As the world burns…

The reference to burning has to do with the recent revelation that Hamas has been shooting phosphorous bombs into Israel. Remember the big hullabaloo the world made over Israel’s use of phosphorous during Operation Cast Lead? Never mind that it was later established upon investigation that Israel was not directing phosphorous weapons at enemy combatants, let alone civilians–where is the world outrage at Hamas deliberately targeting civilian populations with this stuff?

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One of the reasons I haven’t posted much lately is that I’ve been waiting for some definite outcome from the ongoing face to face talks between PM Netanyahu and PA President Abbas, and trying to make head or tails out of it all. Is Netanyahu giving away the store, or just being cagey, or what? An interesting piece in Haaretz this week takes the caginess tack, and seems to be saying that any good world leader will follow just such a strategy. So is he, or isn’t he? I frankly don’t know. I’d like to think he knows what he’s doing, but some of my sources closer to the ground aren’t seeing it that way.

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Hillary_and_Bibi_The_Happy_Couple_Ynet On the giving-away-the-store side is this troubling report in Ynet. Is the PM honestly considering releasing more terrorists, and extending the construction freeze, and ceding territory in some vain hope of getting the Arabs to come along nicely? Is the US holding some leverage we don’t know about? A surprising item in Arutz7 about a sudden visit to Washington (one Tweeter said something about Obama saying “fetch”) could be seen as further submission to American arm-twisting. I still hope not; one of my sources said simply that Netanyahu is “smoking out” the opposition. I still don’t know—let me know if you do, would you?

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John_Holdren_Wikiped And one more thing to leave you wondering, though it’s not directly tied in to the Middle Eastern Mess: do you remember John Holdren, President Barack Obama’s “Science Czar?” As I had written about earlier, he’s the one who was advocating forced abortions, among other things, in the interest of the greater good. Now we read about a recent interview in which he reiterated another one of his odd beliefs: the need for “a massive campaign …to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States.”

De-develop!? Now what do you think that means? This time, don’t tell me—I don’t really want to know.

See y’all around, Good Lord willing, and if our government doesn’t escort us gently back to the stone age any time soon.


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