Israel stands on high ground while Obama digs himself a hole

Something caught my eye today in Arutz7 News. While a delegation of Democratic Congressmen is visiting Israel, the folks back home are more concerned with Obamacare than they are with the Middle East right now. I’m not saying that should or shouldn’t be the case, but that’s the reality at the moment.

I’ll get back to that in a minute, but consider for a moment that the US has been taking a very aggressive role against Israel lately, telling Israel where they may or may not construct housing, or whether municipal authorities may enforce local court decisions regarding eviction of non-paying tenants, that sort of thing.

That takes a little audacity, if you ask me. To reach into the domestic matters of another sovereign nation is not commonly accepted practice in the international community, last time I checked.

Have there been any evictions in Washington DC or NYC or Chicago lately? Oh, there have? Yes, well then why hasn’t the government of Germany or England or Israel stepped in and told them to stop? Surely the eviction of squatters in Cook County Illinois is not merely a domestic issue…

The response of the Netanyahu government has been laudable. One of the world’s smallest democracies is standing up to the world’s biggest current bully. (Now, please note that it’s not America which is the bully here, but a government that is for the present neither of the people, by the people, nor for the people – but we won’t go into that.)

Israel, though small, is one of the most significant players on the field. Why is that? Why is the attention of the whole world focused on such a tiny speck of real estate? Well, that’s a very good subject, but perhaps for another post. Or book. Like maybe this one. Just throwing the thought out there.

Now, what this all has to do with the Obamacare debate is this: player to player, the Obama government is very much off balance right now, reeling from an unanticipated negative reaction to its attempt to lock down its hold on the American people’s health and lives. So, on the play field of international politics, wouldn’t this be an opportune time for Israel to go the offensive and take advantage of the situation?

Perhaps so, if Israel saw the need to be on the offense. But Israel stands the high ground. Israel has always stood the high ground. And that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.



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