Bibi & Obama, round 5 – just for show?

Obama defers to Netanyahu at White House 6 July 2010 Israeli PM Netanyahu met with US President Obama yesterday for what somebody said was the fifth time (I haven’t been counting), and by the accounts I’ve seen so far, there was a lot of publicity, but little, if any, substance, except perhaps a tentatively conciliatory attitude expressed by Obama toward Israel. Which is as it should be. There’s really nothing of substance that Israel needs from the US at the moment, but the US (or more correctly, the Obama administration) is on the ropes with respect to our treatment of Israel, and (oy, vey!) even our standing with the Arab world. Not that I, for one, am looking for any of the latter, but The Pres certainly has been. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

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Abu_Mazen_FistsUp_INN One of the points on which Obama is beginning to concede to Netanyahu is on the issue of direct talks with Abbas & his bunch. Bibi came up with the proposal, Obama began to agree, but—surprise!  (not)—Mahmoud refused (again). If you haven’t noticed the pattern so far, it’s like this: Israel reaches out, the PA rejects; Israel reaches out, the PA rejects; Israel reaches out…

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Iran_Missile_Launch-DU-WEB Something which I’ve pointed out a few times is that the “moderate” Arab states (think Egypt, the Saudis, maybe even Jordan) are as bothered by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and friends as is Israel or anyone else. I caught a short article yesterday that Egypt itself is afraid of the Palestinians on its border. Not that this is terribly surprising, either, but you just don’t hear all that much about it.

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And speaking of things we sometimes forget, regardless of Arab propaganda, the Arab-Israel dispute is not about who is occupying whose land. If this is somehow news to you, American Thinker has an in depth explanation here. (Thanks again, Unity Coalition for Israel!)

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Another piece of information radical Arab states would rather we didn’t know: even as committed a regime as Syria is itself at some risk of jihadist overthrow. If you take a quick look at hundreds of years of Arab history, they’ve always been at each others’ throats, and we can expect this to continue as far into the future was we can imagine. Even if they could take Israel out of the picture, this would not bring peace to the Middle East. Just sayin’.

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