One-forties for 10 Feb 2010

"Without an ounce of fear she confronted the German officer and told him: ‘You can kill me, but look at the faces of the passengers on the train. I assure you, they will not let you out of here alive’."

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu honored visiting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi last week, telling the story of how Berlusconi’s mother had saved the life of a Jewish girl in WWII Italy. From Israelinsider via Unity Coalition for Israel.

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The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant against former top PA anti-corruption official and whistle-blower Fahmi Shabaneh, ironically, on charges of corruption and undermining the PA. "I have bought my cemetery plot," says Shabaneh. Jerusalem Post.

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Out of over 3000 rockets fired into Israel by Hamas in the one year period leading up to Operation Cast Lead, but co-author of the Goldstone Gaza report knew of “only "something like two"” of them. Reported in Haaretz.

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By the way, here is a link to the entire 133-page report showing connections between the Goldstone Report and groups campaigning against the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish democratic state, supported by the new Israel Fund. Thanks, YMedad!

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A Palestian who stabbed an IDF soldier to death at the Tapuah junction on Wednesday afternoon, thought at first to have been a lone terrorist, turned out to be a Palestinian Authority police officer from Yabed.

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With that, I’ll be closing out this blog a little early today. Iran’s big day is fast upon us, and things may be happening rather quickly now. May the forces of freedom and justice prevail against those of tyranny and terror.



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