Gross darkness in Rome; a hopeful light in New York

Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? OK, here’s the bad news first.

Koenig_Pope_RS_1023 The Roman Catholic Church this weekend set the clock back about a hundred years on reconciliation efforts with the Jewish people by declaring that there is no Biblical basis for the idea of a “promised land.” That is, unless you mean something other than a promised “land,” but even then it’s not for the Jews, but for the Church. I won’t begin to fully explain all that here, but it  has to do with an aberration in Christian theology that thankfully has been in rapid decline over the past century. So why does the largest Christian denomination pick this line up now? For quite some time (centuries, in fact) the Roman Church has been not so much a church as a political entity on the world scene, and in that view we shouldn’t be all that surprised that with its latest policy statement it realigns itself with the prevailing lefterly (if I may coin a term) winds of geopolitics. We may be terribly disappointed indeed, but not so terribly surprised.

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Speaking of setting the clock back, here is Iran’s latest entry in that game, according to a report on Israel Daily Alert:

Iran has imposed new restrictions on 12 university social sciences deemed to be based on Western schools of thought and therefore incompatible with Islamic teachings, state radio reported Sunday.   The list includes law, philosophy, management, psychology, political science, women’s studies and human rights. 

So the Islamic revolution and the Roman church are in agreement on at least two things: impede social and religious progress whenever possible, and oppose Israel at all costs. God help us; certainly no one else will.

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Oh, the good news? Yes, there is a ray of hope coming from the 15th Congressional District race in Manhattan, NYC. Former New York Jets lineman, unabashed Christian, and courageous defender of Israel Michael Faulkner is taking on the corrupt Democrat Charlie Rangel, and is swiftly gathering support from those who want to see something done right this time, including an endorsement in the New York Post (that’s the other major NY paper, not the leftist one).

Now there’s a lineman you can root for!


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