The Wheels of Injustice Grind Slowly, or, Israel Still on The Rack

gaza-flotilla-greece_200X133 I haven’t posted for a while; I’ve just been watching while the world tightens the screws on Israel. Or at least tries to—since I last wrote, there have been two amusingly failed attempts to embarrass Israel, the flotilla which never quite got underway from Greece, and the similarly failed “flytilla” attempt.

Of course the big thing coming up is the specter of the United Nations vote next month to officially recognize a “Palestinian” state in the territories occupied by Jordan and by Egypt from 1948 to 1967, but now under Israeli administration. Never mind the lack of a viable governmental structure on the part of the Arabs occupying those areas, or the likelihood that the whole endeavor will blow up in their faces, there exists nonetheless a “bizarre alliance against Israel” (as Michael Curtis at American Thinker puts it)–American and European observers remain blindly focused on imaginedSyrian-Massacre_200X121 shortcomings of the only viable Middle East democracy, ignoring the obvious problems (to put it mildly) of Arab countries. (For example the ongoing slaughter of the Syrian people by their own regime.)

Israel’s ace in the hole, as it were, is a promised US veto in the UN Security Council, but there are also subtle reasons to doubt that promise.

For reasons which I have stated before, I still think it will come out all right in the end. But just how close we are to the end is a little hard to tell.

So won’t you watch with me?




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3 responses to “The Wheels of Injustice Grind Slowly, or, Israel Still on The Rack

  1. Thank you for the pingback, Lineman. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your blog. You give me and other Israelis great cheer in your warm-hearted support for us and for your persistent search for truth and justice.

    Kol hakavod!

  2. Yes, you are spot on from most of what I have read…(not trying to proof read, or edit your postings for mistakes, especially since you are much better at punctuation etc than I am, and I know it was a slip of the finger, but as a friend, I know I would much rather have you tell me of a slight mistake so I could go back and fix it, than anyone else). Just a one letter typo, in the next to last paragraph, (subtle reasons) I think you meant “ace IN the hole” and not ON the hole…just an observation..So, did I ever forward you the (1948 mathematical prophecy thing)? Also, do you have the “Link” function on your name “Lineman” turned off purposely? If not, you probably want to go in and set it up…because it’s not even highlighted on my site, meaning it is impossible for potential readers of your comments to “Click” and find your site…Just another observation. Keep up the great work…
    God Bless You