Love links to check out.

RS_Truth and Love Although this may not be what you think. (And I can only wonder what sort of hits this title will get on the search engines!)

In my stated purpose of blocking lies, I have several times reposted a fellow blogger’s lists of links to hate sites to take action against (and look for yet another list in my next post).

But the antithesis of hate is love, and that of lies is truth, and we are told in the Prophets to love the truth. I have a good many links in my sidebar to sites that are committed to a love of the truth and to propagating it, but it’s all too easy to just scan past blog roll links.

So here is a little more information on a few of them:

Act for Israel is (in its own words):

the leading digital platform for pro-Israel activism. We rely on the latest Internet-based technology to win the war on ideas. We believe that Israel has the right to live in peace and security, and that all people deserve the right to live in dignity. Our goal is to share this centrist position with a wide audience to correct misinformation, end demonization, stop delegitimization, and to give Israel a well-needed voice.

You can also follow their tweets here.

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Professor Barry Rubin on Pajamas Media

Prof. Rubin’s long expertise in Middle Eastern affairs mixes well with an engaging writing style. You should follows his comments regularly. See his tweets also here.

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Caroline Glick never disappoints. She drills down to the essence of things and doesn’t pull her punches. You may know her from the viral We Con the World video that parodied the phoniness of last year’s anti-Israel flotilla.

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The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America may not immediately seem as feisty as Glick, but they make up for it with breadth and with a multiplicity of resources for defending the truth on numerous fronts. See CAMERA on Twitter.

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Fresno? You’ve heard of Fresno, haven’t you? Not everybody has, but it’s a city on the West Coast that harbors an outspoken Zionist or two. Go take a look at FresnoZionism and check their tweets here.

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I’ll wrap things up for the time being by sending you to Challah Hu Akbar – “Fresh Baked Middle East Nonsense” (though anything but nonsensical). Tweet them here, and enjoy!


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