Why did they go in blind? (And a few other belated 140s.)

Regarding the ill-fated interdiction of the Mavi Marmara, I have been wondering since day one why the IDF walked into a trap, when it was public knowledge that the Turkish terrorist organization IHH was behind the blockade running operation. I mean, if anyone who surfs the web to the same extent that I do knew it, surely Israeli intelligence knew.

So I’ve been watching out for anything that might be a clue. Yesterday, Ha’aretz came out with a story quoting Military Intelligence head Amos Gilad as saying, "Turkey has never been included in [our] intelligence coverage." Why do I find that difficult to fathom?

Then today, from Israel National News comes something a bit more credible, though hardly more comforting: that Israel went in practically unarmed in deference to a request from the Obama White House.

Israeli troops avoided the use of non-lethal riot gear against passengers on last week’s Gaza-bound flotilla in order to appease United States President Barack Obama, according to the World Tribune. Quoting “diplomatic sources,” the paper said Obama nixed the use of equipment such as tear gas to stop the flotilla and demanded that Israel “exercise extreme caution and restraint.”

The White House has not commented on the report.

The report claimed that Defense Minister Ehud Barak accepted Obama’s demand, possibly due to his hopes that America will agree to sell advanced weapons to Israel.

It says that the American demand was made despite Israeli intelligence reports indicating possible danger aboard one ship, the Mavi Marmara, which carried primarily Turkish citizens, many of them members of the pro-terrorist IHH organization. Intelligence agents had found that many of the Turkish passengers were trained in weapons use and hand-to-hand combat; their assessments were relayed to the White House…

Is that really what happened, and all that really happened? I somewhat doubt it. As my mother (and probably yours) always said, “we’ll see…”

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20100606ReutersCropSection2_LM One of the more interesting developments – and I wish I could say surprising – is that Reuters news agency was caught red handed (forgive the pun) doctoring photos of the flotilla raid — cropping out weapons in the hands of the mercenaries, little things like that…

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Every once in a while I like to call attention to an excellent piece by a well known commentator. I’ve referred you to Caroline Glick several times; in The plain truth about Israel she pointed out, among other things, that

Israel is the US’s greatest strategic asset in the Middle East.

Indeed, given the strategic importance of the Middle East to US national security, Israel is arguably its greatest strategic asset outside the US military…  “Israel is a democracy that shares virtually all of the same values as the United States.” …As a democracy, unlike every Arab state, the US does not need to worry a change in leadership in Jerusalem will cause it to abandon its alliance with the US. This of course is what happened in Iran, which until 1979 was the US’s most important ally in the Persian Gulf. As Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak ages, the US faces the prospect of a post-Mubarak Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood similarly abandoning its alliance with America…

Glick did not use the word “stupid” in reference to what the U.S. would be if we ditched Israel, as we appear to be doing – but I’ll say it. Please, America – don’t be stupid!

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Speaking of stupid, incredibly enough, the Obama administration announced a couple of days ago that it was going to try to help out with the Gaza situation by sending the terrorists another $400 million.

Or, as one Twitter user put it,

Blair: "I’m 100% on Israel’s side." Biden: "Israel has a right to defend itself." Obama: ‘Let’s send Hamas $400 million’

All kidding aside, even if it were the right thing to do,  read the JINSA Report here to find why it’s not all that easy.

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Oh, and regarding the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza? If you’ve been paying attention, you may realize by now that there is no such thing. Even the Palestinians themselves admit that the only real problem is that Hamas is stealing from them. Come on, world, wake up and smell the oranges!

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