Bang, pop – fizzle (and a few other 140s)

barack_obama_conf-209x156 Well, Pres. Obama’s much touted Nuclear Arms Summit turned out to be rather a non-event.

For starters, not only did Israel’s Prime Minister decide against attending, but also the leader of America’s longest running ally found something better to do. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s absence was not as well publicized as Netanyahu’s, but sends, in my opinion, and even stronger message to Obama that he’s missing the point of who our friends are, or ought to be.

As for results, well, the major outcome appears to have been that Obama said ‘I done good.’ I’m not sure anyone else was particularly impressed.

BHO bowing to Saudi King_Resize What received more attention than the ostensible purpose of the conference was all the glad-handing, pearlies-flashing, and yes, kowtowing which he was able to work into his busy schedule.

Mr. President, I don’t mean to yell, but THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THEIR PRESIDENT BOWING TO FOREIGN LEADERS, especially when the foreign heads don’t bow back.

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While we’re still on the subject, this article by Anne Bayefsky, courtesy Unity Coalition for Israel, points out an utterly more serious side to the affair. As Ms. Bayefsky explains, the comic atmosphere attending to the event only serves to distract from a much darker agenda being promoted.

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On a positive note, it bears repeating that neither the American people as a whole, nor a majority of our elected leaders, support our current titular head of state in his antagonism toward Israel. In today’s news we see yet another indicator of that: more than 70 US Senators have joined 333 Representatives in calling upon the Administration to  rethink its opposition to the only democracy in the Middle East. We need to also keep in mind the cultural values we share with the Jewish nation, even though our President may not share those values.

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LM Kotel Ronn Ben Harav So much for positive; the UK has just come out with one of the most absurd proclamations in quite a while – they’ve decided that the Western Wall is not in Israel. Maybe Gordon Brown & Barack Obama should kiss and make up, after all.

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Oh, and I’m not sure how this relates to Obama’s hatred for Israel, but it’s too good to pass up. Did you know that Michelle Obama has admitted on tape that her husband’s home country is Kenya (not America)? This of course confirms what many have asserted that he is constitutionally disqualified from serving as President of the US. I’m not sure whether you want to take that as a positive or a negative; ask me later.


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