140s for 22 Feb 2010

Happy Monday, y’all! Or it might not even be Monday any more by the time I get this out. There’s not all that much to say right now, but a few things I’ll point out, the first being that Bibi is right in telling the world that it’s time to, as it were, fish or cut bait when it comes to Iran. Actually it’s been that way for a while, but it needs to be said again, and at least the world hears Mr. Netanyahu, even it it doesn’t listen.

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Speaking of listening, a lot us on my side of the line of scrimmage have been trying to point out for a while that Israel did not create the Palestinian refugee problem – the Arab states did in 1948. Well, guess what? Now some prominent  Arabs are beginning to say something about it, too. Prominent, but not in control. But maybe, just maybe, someone will listen.

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Then there’s the ongoing brouhaha over who killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. I’m still not saying Mossad didn’t do it, but it’s more important to note that since we still don’t know who did, we should not be so eager to finger a possible culprit. Especially if we have a tendency to finger whoever it is we don’t like. Which is apparently starting to happen. While at the same time there are more reasons not to be so quick to judge, not fewer.

Then there is this aspect of the whole affair that we should keep in mind:

The issue here is not the use of forged passports, but the bringing to justice of a criminal terrorist responsible for murdering innocent civilians.

Ya think?


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