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I’ve been off the radar for a while; please excuse my absence. But I haven’t been far away; I’ve just been watching from the sidelines, and tweeting a little. But when I saw this, I knew I had to jump back in tonight. The world is so quick to condemn even a misdirected shot fired by the IDF, that no one thought to question the report of a Gaza teenager having been killed by the IDF in a confrontation. That is, until said teenager turned up alive and well. Oops! It turned out the Egyptians had him.

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Moving right along…

A popular singer in Kuwait inadvertently got her countrymen worked up into a lather by singing a song in Hebrew.  She was accused of promoting Zionist ideas, according to this brief INN item I picked up from Unity Coalition for Israel. The culturally offensive and politically incendiary song was none other than Hava NaGila, whose lyrics, as some of you may know, go like this: “Come… Let us rejoice, let us be happy.”

Rejoicing and happiness are strictly forbidden, I suppose, in any place where those thoughts may happen to be expressed in Hebrew. Them’s fightin’ words! I think. Don’t try to explain.

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Ok, I’ll get back to my usual serious demeanor. Did I mention last week that the Gaza City Bank of Palestine was held up by none other than the Hamas Police itself? Only in a place like Gaza will the police go around robbing banks. Never mind that meanwhile the world continues to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up this thugocracy – they have to hold up their own banks as well. Sort of a reverse Robin Hood thing going on, maybe. Don’t ask me to explain.

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All right, that wasn’t all that serious of me, was it? Let’s see if I can do better. Ah – here’s something that I wouldn’t think of poking fun at: Muslim U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison visited Gaza last week, looking for some 1st hand ways to trash Israel. Being not very successful, of course, he resorted to doing what his sort does best: twisting facts & making stuff up. I’m not making this stuff up (watch it, Lineman – try to stay serious here); read this short piece in Arutz-Sheva News. A few high (or low) points of his foray included blaming Israel for Arab medical crises – never mind that Israel admits dozens of Gaza Arabs into Israeli hospitals every month, calling out Israel’s weapons blockade as being  the primary source of economic hardship in Gaza (which, of course, it isn’t), while deftly ignoring Egypt’s blockade, and ignoring Gilad Shalit altogether. Please don’t ask me what I think of Mr. Ellison’s character or integrity – I’m serious.

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Readers of blogs like this one are likely well aware that the tactics of world media and leftist groups include portraying acts of aggression committed by anyone other than the IDF as justifiable, if not reasonable protest. They point out that it’s the IDF that uses bullets – all these people have at their disposal are things like bricks or rocks or other pieces of rubble, which cannot by any reasonable person be thought of as actual weapons. Or so they want you to think. So they’d like you to think that this report of a near fatal rock attack on a Jewish Israeli represents an aberration. The problem is that it is not at all an aberration – it’s a common tactic of those who claim they are merely fighting injustice with their bare hands. I think it’s a pretty serious matter that so many otherwise well meaning people are so easily duped by tactics like that. And that’s why I write.

Good night.


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