Maybe the world is not such an awful place after all, at least to some extent…

As I watched the breaking news yesterday on the forest fires in northern Israel, I immediately wondered whether the world—which has been bent lately on trying to establish a falsehood denying the very existence of the State of Israel—would respond to the human need created by such a disaster as it has done recently for Haiti and Chile.

Will Israel’s detractors, in a sort of twist on ‘putting their money where their mouth is,’ back up their hateful rhetoric with inaction, looking the other way while thousands of acres burn and innocent casualties mount?

Thankfully, within 24 hours the answer came: an encouraging “no, we’re here to help!” So far responses have come from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Britain and about a dozen other nations. Even Turkey, which has recently ratcheted up its opposition to Israel along with ever more closely aligning itself with Iran and other Islamist states, has laid aside its hostility and come to Israel’s aid.

It’s heartening to see that humanity can still override enmity.

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The other big news this past week has of course been the Wikileaks disclosure of volumes of classified exchanges between world governmental, military, and foreign affairs leaders.

It has been more my practice here to pontificate comment on news rather than report on it as it breaks. Along those lines perhaps the most concise evaluation of the leaked information that I’ve yet seen is by The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. I like the way they put it in the opening paragraph of their first report:

…the first headlines from Wikileaks mainly confirm what we think we already knew…

The one other point I’ll make for now is that the only nation which appears to be maintaining a policy of honesty and integrity in its relationships with others (Israel, of course) has so far come out smelling like a rose, as they say.

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I haven’t had much to say lately on the Iran nuclear situation. The alarm over Stuxnet appears to be settling out (though it’s still not really known who did what), but troubles are surfacing in other relevant areas. Somebody blew up a couple of Iranian nuclear scientists the other day. Iran blames Israel, US, and Britain, of course.

Not that anyone getting killed is a light matter, but it’s interesting to note that there is ongoing pressure on the nukes program coming from different—and not necessarily foreseeable—directions.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the Atlantic, John Bolton is adding his thoughts on the matter again. He’s still saying that sooner or later we’re going to realize a limited military strike is really our only option. Maybe if we hide our heads in the sand, this will all go away…


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