Maybe it’s just not “news” unless it’s new

Did I just hear somebody say “well, duh!” out there? I remarked last week how amazing it is that the media will seem to drop coverage of something the very next day after it was front page news. I have to admit on second thought that it’s just the nature of the beast—that if there isn’t anything actually new to report, then you can’t expect the “news” to report it.

But that should not prevent us from keeping tabs on something important, even if it’s just monitoring it day by day without there being any significant changes. I still think the Stuxnet supervirus falls in that category, even though at least one cyber security center seems to be saying that it’s more hype than horror. Maybe I could make a better evaluation if I were much of a techie, but since I’m not, I just have keep my eyes open for what might be next.

And there are still bits and pieces popping up in the news about Wonder Worm; one of the latest items from Jerusalem Post says Iran now admits that they’ve been hit with cyber espionage at their nuke sites. Of course, at that point they go off on a tirade against the insidious West, but still that’s saying a little more than they were before.

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On the eternally ongoing subject of IDS (Israel Derangement Syndrome), an alert friend sent me an essay outlining yet another reason why Israel by its very existence bugs the heck out of the rest of the world: by some objective measures they’re the happiest nation on Earth.

Another key point made in the same essay is that:

The contrast of Israeli happiness and Arab despondency is what makes peace an elusive goal in the region. It cannot be attributed to material conditions of life. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia ranks 171st on an international quality of life index, below Rwanda. Israel is tied with Singapore on this index, although it should be observed that Israel ranks a runaway first on my life-preference index, whereas Singapore comes in dead last.

Even less can we blame unhappiness on experience, for no nation has suffered more than the Jews in living memory, nor has a better excuse to be miserable. Arabs did not invent suicide attacks, but they have produced a population pool willing to die in order to inflict damage greater than any in history. One cannot help but conclude that Muslim clerics do not exaggerate when they express contempt for life.

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BHO_Buddy_Abu Another ongoing matter has of course been the peace negotiations between Israel and the the puppet Arab entity known as the Palestinian Authority. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has been pulling every stunt in the book to keep from actually sitting down and talking. The latest reported ploy is to suggest bypassing negotiations altogether, just have a big player such as the US unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state, and be done with it. Not that this is a brand new idea, but it may actually sound to them like a very simple way to make the whole problem go away. Except that it won’t. Israel is here to say, and the sooner we recognize that, the easier we’ll make it on ourselves. And that’s all I have to say about that.



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