140ish for 14 Feb 2010

six days you shall blog and do all your blogging.

I wasn’t planning on being sort of Sabbath-observant by not posting yesterday; it just worked out that way. But it does remind me that I should be careful not to let blogging rule my life. Not that it does, but we should always be watching out for distractions, for little things that can subtly take on more importance than is warranted.

By the same token, I wasn’t sure I would post anything today, and may very well not have something every day, but I did get on line late Sunday & take a quick look around. The first thing that caught my eye was a short piece in Israel National News reporting that US President Obama is continuing his Muslim outreach by appointing a new envoy to The Organization of the Islamic Conference. This organization happens, just happens, to consist of 57 Islamic States. Many of us will recall Mr. Obama’s campaign trail slip-of-the-tongue reference to 57 states, and how quickly it was dismissed as something like, ‘Gawrsh – did I say that? Whatever could I have been thinking? Everybody knows I know that there are 50 states, not 57. You just never mind what I just said.’ This was also about the same time that his media lackeys were forbidding anyone to use his Arabic middle name “Hussein,” which, however, he has had no trouble using since securing the election, and since beginning to make connecting to the Islamic world one of the biggest priorities of his administration.

This is getting ‘way more than 140 characters.  But so far my editor hasn’t said anything about it, so I think I’m ok. On with the show.

Another item which isn’t really new, but bears repeating, concerns the Palestinian Authority’s disgraceful behavior in putting out the hit on their own man who was just doing his job, which was to ferret out and expose the corruption rampant within that organization. As a Jerusalem Post article titled Corruption in the PA put it,

…some of the energies of the PA judicial system are now concentrated on silencing Fahmi Shabaneh, who was sacked from his position as head of the anti-corruption unit of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service because he actually did his job. Shabaneh’s sin is having exposed theft of public funds and sex scandals in the highest PA echelons and having further accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas of a cover-up.

Shabaneh’s diligence was rewarded last week with an arrest warrant issued by PA Prosecutor-General Ahmed Mughni…

Shabaneh, although a Jerusalem resident, is in mortal danger. He knew the grave risk entailed in breaking his silence. The Arab media and PA-based foreign correspondents refused to publish his findings for fear of violent retribution…

abbas So will I be blogging here tomorrow? Maybe; we’ll see. I think a greater concern should be, will Fahmi Shabaneh or other courageous men and women like him be seeing the light of day tomorrow? I think I’ll leave you all with that cheery little note.


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