“I know you have the videos proving we did it, but that doesn’t mean we did it.”

Huh!? Run that run by me again?

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Southern Lebanon was rocked by an explosion Monday  which appears to have  killed at least five Hezbollah terrorists.  Hostile activity?  No.  It looks like they blew themselves up while attempting to hide rockets intended for use against Israel.  Again.  I mean, blew themselves up again.  This was the second time this year.  Lebanese officials and Hezbollah claim it was "a garage accident"  (gee, oops – sorry!), but the Israeli Defense Forces released a video (watch it here) showing Hezbollah operatives loading weapons from the “garage” onto a transport truck.  Try not to do things like that under the IDF’s noses, fellas; you know they’re watching you.

So what it boils down to is that Hezbollah was secretly moving some weaponry around – weaponry they aren’t allowed to have under the cease fire agreement negotiated through the United Nations to end of the Second Lebanon War – and, in magnificent gang-who-couldn’t-shoot-straight flair, dropped the, uh, ball, and blew themselves up.  Yep, garage accident, that’s what it was.

OK, but the reason I’m writing this post today is that when confronted with the video evidence Hezbollah said that the evidence is wrong.  Well, they’re not saying the evidence was falsified or anything, but that the map is wrong. That is, the incident didn’t take place where it did.  The map is lying, you see.  The Litani River isn’t where it is.  Oh, and it was really Israel’s fault. The explosion was actually from an Israeli shell left over from the war.  A shell that had been sitting there for three years, not noticed, obviously, until the Hezbollah stalwarts were doing, uh, they were doing stuff in their “garage,” and, well, uh, this shell just blew up, you see.

No, frankly, my dear, I don’t see.  I don’t have a clue as to how you guys can get away with such bull. Maps lie? Hey, Nasr, maps don’t do anything, they are just tools, like anything else. And the Litani didn’t move over 10 miles just because you say so.

It would be really easy for me to say right now that y’all are just bald-faced lying.  But maybe you’re just nuts. Naw – you’re lying.

Now, please, dear world, try not to swallow everything they dish up. It only encourages them. And we don’t want them to blow themselves up any more than they have already, do we?


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