140s for 24 and 25 Feb 2010

I just discovered a neat trick: whenever I miss a day, cover up, uh, I mean, make up for it by merely including the missed dates in the current post title. Cool, huh?

0114-mehsud-drone-pakistan_resize Ok, so I’m not fooling anyone – but who in the world do we think we’re fooling when we cry bloody murder (more or less literally) if we even suspect that Israel has taken out a military enemy by what we term ‘extra legal’ means, but we can do something similar as many times and in as many places as we very well please? Such as in Afghanistan or Pakistan, for instance.  Mr. Gerald M. Steinberg has quite a bit more to say on the matter here.

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RachelsTomb_LG I said something earlier about Israel’s proposal to create a list of locations significant to the nation’s Jewish heritage. Judging by all the violent opposition, it must be a really good idea. Now the latest objection (as of this writing – who knows what will come next?) is that the list includes only Jewish places. Now let me get this straight, Mr. Abbas – you vehemently object to a list of Jewish heritage sites, but you are even further offended that it doesn’t include non-Jewish sites. Would you be happy, Mr. Abbas, if we changed the list to include locations having nothing to do with its purpose? You would? Whom do you think you’re fooling?

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It doesn’t look like I’m going to get very far way from this who-are-we-fooling thread today – regarding all the “hand-wringing over forged passports” (as Mr. Steinberg puts it), we might well note as that Mr. Mabhouh used the same technique as part of his stock in trade. Why am I not surprised? Thanks, Intellicept 3!

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Sadaam_NYY_Cap Ah, but allow me to end on an enlightening observation. It gives me a sort of wry pride as an American to note that the more people dump on Israel, the better we like the feisty little country. Maybe it’s that root-for-the-underdog thing. The latest Gallup poll as cited in Arutz-7 news shows popular American support for Israel is currently near its highest level in 20 years.  The last time it was this good was when Ol’ Saddam was shooting Scuds at her during the First Gulf War. And oh, by the way, Mossad T-shirt sales have skyrocketed. I don’t suppose Europe will ever quite get it, do you? How about them Yankees!


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