140s Correction: Alive, but not well.

It was reported earlier this week that the Hamas claim of a Gaza teenager having been killed by the IDF was disproven with the arrival of said teenager “alive and well” back at home.  New reports indicate that indeed, the Hamas claim was false, and yes, the teenager was back at home, but that he’s not so well, after all. It seems his fellow Arabs treated him quite harshly while he was being held in Egypt. Not to be taken at a loss, however, the Palestinians are putting a new spin on the story by hailing him as “The Returning Shahid.” A “shahid,” you see, is a martyr, so by calling him a “returning” martyr they are trying to say, well, yes, he died, sort of, but he’s back, and he’s a hero for being back, or for being killed, or…

virgins I wonder if he got his 72 virgins, or if they sent him back because he was just 15. After all, he wasn’t actually trying to be a shahid; he was just collecting rocks near the airport with some friends when they heard gunfire and ran and hid in a smugglers’ tunnel. Boys will be boys.


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