Beginning a new post category – calling it “one-forties.”

Two of the great things about blogging are: one, anybody can do it, and two, you don’t have to answer to an editor. So, if a blogger has had some sort of post style, and wants to fiddle with it a little, there is no one to say he (or she) can’t.

Up until now, I haven’t posted anything unless I felt a had something more than the written equivalent of a sound bite. But then there’s Twitter. (By the way, check out my sidebar “Tweeproll.”)  Twitter is very different from blogging, as anyone who has “tweeted” knows; you have just 140 characters to say your piece and get out. Do I look like the kind of guy who can say anything in 140 characters or less?

Ok, you don’t have to answer that — but it occurred to me that there can be a place for one-liners in a blog like this.  One even gains a few characters by not having to insert tweeters’ names & all that.  Not that I necessarily intend to  hold strictly to the 140 limit here – I do not, after all, have an editor leaning over my shoulder.


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