The screws turn a notch, but nobody’s crying “uncle.”

In an earlier post I noted one subtle indication from Washington that the US may not veto the expected UN bid for statehood by terrorist party Fatah (Palestinian Authority) next month.

Now comes another hint from the Obama administration, not quite so subtle, but still not as blatant as it could yet become. (Not-so-cleverly hidden, by the way, in comments regarding last year’s flotilla incident.)

And PM Netanyahu just says no.

It’s slowly coming to a head-on between superpowers. (Yes, Israel is a superpower, albeit tiny in geography and population. Something to do with the backing they have from the Super Power, imho.)

Baby, it ain’t over!

Watch with me.


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One response to “The screws turn a notch, but nobody’s crying “uncle.”

  1. Nope, it ain’t over yet.. How’s it going?
    Great insight there… great eye on things.
    God Bless You