Bibi, baby – what are you thinking?

Iraq_1st Sorry I’m late folks! I was away last week visiting number one son as he was being honorably discharged from Fort Carson, Colorado, after two Iraq tours and additional overseas service in Germany. Ok, so I’m letting my proud papa colors show a little. I hope you don’t mind. And, all right ok, the real reason for the visit was to spend Thanksgiving week with him and his darling wife and three girls. So that’s my excuse for not being here for a while.

WB_Const_JPost_Satellite My access to news was limited while I was gone, but I couldn’t escape noticing the one big item coming out of Jerusalem — the 10 month settlement “freeze” announced by Prime Minister Netanyahu. I was actually a little surprised that the stuff didn’t quite hit the fan as I would have expected. Sure, the settlement movement is putting up a fight as it ought to do, and the more right-sided elements within the political structure are voicing apt concerns, but it otherwise appears as though this thing is going through without too much trouble. What’s wrong with this picture? Has Bibi finally knuckled under Obamaniac pressure? But he was doing so well!

I don’t think we know the whole story yet, as is so often the case with Israeli affairs, and with Mr. Netanyahu in particular. I’d like to think he has some cards up his sleeve, but I have to watch myself that I don’t get to the point where I start to think that he’s simply incapable of blowing it. Perhaps this editorial in the Jerusalem Post comes as close as anything to laying out just how convoluted the whole matter is.

And it’s easy for me as an American to be a sidelines quarterback (did I just invent a new oxymoron?) and not have to decide what, if anything, to do about it. But it’s also difficult for me as an American to ignore what happens in Israel, since the direction we’re headed is becoming more & more linked to the direction we take with regard to that ancient land.

Am Israel chai.



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