140s for 10 March 2010

Bibi and Biden WJD 10 March 10 smallerThe first thing I saw today in my mailbag was this headline: Israel Apologizes for Embarrassing Biden. Pardon me, I thought we covered this yesterday, but nobody is embarrassing Joe Biden but Joe Biden. (As it turns out, the apology wasn’t really personal, but neither was it any better. It seems that Israel’s Interior Ministry had approved further housing construction without first clearing it with Joe.)

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Speaking of Joe the Clown, yesterday I saw this quote regarding his hopes for a resolution of the Arab – Israeli conflict:

"The interests of both the Palestinians and the Israeli people, if everyone would just step back and take a deep breath, are actually very much more in line than they are in opposition."

As JINSA so aptly puts it, after listing several critical points on which there is very real opposition, “It is almost impossible to find – even breathing deeply – where these interests are in line.”

rodeo-clown1 Poor Joe – sometimes I wonder if maybe sometimes the very reason the Obama Administration sends him on these trips is to deflect attention by means of what I’ll call the ‘clown factor’ from what’s really going on. Sort of like a rodeo clown. I just wonder if Joe knows he’s being used like that.

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And finally (for today at least), Toddler Politics 2010:

Abu_Mazen_FistsUp_INNPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas cried “you’re trying to start a religious war” two weeks ago when the Israeli government announced a list of sites significant to Jewish heritage in the land. This seemed to garner him a lot of public attention.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas cried “you’re trying to start a religious war” last Friday when Israeli police attempted to stop Muslim hoodlums from throwing stones on Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. This got him some attention also.

So, next week…? Stay tuned.


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