Quick 140ish for 16 March 2010, before moving on.

Bibi_on_the_offense_INN_03162010 I missed my 140s posting yesterday. Not that there wasn’t anything going on; on the contrary, the fan was busier than ever with the sh stuff that was hitting it over the US-condemns-Jerusalem-future-construction flap. What ostensibly began as a diplomatic faux pas has become the biggest US-Israel crisis in decades.  There are some that say this was all a deliberate ploy on the part of Israel to ‘entrap’ poor, unsuspecting Joe Biden (never mind that at least one advocate of that theory also refers to Jerusalem as a “settlement:” hardly a fitting label for a several thousand year old city), and on the other side there is a reasonable suspicion that Hillary & Co. have taken Machiavellian advantage of the situation to try to pummel Israel.

Whatever the design, if any, the effect has been to firm up the response of Benjamin Netanyahu, and re-solidify backing within his own party. Not to mention galvanizing the widespread support of pro-Israel Americans.

Attention has also rightly been called to the current propensity of the US to  snuggle up to terror regimes while condemning one of our best friends in the world. As one commenter points out,

The verb “condemn” is customarily reserved by U.S. officials for acts of murder and terrorism — not acts of housing.

And there was more today, but that will have to wait. Meanwhile, I want to share something from my mailbox.


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