Hello, friend. I see you found me. Good. Out of the virtual haystack of millions of blogs, you came here. Now, think about what led you here. Did you come here looking for the truth?

I’m not planning to compete with the huge sea of information out there, but I think I have something to add. In particular, I’m ready to join the growing group of people who are unhappy with the distortions & outright lies that seem to be so popular with the mainstream media. I don’t expect to have a loud voice, but I’m going to try to do my part. There are so many voices speaking contrary to the truth, I figure I can at least make some noise as one more voice speaking for the truth.

In American football, the opposing teams line up at the scrimmage, the front line of one team facing down the front line of the other team. There is supposed to be one lineman on each team for the opposing lineman on the other. When the ball is snapped, the two front lines crash into each other, each trying to block the forward motion of the other. It seems to me that’s what we have going on in the clashing of ideas on the web, in the print media, in schools, and wherever people who don’t agree meet together. There are those who are publicly recognized spokesmen and spokeswomen for each side of the debate, like there are the quarterback and other ball carriers in football, but most of us are just blockers. However, there is a problem I see from my side of the scrimmage. The problem, and it’s a big one, is that is there do not appear to be anywhere near enough blockers on my team as on the other.

So here I am as one more blocker. I never did actually play much football when I was younger, but I did play lineman, and I did stop the forward motion of the opposing lineman. So now you know how I came up with the name for this blog.

My special focus is on issues regarding the current Middle East conflicts, and I make no bones about my wholehearted support of Israel.

Also, without apology, I’ll let you know up front that my perspective is that of what is called Christian Zionism. Like I said elsewhere, I don’t like trying to fit myself under labels, but sometimes they do help others to know where you are coming from. If I quote the Bible with regard to my opinions on Israel or world events, and you don’t like that, then, well, just get over it.

For a while now, I’ve been sending snippets from the news media to a few close friends, usually with some remark of my own, but it’s been a narrow audience.

For example, I was shocked when I first read some time back in Israeli media that the US actually has a resident military officer assigned to provide military training to the PA, and I promptly sent off a couple of emails to let the world know. Well, maybe not the world, but a small part of my world. I was piqued that we had heard nothing of this in the American media, and wanted somebody to know about it. Now I tend to think that everyone knows all about the Dayton Force, but it’s been a relatively short time since I had no idea they existed. And you know, I’m not sure everyone else is aware, either.

It never ceases to amaze me how information that is common knowledge in the Middle East doesn’t quite make it across the Atlantic – not in the major media, anyway. I’m continually finding news items on JPost or Ynet or Arutz7 or even Haaretz that nobody I talk to over here is remotely aware of. Most people I meet are still blissfully unaware of how anti-Israel Condi Rice became before the end of President Bush’s term.

A short time ago my wife saw an item in Israeli media referring to an appeal from the Foreign Ministry for help in getting the word out in cyberspace on matters that matter. She looked at me as if to say, "Well, when are you going to get started?" So I figured I should get started.

There was an idea in the US some time back that there was a "silent majority" of people that did support their country, but that the minority of opponents got most of the attention. I very much suspect that there is something like that in the world today — that although the left wing propaganda machine does a good job of making it look like all of creation is against Jews in general and Israel in particular, it ain’t necessarily so (in the words of a certain pre-Shoah Jew). If that’s what’s happening worldwide with regard to Israel, then maybe it’s time for a bigger slice of this majority to be not so silent.

It’s also been called to my attention by another like-minded blogger that we who support the State of Israel can be more effective if, rather than telling people about Israel, we make a more concerted effort to refute the lies. I’ll try to do what I can in that regard here, but please do look and search and inquire in as many places as you can for what is the truth.

My appreciation goes to WordPress blogger TacticalMiddleEast for a post on his site that lit a little fire under my fanny. I don’t really agree with everything he says on his blog, but he is to be commended for sounding the trumpet to call others to this battle. Also I have to acknowledge that he makes a good argument for bringing a little ‘sanity’ into the debate. I’m not sure how "sane" my posts here will be — I fully expect myself to rant a little. Or maybe a lot.

I think by now you get the idea. So dive on in, and after you’ve taken a look around, tell me if you think you’ve found at least one more morsel of truth to block the lies.

A little housekeeping:

If you’ve been back here a few times, you may have noticed that I update my links & news feeds as I go along. Please note that when I link to something, that does not necessarily mean I endorse or agree with everything that is said there, nor will the links always agree with each other – that should go without saying. But I do think these bear looking at, or I would not be including them. Poke around a little – you may enjoy.

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Update: Having posted for a while now, I sometimes wonder if the things I write here may give people the impression I’m truly frightened with regard to Israel’s future. I certainly am very disturbed by what I see happening, but I should note that fear is not what I’m experiencing.

That’s not to say I’d feel the same way if I were living in Israel, having the constant threat of mayhem at my doorstep. My life and the lives of my family are not presently being physically threatened, as are the lives of those who have taken the bold step to take back what was stolen from them so long ago.

And what if I had the opportunity to join them? Right now, if I had that opportunity, that is what I’d want to do. Whether it would be the right thing at the right time would be a matter of details, but there is a drawing to the land that even we Gentiles can sometimes feel. It has been suggested that I may have some Jewish DNA, and that may be why I feel that way, but for now that is not my focus. Nor do I have any inclination to convert. And even if I did, I understand there’s a Rabbi somewhere in the wings waiting to talk me out of it.

I say all this to put into some perspective what I do feel about the land and the people, and why the matters I write about here are so important to me. I tried to say something about this earlier, but today I found this in some materials I’ve had tucked away for some thirty-odd years:

clip_image001The people of Israel have had the most unusual and dramatic history of any people in the world. No other ethnic group has risen to such highs and fallen to such lows so repeatedly—coming to the verge of extinction many times but never being entirely destroyed. No other ethnic group has been politically and religiously persecuted as intensely and survived thousands of years without a native tongue, without a homeland and without a means of unity within the group, only to be restored to full nationhood. No other nation was able to endure such long periods of dispossession and yet maintain and preserve its own identity, character and culture. And, most important, no other people have been singled out by God so early in mankind’s history to represent God’s name, to be called the people of the Lord, to maintain the faith in the one true God and to be a light to the nations, a sign to the rest of humanity.

No other people, no other nation, indeed. About 100 years ago, the “sun never set” on the British Empire. But then not long after that, Britain began to renege on a promise she had made to Israel, the modern state not having even been reinstituted yet. Now Britain is a mess, if you’ll pardon my saying so. The United States of America has for some time been, and still is, if only barely, the greatest nation on the planet. But one thing I do fear is that my country is heading down the path of destruction solely by turning from being a friend to Israel – sometimes, it has seemed, Israel’s only friend – to an enemy.

Israel will, by the favor of the Almighty, prevail. All his enemies will fail; you can count on that. I do not wish to be found an enemy of Israel, and I do want to warn as many of my fellow Americans as I can of the danger into which we are beginning to place ourselves. So I continue to hold my place on the line.

Oh, by the way – I’ve read the Book all the way through, and I know who wins in the end. Just so you know.

5 responses to “About

  1. Hey there,
    I think I am interested in your Posts, or at least I am interested in the topic of the One Post that I have found here on your site. I’ll not bother you with the expectations of indepth direct answers to the questions that I am currently seeking answers to on the subject. However, as I can see that you are well studyed or, at least also very interested in the same area of study I will preface a few of the topics here in hopes that we can stay in touch on one anothers Blog sites enough to maybe help resolve some of the confussion that I have on the matter:
    1.Was Theodore Herzl a part of any secret societies?
    2.Who are the Khazars, and if they are the “Returning Jews” that Gods word speaks of, “Or the First returning, then did they bring the “Babylonian Talmud back with them”?
    3.And what of the Sephardic Jewish view?
    Please do not think that I am either for , or against “Zionism” as I honestly do not as of yet know enough about who is whom in this whole ordeal to base a any sort of confident synopsis, or opinion.
    Which is why your post intrigued me so.
    I really want to know more, although I must admit that I have read some of the Talmud, and was ..well to say the least a little astounded at some of the writtings therein.
    And, then there is the Jeremiah 24 version of the “Fig Tree” parable.
    The Two seeds, or peoples closley related, but one good, and the other rotten and incapable of producing fruit.
    This is all paraphrazing from memory of course, and based on a very shallow study from sometime ago, if one could even consider it to be a study. In fact, I seem to recall vaguely now, that there may have been three seeds, or returning bands of Jewish people to Isreal.
    So, I guess what I really wondering , is who are the real returning “Chosen” ones of God, and who are the Generals of the Mystery Babylon Religious System?
    I mean, the Bible refers to Jerusalam as “Rome”, also “Sodom and Gomorah”, as well as the city of Peace?
    God Bless you.

    • Lineman

      Hey, back. Thanks for the compliment. I’m never quite sure I’m as well studied as people say I am, but it just so happens that a friend of mine had earlier sent me some info on the subject of a suggested connection between the Khazars and the Ashkenazic Jews, and what Herzl and secret societies may have to do with it all.

      It quickly becomes very complicated, but as far as I could make out, the basic notion in my friend’s information was that a secret society has run the show since at least the 18th century, and that Theodore Herzl was their front man for establishing a Jewish state (although it was almost established in Uganda instead), and that somehow it all had to do with the idea that the Ashkenazim were not descendants of Abraham at all, but of a nation of Asian ancestry who ruled in what is now Southern Russia during the 8th Century, and had converted to Judaism at that time.

      Pretty wild, huh?

      Here are a couple of places where you can check out more about the Khazar connection, or whether there even is one, and where the Sephardim fit in:



      My friend who sent me the info believes in what may be referred to as the New World Order conspiracy. Now, I’m not here to say he’s right, or he’s wrong, but I will say I’m not totally convinced that every aspect of these conspiracy theories is right on. And I’ll also say that ultimately we all choose what to believe, anyway.

      The way I think all this may relate to my blog is how it may affect a person’s view of whether Zionism is valid or not. I think you’re right about persuing more of this in another place, but for now I’ll say that I personally think the State of Israel’s claim to the territory they hold can be supported quite well by the history of that area going back to a little before World War One, without having to reference the Biblical bases entailed in Christian Zionism. I was going to try to put up a page on that in a while, but this blog is only a few days old.

      The reason I went ahead & put myself under the Christian Zionist label in my “About” was to give readers some idea of where I was coming from, but there many flavors of Zionism, Christian and otherwise.

      Blessings of God to you, too. I’ll try to make my way on over to your site in a while, also.


  2. Hey, thanks for the reply. I am new at the whole wordpress thing , so, I nearly missed it.
    The folks that I know who are “Anti-Zionist” follow pretty much the exact line of thinking that you have shown, ( One person in particular) is very Anti- Zionist, but to be honest, I feel that he is just plain Anti- Semitic period, and therefore, I don’t put much Salt into his line of thinking. Well, to be honest I never really did, as he is “Hyper- calvinist”, and though I do not consider myself to be Arminian by any stretch of the term, I absolutely do not hold to the Calvinist 5 point T.U.L.I.P. belief, as I do not find viable reasons in the Bible to do so.
    I have heard that Ex-Pres. Carter has had a book out for sometime voicing his “Anti-Zionist” beliefs, though I have never taken the time to research it. (Why are my Letters so Big on the Comment? ) LOL, Anyway…
    Yeah, I do believe, as does your friend in the “Mystery Baylonian” Political/Religious regime that will rise from the many years of secretly governing all countries. I mean , when one stops and looks at who the real government in America has been since 1913, (The Fed) and in light of the fact that all the presidents who stood against it, except for Andrew Jackson,( and it is said that he barely escaped attempts) were either assassinated, or died mysteriously in office, one would almost have to believe that their was certainly a more sinister governing power lurking in the shadows. Seems a bit like the “Light Pope” dark “Pope” thing. (Which, is something elses I do not know much about)
    I don’t find it suprising at all therefore that the Bible seems to tell about this same said “Powers and Principalities”
    (Ephesians 6:12)
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.)
    Especially now that they seem to be coming out into the light trying to Socialize the World as a whole just as the Bible seems to predict, and just as so many other Biblical end time prophesies seem to be lineing up with current news events on the world stage today.
    Regardless, as to whether the Ashkenazi’s are part of the whole under belly of the beast, I will not even attempt to point a finger to at this time, Although, I did do a little research in that area, and though it does appear that those Jews occupying Isreal for the most part are of the “European” Ashkenazis (Jews,) There is little evidence that I could find to say that they are not of Jewish descent, even though scholars do tend to agree on the “Black Sea” area of origin prior to the migration into Europe. Could they have been “Lost” Tribes who some how escaped the “Captivity” into Babylon in 586 B.C.?
    The Bible tells that many of those taken captive were of “Political” importance etc. So, there again, could they have been a part of those who actually, once in Babylon lost their own religious beliefs, and or secretly mixed their God with the Mystisisms of Babylon, helping to write the “Babylonian Talmud” as well as giving birth to the ever so popular “Khabalah” religion that is sweeping the world today?
    I know, I have already opened forty-leven cans of genelogical worms, which could never really be traced without DNA testing. Oh yeah, actually, they have done that, which is how they determened the Ashekenazi origin I believe, but for some reason they have not gone as far as to try and prove the Jewish descent part yet.
    I wil stop boering you with my mindless chatter now, although, as you have probably seen, now that I have gotten started “Enquiring Minds Want to know”
    Or, well, at least this one does anyway.
    I will just add one thing here and let you get on with your life.
    While doing the little study on this, there were two things that really intrigued me about the name “Ashekenazi”… The number one and most obvious is the Assyrian undertone to the name and it’s ending with the word “Nazi”…and the other ..
    Well, I don’t know if you are familiar with the “Seed Liner” interpretation of the Bible and Gods overall plan, but, they have always held to the significance of the ‘Kenites” (Whom God as you probably recall allowed to camp quietly along side the Jews) as being of the “Serpants’ seed, and claim that they were the evential Scribes & Pharisee’s etc.. I do not subscribe to the whole Seed Liner interpretation, although, there does seem to be a little bit of possibility of the ‘Kenites” being the “Scribes” & the “Treasurers” of ancient Israel.
    So, I said all of that to say that the second thing that intrigued me during all of my studies in these areas is the “K” in the begining of so many related words surrounding my findings.. Probably just coincedentle. But, who knows.
    God Bless

    • Lineman

      A mouthful, for sure!

      And I must admit again that I’m not up on all these things. And I hadn’t heard of the T.U.L.I.P. or “Seed Liner” teachings, although I think everyone has heard of John Calvin. But, yes, I very much agree that as Christians our real struggle is on a spiritual level, not against “flesh and blood.” Which is also why I’ve found it easier just for myself to talk with you a little bit on your own blog, more than here. A lot of flesh and blood here; I like the spiritual vein you follow on Sons of Thunder. I need to get back on over there and continue our discussions.

      But thanks for the kind words about Old Hickory. He was an acquaintance of my 3rd great-grandmother. And he did carry around a bullet or two in him, as I recall.

  3. Oh, did you by chance see my comment to you on my site about: “The Day They Closed Chicago Down”
    Should you decide to choose this mission, I would love to read it.. LOL
    It’s really out of my league, but a seasoned journalist such as yourself could expound on it’s Political, and Economical ramifications in a very profound way.
    O.K., and I’ll admit an ulterior motive might be that I could then read it and see where it might line up with scripture in areas that I am already focusing on such as the financial fall of the ( house of cards,) which of course I believe is all part of the “Socialist” plan to cripple the World into submission.