140s for 19 March 2010

I haven’t posted for a couple of days, watching the swirling storm go on & on regarding the latest no-you-can’t-build-in-your-own-capital brouhaha that Joe started last week. Has the dust settled yet? No? Why not? Both Israel and US are officially saying everything will be OK, just you wait and see.  Or maybe not. It’s still too hard to tell.  No – I know – they’re all politicians. On with the show, but I still can’t help wondering what the US reaction would be if Israel were to “condemn” the issuance of a building permit for homes in the Georgetown neighborhood of DC.

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Meanwhile, the “Quartet” (or we could call them “Gang of Four”) of self appointed Mideast conflict supervisors, consisting of U.S., Russia, European Union, and the U.N. have taken a newly aggressive stance by endorsing a two-year time frame for Palestinian statehood demands, plus promising it may take "additional steps" to curb Israel’s construction goals while promoting direct peace talks, according to the NY Times as reported in World Jewish Daily. If they wish to be the least bit fair and honorable, then they ought also to consider an independent Chechen state in Russia, or perhaps a Basque state in Spain. Of course, that would be “if.” Not a chance, Charlie!

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And while we’re roaming the world, isn’t it interesting that the Saudis and other Arab states are as rightly fearful of a nuclear Iran as is Israel, yet the Arabs are also more confident in Israel’s willingness and ability to deal with the problem than they are in anything the U.S. may do? Not that any of them will say so publically, of course, but a report in German news magazine Der Spiegel relayed by Israel National News indicates they may even be willing work together with Israel in a military strike. Expect all parties to deny this, obviously. And Iran also wants us to know that Der Spiegel is a propaganda outlet for Israel. Right.

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After a terrorist rocket from Gaza killed a Thai national yesterday, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon correctly laid some of the blame at the feet of those who promote the libelous Goldstone Report. INN has this nifty quote:

I call on those who voted for the Goldstone Report to come and see the consequences.

It’s not likely that they will, though.

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Just when I thought I might wrap this up & post before sundown, some great comments started coming in from two of my favorite sources, World Jewish Daily and Unity Coalition for Israel. I suggest you go take a look at both of these sites while waiting for me to come up with my two cents’ worth (or two dollars, with inflation). Hopefully I’ll have some more for you soon – good Lord willin’ an’ the crick don’t rise, as always. But I’ll keep my waders nearby, just in case.

Ever see a lineman in waders?


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