Israel giving Bushehr startup a pass… or maybe not?

Bushher_in_the_dark Let’s see, where were we? The week before last, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned that if Israel is going to attack Iran’s nuclear facility at Bushehr, then they had until August 21 to do it, since that was the day Russia was to begin loading the plant with radioactive fuel, and any destruction of the reactor after that process would release so much radiation as to harm the civilian population of Iran and also the entire region.

But sort of lost in the shuffle was the aspect that the process would not just happen on the 21st, but could take at least a couple of weeks. So—if Israel does have to do something, maybe the 21st wasn’t such a hard and fast deadline.

And now we’re seeing scattered reports that Israel might be up to something after all. First of all, World Net Daily relayed an observation that Israel’s purchase of military jet fuel from the US last month was at a dramatically increased level from previous orders.

Also a huge concern with regard to an attack on Iran has been the release by Tehran of its proxies in Syria and Lebanon to unleash an horrendous missile barrage on Israeli cities. Not that Israelis frighten easily, but wouldn’t it make sense for them to take a few proactive measures against such an event, preferably timed to come immediately before a move on Iran? As Gomer Pyle used to say, surprise, surprise, surprise! Today Israel National News published an allegation that Israel may be on the verge of doing something very much like that.

And for the comic relief we can always count on from Head Clown Mahmoud, Iran is now complaining about all this ‘Zionist propaganda war talk.’

War talk? What war talk? Who said anything about about war?

IAF_RS But seriously, folks, do I now think that they’ll do something? My intuition tells me no, we still won’t see anything big right yet. But having strong opinions does not mean I know anything. Stay tuned to this space, if not for breaking news, at least for more strong opinions.



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