140s for 20 March 2010 (and another personal note).

I left off yesterday rattling around in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. FM Lieberman has come up with a good one I wish I’d thought of: the Palestinians’ stubbornness in refusing to come to the table hurts them more in the long run than it does Israel. Give that some thought for a while, Mahmoud. But you’d better not let your own people find out about it.

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A couple of astute articles appeared yesterday in my Unity Coalition for Israel newsletter. 

In one, William Katz of Political Mavens points out that, even if President Obama is not Muslim by religion, his behavior certainly identifies him with the Muslim culture, and is thereby personally at odds with American interests, goals, and ideals:

Obama-in-Rhiyad2GETTY-WEB The Obama administration is distancing itself from American allies for reasons of culture. This president barely tolerates his own country. He has little use for its allies, many of which share Western values and ideals. The president, despite his denials, is a man of the Third World. He sees countries like Britain as colonialists, even though the colonial era ended many decades ago. While he is not a Muslim by religion, Obama is a man with a Muslim cultural background, giving him an affinity for nations that have traditionally been hostile to the United States. His speech last year in Cairo contained more groveling than Neville Chamberlain’s remarks at Munich.

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In another item from UCI, The Spectator’s Melanie Phillips takes it a step further by asking if we might actually be seeing the beginning of an “Obama intifada.” Discussing what I think I’ll just call ‘Bidengate’ (if I may be forgiven for coining a term), she points out that,

Obama’s deliberate decision to escalate what was at most a tactless but minor diplomatic blunder by Israel makes America an accessory to the violence that is now taking place and may get worse.

And that’s putting it mildly. Ms. Phillips has a good deal more to say on the subject, and says it well. Go read her here.

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UCI also passed on a warning from Jihad Watch that, in what an unnamed U.S. official is quoted as calling “a political decision,” President Obama has ordered a shipment of “bunker-buster” smart bombs diverted from slated delivery to positions in Israel. The writer of this bit of information also mentions a forthcoming book called The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America. Don’t I wish that were far-fetched!

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And, with a hat tip to alert Tweeter SaveIsraelNow, here’s another one of those it’s-about-time-somebody-said-this things. A Jerusalem Post column yesterday by Caroline Glick pointed out that Obama’s recent ultimatums to Israel make one thing perfectly clear: mediating peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not a goal he is interested in achieving.

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dayton_PFlag The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs also reported yesterday on The Folly of America Training the Palestinian Army. I mentioned the Dayton Force on my “About” page, and it now appears that military control of  the Fatah forces is even now being slowly removed from what little US oversight exists under Lt. Gen. Dayton. As if we couldn’t see that coming. JINSA did see it, and said something about it at the time; we should pay more attention to these people.

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In this column, Charles Krauthammer asked why President Obama chose to turn a gaffe into a crisis in U.S.-Israeli relations. After briefly going over the history of Israel’s repeated overtures in behalf of peace and the Arabs’ repeated rejections, he questions…

…is it because Obama fancies himself the historic redeemer whose irresistible charisma will heal the breach between Christianity and Islam or, if you will, between the post-imperial West and the Muslim world — and has little patience for this pesky Jewish state that brazenly insists on its right to exist, and even more brazenly on permitting Jews to live in its ancient, historical and now present capital

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Getting back to my UCI mailbag, Judith Nusbaum of Rishon Lezion, Israel published this short but sweet – or not so sweet – letter to the Jerusalem Post earlier last week:


I am furious at US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their unjustified, disgusting and way-over-the-top reaction to our announcement that we are planning to build housing units in our capital, Jerusalem (“Clinton terms Ramat Shlomo project ‘insulting,’” March 14). What nerve! What chutzpa!

Prime Minister Netanyahu, I implore you to disregard their threats. They are out of line. If Israel is to be a sovereign state, then let it be one and act in its

I came on aliya over 30 years ago with my children because I was and am a Zionist. I believe that we, Jews, have a destiny, and it is not to be the whipping boy of the US.

We must stop saying West, East, North, South Jerusalem.

It is one Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish State of Israel.


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I’ve often said to friends that Israel now is like the U.S. used to be: one of the smallest but gutsiest nations on the planet. I don’t know when we started to lose our guts; political historians may say one thing or another, but our current administration is sadly making us the gutless-wonder laughing stock of the world. William Katz may really be on to something when he suggests that Obama’s personal makeup is simply not that of an American.

But America is not done for. I really do not believe that a majority of Americans agree with or truly support the current occupant of the White House. To me it’s not whether the polls say so or not; it’s the people I know and speak with daily. I’d even hazard to guess that most of you who are reading this now feel the same way. Unless and until Obama succeeds in his quest to abolish the U.S Constitution, we still have the ability to stand up and speak, and to retake the direction of this country within legal means.

So will we? I’m not a good enough historian to tell you how many crises we’ve weathered as a nation that were worse than this one. But we can all certainly think of one, and as much as we may want to complain about the current situation, it really doesn’t compare to what we went through 150 years ago. Not yet, anyway.

But every day brings a fresh challenge, if I may risk the cliché. We can’t go around being afraid that tomorrow the world will end just because of whatever may have happened today. Neither can we go to bed tonight in some misguided serene confidence that everything will be all right tomorrow just because we wish it so. I have a personal sense that we are fortunate to be living in such an historic time, but I don’t usually see the integral part I have to play in this as being all that historic. But I can still write, and speak, and vote. I’m still an American.

And sometimes the best thing I can do is to just hold the line.



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