A further explanation for “Israel derangement syndrome.”

In November of last year I pointed out some extreme oddities in the behavior of other nations toward little ol’ Israel. Such as — why are we so obsessively focused on what would otherwise be a fly speck on the world scene? I mean, come on – less than 8 million people, barely 8,000 square miles!

I suggested one answer at that time – go take a look. Here is another one that caused some pause this morning: in the Stone Edition translation of the Book of Deuteronomy, there is a promise that (if Israel would get its act together), it would become “supreme over all nations.”

As I explain on my own About page, I usually try to avoid explicitly bringing the Bible into this, since that is not the method I choose to use in this blog, but it is nevertheless the basis of my overall attitude toward Israel. And it seems to me that the Bible also explains some of the weird behavior of the rest of the world. If the world somehow senses Israel’s destiny, even in ignorance of the Bible, it makes sense if all the other nations are deathly afraid of one tenth of one percent of the world’s population.

It’s too bad fewer people understand this.


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