Whee, what a ride! Or, from Blunder to Blunderbuss!

I am aware that I haven’t made my presence known here for a few days. But it’s not like I’ve been sleeping or something. On the contrary, there has been so much going on, who could possibly get any rest, metaphorically speaking? Someone yesterday said it’s as though world events have been speeded up. And I’m still trying to keep the focus of this blog relatively narrow, not delving into things like the sudden increase in frequency and intensity of earthquakes all over the planet, or the Iraqi elections, or the sinking of a South Korean Naval vessel near the  border with North Korea. Which, by the way, may have been by enemy action, or maybe not;  as of this writing nobody seems to know yet, or at least they’re not saying. But that could change very quickly.

John_Holdren_Wikiped Neither have I had much to say about the biggest item lately in domestic news: the passage of “Obamacare” (misleadingly called health care reform by the Obama administration and by mass media). I still don’t have much to say about that, other than mentioning that this event brings renewed importance to earlier concerns about rationing of care, “end of life services” (a.k.a. death panels), and even the specter of forced abortions and other means of enforced population control in this country. These are pretty wild things to be saying, I know, but just go back and take a look at my earlier posts on White House “Doctor Death” Zeke Emanuel, and “Science Czar” John Holdren, and please do follow the links I’ve inserted in those posts for further information and corroboration.

No, I haven’t been addressing those matters here, and still don’t intend to so very much. There has been more than plenty happening, and very rapidly, in the area of world and U.S. opposition to Israel, and particularly with reference to the misinformation and disinformation spewing out from the world media and from the White House. As I said when I first created this blog, I still intend to specialize in this area, but even with that there have been so many new developments that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.

biden_bibi_together At the leading edge of that, as most of you know, is the amazing transformation of what had been presented two weeks ago as a minor diplomatic blunder, into a crisis of immense proportions. U.S. VP Joe Biden openly accepted PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s public apology for the faux pas in question, so why then did Hillary Clinton call back a few days later to ream the Prime Minister out for 43 minutes straight?  I will note here that PM Netanyahu as the leader of a sovereign nation – a leader among nations at that — was not by any stretch of diplomatic courtesy obligated to accept or tolerate such aberrant behavior from someone of lesser rank in another government, let alone anyone of any rank. But, unlike Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Netanyahu is a class act, and chose not to answer in kind. And if the whole incident was precipitated, as the U.S. claims, by a diplomatic discourtesy, how can we explain or justify such extreme, unacceptably  discourteous treatment by Mrs. Clinton?

The simple answer is – we can’t. And that also calls into focus the (as I just named it)  amazing transformation part of the entire affair. It’s not about a diplomatic blunder. Neither is it, as further claimed by the U.S., about an impediment created thereby to the hope of further peace negotiations. It’s about the U.S. seizing on the opportunity to ratchet up pressure on Israel to give up fighting for its survival and give in to the demands of its enemies.

Jerusalem-Apartments3 The specific issue initially cited was the poor timing of an announcement of building permits for construction of more housing units in Jerusalem. That issue itself is a complete non-starter. Construction of housing in Jerusalem has been going on for decades. Or millennia, depending on how you look at it. Israel was building homes in Jerusalem when Hillary Clinton was a starry-eyed college hippie. And more importantly, the U.S., including the Obama administration, has been aware of this process. As proof that this has been no surprise to the U.S., take a look at other very public recent attempts by Mr. Obama to put a stop to it, or to at least hinder it by any means available.

And, if it was the announcement itself which was a monkey wrench thrown into the peace process by offending the sensibilities of the Palestinian hierarchy as potential negotiating partners, then why didn’t Joe Biden simply side-step it, not calling attention to it at all?

And why also has the U.S. administration simply ignored blatant provocations on the part of the Arabs which can only serve to dash any hope of peace? Everything from near-declarations of renewed “holy war,” to the very in-your-face honors accorded to a mass-murderer terrorist by the  Palestinian Authority, publicly ballyhooed at the same time as Israel’s so-very-offensive announcement of building permits. Was Hillary deliberately twisting the facts when she called the dedication of a public square to terrorist heroine Dalal Mughrabi an insult to decency on the part Hamas, the natural enemy of “peace partner” Fatah, covering up the fact that the offense was committed (and gloated over) by Fatah itself, not by Hamas? Or maybe she was just a little confused as to the facts of the case. If so, why was she confused when the rest of us knew quite well what was going on. What did you say her job was? Secretary of what? For whom?

Obama-Pointing Again, a short answer: it’s not at all about building permits, announcements of building permits, or even the horrifying prospect of Jews having more homes in Jewish neighborhoods of the Capital of the Jewish Nation of Israel. It’s about the continued drive to exterminate the Jewish Nation by whatever means comes to hand. The housing issue is just the latest one to handily present itself to the twisted minds of Mahmoud Abbas, Hillary Clinton, Ismail Haniyeh, and Barack Hussein Obama.

I had intended as I began this post to make it a catch-up on my “140s” category, citing smaller items like  US softens sanctions on Iran (while at the same time hardening opposition to Israel). Or, “Arab summit angry over ‘Judaizing’ of Jerusalem.” (To which again, the Obama administration does not have any apparent objection – so I suppose we should similarly oppose the ‘Americanizing’ of Washington D.C., or the ‘Anglicizing’ of London, or – oh, never mind.). And as I look over my various news feeds and friends’ tweets, there is more than enough fodder for several pages of such comments.

But I have an overriding concern which I’ve stated before as an American that my country is headed for an awful cliff in its opposition to the “apple of God’s eye.” Someone said the other day that they were concerned that the next step on our part might be to send in troops to bring our ‘wayward friend’ back in line. That would be a very, very bad move indeed, but not something that I see as imminent, if for no other reasons than not only is the American public still solidly behind Israel, regardless of what our President or his inner circle say, but 75% percent of the U.S. House of Representatives just yesterday issued a letter to the Secretary of State saying, in effect, and in necessarily polite terms, back off, lady!

So it isn’t over by a long shot, nor do I even think it’s reached a peak. It’s still in crescendo mode, and “the fat lady,” as Yogi would say, is not even on stage yet. So keep watching with me, if you will, and if you want to join me on the line, that would be just fine as well.



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  1. Once again Lineman,
    You are spot-on ! The scariest part, (if one were not resting secure in the Lord Jesus that is,) as far as what you have pointed out about the U.S’s present administration placing our country in the cross hairs of Gods Judgment for going against Israel, is the obvious “Personal Agenda” of the administration at all cost, including fragrantly overstepping what the majority of this country, as well as those before us who wrote the constitution truly stand for. The health care bill is only one example of this arrogance and misappropriation of power. Furthermore, I don’t even have to resort to the links that you may have posted on a previous blog entry to know that once again… you are SPOT-ON ! when it comes to the Population control issues, and conditioning that have been in the works behind the scenes for a lot longer than many would care to know about. Okay, that’s about it … oh, accept to once again say Good Job…hold the line.. The saddest part I think about the current housing situation in Israel, is that the Apartments are being built BY Israel, to help those Palestinians, who have forever complained that they have not been afforded proper housing opportunities, ( even though they can live anywhere in Israel, and the Israelis can not,) …hmmmm, what’s up with that ??? Oh, I think I know. And I know you do … Hold that Line!!!!