with Egypt led by Anwar Sadat. We made peace with Jordan led by King Hussein. And if the Palestinians truly want peace, I and my government, and the people of Israel, will make peace. But we want a genuine peace, a defensible peace, a permanent peace.

    In 1947, this body voted to establish two states for two peoples – a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted that resolution. The Arabs rejected it. We ask the Palestinians to finally do what they have refused to do for 62 years: Say yes to a Jewish state.

    Just as we are asked to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians must be asked to recognize the nation state of the Jewish people. The Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel. This is the land of our forefathers.

    Inscribed on the walls outside this building is the great Biblical vision of peace: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. They shall learn war no more." These words were spoken by the Jewish prophet Isaiah 2,800 years ago as he walked in my country, in my city – in the hills of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem. We are not strangers to this land. It is our homeland.

    As deeply connected as we are to this land, we recognize that the Palestinians also live there and want a home of their own. We want to live side by side with them, two free peoples living in peace, prosperity and dignity. But we must have security. The Palestinians should have all the powers to govern themselves except those handful of powers that could endanger Israel.

    That is why a Palestinian state must be effectively demilitarized. We don’t want another Gaza, another Iranian backed terror base abutting Jerusalem and perched on the hills a few kilometers from Tel Aviv.

    We want peace.

    I believe such a peace can be achieved. But only if we roll back the forces of terror, led by Iran, that seek to destroy peace, eliminate Israel and overthrow the world order. The question facing the international community is whether it is prepared to confront those forces or accommodate them.

    Over seventy years ago, Winston Churchill lamented what he called the "confirmed unteachability of mankind," the unfortunate habit of civilized societies to sleep until danger nearly overtakes them.

    Churchill bemoaned what he called the "want of foresight, the unwillingness to act when action will be simple and effective, the lack of clear thinking, the confusion of counsel until emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong.”

    I speak here today in the hope that Churchill’s assessment of the "unteachability of mankind" is for once proven wrong. I speak here today in the hope that we can learn from history — that we can prevent danger in time.

    In the spirit of the timeless words spoken to Joshua over 3,000 years ago, let us be strong and of good courage. Let us confront this peril, secure our future and, God willing, forge an enduring peace for generations to come.

    Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.  Would to God that we had someone of your caliber to lead on this side of the Atlantic!

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