Can you say, “Hypocrisy?”

“US Joins Condemnation of Israel for Evicting Arab Squatters”

Madame Secretary is having a bad day

Madame Secretary is having a bad day

Ok, so now let me get this straight… the US has been leaning hard on Israel to evict residents considered illegal by the US (this is the whole “settlers” controversy, which I won’t go into here), and Israel has been wonderfully compliant, but when it’s truly illegal residents that are being evicted, then, no, you can’t do that! Stop that! That’s a no-no!

Is anyone other than Israel National News going to point out that the ones being evicted are truly illegal squatters on property legally owned by a Jewish organization for many, many years?

Oh, but since when is the world at large interested in justice, anyway? Anything Israel does is bad, because, uh, well, uh… because… never mind because! It’s because I say so, so shut up! You’re not allowed to speak up for yourself! You’re not allowed to do in your own behalf what I command you to do for others!

It was not long ago at all that America, or at least Americans, stuck up for Israel when no one else would, at least because we admired their pluck, remembering ourselves, many decades ago, when it was us against the world, and we prevailed. We prevailed through courage and a sense of right.

As an American, I really don’t think this attitude has disappeared from our shores, but I’m not pleased to admit that my government has increasingly shown the backside to those whom we once admired. And hypocrisy like what we’re showing in this matter, that in a normal world would be hardly noticed, can hardly escape the notice of honest people who used to, and would still like to, hold this country in high regard.


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